Floral Rainbow Colored Tea or Coffee Spoons

Floral Rainbow Colored Tea or Coffee Spoons

I was browsing the other day not looking for anything in particular when I fell in love with these.

I had to share these floral rainbow colored tea or coffee spoons with you.

Made of coated stainless steel their opalescent lustre adds to their appeal.

At only 4.9 inches long they are delicate looking but very practical spoons.

Dishwasher safe each bloom in the set of 8 is different.

Any family would find these a joy to use - a spoonful of sugar maybe! One thing for sure - your little girl or granddaughter will adore them.

One satisfied customer says that he eats his ice-cream or creme brulee with them. They make his helpings seem bigger!

An enchanting addition to any tea party - one lady bought an extra set to give each of her guests one home with them at the end of her party. Now there's a great idea!

I like that they look pretty but are practical too.

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