Little Giant Velocity Adjustable Ladder

Little Giant Velocity Adjustable Ladder

You just can't do some jobs around the house without stretching too much and that's not safe. We like to keep safety as a priority when working around the house.

Far above the reach of a mere mortal is a vaulted ceiling. The height of some average ceilings is out of the reach of most people so you will need help in the form of a ladder.

This handy little one is well named a giant as it extends to a whopping 18 feet. This is enough to reach most tasks around the average two story home. There are rubber stoppers on the plastic end caps to prevent it slipping. However with safety in mind again, we would advise that you have someone to hold the bottom to keep it steady.

There are many variations in the way that you can use it.

It can be as a 90 degree angle, an A frame or an extension one.

The A frame version adjusts between 5 feet 1 inch and 9 feet 1 inch.

There are two wheels on one end so that you can tip it up and move it around. At 39.5 pounds this is a useful addition.

This company have used the rock lock system to ensure that the steps stay fixed in the shape and size that you put them.

If you want to use this in the extended mode it is a good idea to lie it on the ground to open it up and then lift it into position.

The manufacturers say that you can have it as a trestle and plank but you will need to buy extra parts for this.

This is described as a two man ladder and can carry up to 300 pounds.

It meets all OSHA and ANSI standards for this product.

Over two thousand customers who have taken the time to review this rate it 4.7 stars.

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