Brush and Tool Storage Organiser

Brush and Tool Storage Organiser

How tidy is your broom closet?

Do you even have a special closet where you can hide away brushes and brooms?

Whether you have a space hidden from view or not you will still want to store things away as tidy as you can.

It makes it easier to find what you are looking for and get to it without climbing over all sorts of other things.

This organiser is great for storing all sorts of cleaning implements for the home.

In these days of multi surface flooring you will want the right broom or mop for the job.

We have long reach and short handled dusters. Dusters for those hard to reach spaces behind radiators. Brush and dustpan sets and don't forget the range of brushes and mops. They all need kept within easy reach.

This rack has 6 hooks and 5 spring loaded balls. A total of 11 implements.

Each spring loaded ball can carry 7 and a half pounds. Handles between 0.68 inches and 1.12 inches will fit right in.

The rack measures a tidy 17 inches by 2.5 inches by 3.1 inches so will fit into most small spaces.

Thousands of happy customers are using this in their homes.

All fixings and instructions come with the rack.

Some customers warn that you may need stronger anchor bolts. This is depending on your wall construction.

It is also a useful rack to have in the garage or garden shed for tools.The perfect solution for storing your brushes and tools

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