Clock to Teach Children How to Tell the Time

Clock to Teach Children How to Tell the Time

Time. For some children this is a difficult concept to learn. Some struggle to get their head around it.

When our children were small we found a plain white plastic clock to teach them how to tell the time.

We then used a black marker pen to write some of the divisions like o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to on it.

Yay they all learned to tell the time with no problems.

If this timepiece had been on the market then we would most definitely have bought it.

This colorful analog timepiece has all the markings that will help your child come to grips with it.

The background of the face is white with four quarter colored segments.

The hour numbers written in a different color for each quarter hour.

Highlighted in black the five minute intervals stand out and are clear.

Unlike other timepieces the individual minutes are numbered.

No tick tock here. This has a silent sweep movement that will not disturb your child's sleep if you put it in their room.

You will need to buy two AA batteries for this.

At 10 inches in diameter this is plenty big enough for a child's room.

This educational clock will help with other mathematical concepts such as number progression.

You can introduce mathematical language like half, whole, quarter, segment and wedge.

Older children can learn basic times tables and multiplication using this.

This weighs in at 12.3 ounces of non toxic plastic.

Painted with lead free paint the numbers have a clear acrylic coating over them so it's easy to dust.

Hundreds of reviewers like this product. Many say that the customer service from this company is excellent. Some teachers would like it to be bigger but for home use it is perfect.

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