Dash Electric Egg Cooker

Ginger says ...

There's a 12 egg model available for bigger families.

Not that more expensive either which is good news!

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Dash Electric Egg Cooker

Some years ago there was a drive to get people to eat more eggs. There were slogans like "go to work on an egg" and songs asking "how do you like your eggs in the morning"?

That's all well and good we hear you say but do you know how little time families have in the morning? If it's not getting ready for work then it's getting the children off to school. Some households it's both together.

This electric egg cooker will solve the problem. The makers, Dash, claim that it's so simple and safe even a child can use it.

As for the question "how do you like yours"? It doesn't matter because this machine can cope with it all. Hard or soft boiled, scrambled or poached. It will even make you an omlete if you ask it to.

An auto shutoff function will stop the cooking process when the time's up. Then the buzzer will alert you that it's time to eat.

Everything that you need for the perfect breakfast is included in the package. A poaching pan, a double omlete dish and a rack for when you want up to 7 of them boiled. A measuring cup and recipe book along with recipe database access too. This unit is available in 3 different colors to match your kitchen.

All these accessories fit inside the unit and weigh only 1 pound. Perfect for small spaces or camping trips where you can have access to electricity as it uses 350 watts.

Not big enough for your family? Check out Gingers link to the deluxe model which will serve you up to 12 at a time. Same great machine but bigger.

Easy to use and easy to clean as all non metallic parts are dishwasher safe. Less fuss, less mess and a more satisfied start to your day. After all they do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

One customer who gives this 5 stars recommends having a bowl of iced water beside it. When boiled you can then pop them into the cold water to stop the cooking process. This also helps when peeling the shells off.

Some other reviewers have commented on how loud the alarm is. This in our opinion is good. It means that you don't have to stand over it while it cooks. You can use the time to go elsewhere in the house and will still hear when it's ready. How often do you find yourself chasing up sleepy headed teenagers? Or looking for a lost shoe or school homework instead of fixing breakfast?

No more ruined breakfasts or grab and go pieces of toast. They'll all want to sit and enjoy a family breakfast.

Over 23 thousand (yes thousand) reviewers gave this 4.6 out of 5 stars. That's an awful lot of satisfied customers and their families.

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