Black Carry Bag for Bean Bag Toss Game

Black Carry Bag for Bean Bag Toss Game

If you tote around your corn hole boards a lot, you need something specially designed to protect them - and a black carry bag for bean bag toss game fits the bill beautifully.

It is made from heavy-duty polyester with an inner PVC coating for added strength. The carrying case comes with a padded shoulder strap for comfort. It measures 48.5" x 24.5" x 9.25" and can hold two regulation size 4 x 2 boards snugly along with your throwing bags.

We feature the black finish but you can get it in camouflage finish as well. A smaller "tailgate" version is available for 3 x 2 boards.

Anyone who values their corn hole set will want to protect them from damage while traveling - more so, If you've made your own set.

The case makes it easy to handle the boards when stowing them in a vehicle. One user suggested using some 4 x 2 cardboard between the boards for extra protection.

What impresses me most about this product is that despite being made from HD material the holdall weighs only 1 pound - making it easy to ship around.

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