Chefast 5 Bladed Herb Scissors

Chefast 5 Bladed Herb Scissors

Have you ever found yourself looking at some kitchen gadget and thought that's what I need? Yes?

These Chefast 5 bladed herb scissors had that effect on me as soon as I saw them. At last a way to quickly prepare herbs for a recipe - no more chopping them up one at a time.

They have five stainless steel cutting edges 3 inches long. Chopping chives and other herbs will no longer be labor intensive and time consuming.

Included is a safety cover for when not in use.

Built into this cover is a cleaning fork that fits between the cutting surfaces. One draw through with the fork and a quick rinse under running water and you're done with cleaning.

Another safety feature is the TPR anti slip handle leaving you in complete control. Reduces the risk to your hands and fingers through slippage.

Also included are two bags so, if you get carried away with cutting too many pieces, you can save some for the next preparation.

The makers offer a full refund or a lifetime replacement if you're not 100% happy. Not to shabby a deal for a really modest outlay.

Almost a thousand customers are completely happy with their purchase, rating the cutters at 4.6 out of 5 stars. I think some of those people probably use them for some arty work as well as food prep. Neat way to cut paper, card and fabric in craft-work.

This specialized kitchen tool would make a really thoughtful gift for for anyone who loves to cook, I reckon they would quickly appreciate the benefits of having such a handy gadget to hand when preparing dishes - something indispensable to have around.

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