Halloween Party Cake Toppers

Halloween Party Cake Toppers

We're having a party - a Halloween party. Yay!

All the ghoulishness at this time of the year, gives folks a healthy appetite. Time to feed them!

Having made lots of gruesome looking food it crossed my mind that a few of my guests may not be able to eat certain things. More and more people today have allergies and food intolerance's so we must be mindful of their needs too.

We can't cover for all risks but we can try to provide something suitable for most of our guests.

So I made some more basic party food and added these spooky Halloween party cake toppers and appetizer picks.

Then I had a quiet word with those who have allergies and told them what was in the food - e.g. the white appetizer picks.

That way, people can decide for themselves what they can and can't eat. As a hostess you've done your job.

The 100 pieces are an assorted variety and come in three colors, white, black and pumpkin orange.

There are five designs, bats, spiders, ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons.

These are sure to add a touch of scary spookiness.

Made from plastic, you can wash any left over and save them for next year. (That's the thrifty Scot in me, but I make no apologies).

A star rating of 5 says that I'm not the only one who likes these cute party additions.

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