Bed Sheets for Adjustable Beds

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Please check out our recent articles on beds and mattresses that will complement the sheets in this post.

For those who prefer natural Egyptian cotton, we have reviewed sheets made from that material here.

Bed Sheets for Adjustable BedsFor centuries bedding covers have been made from common natural materials as linen and cotton. Silk was another but only those well-to-do folks could afford it. One resourceful, Anna Countess of Derwentwater, lady in days of yore, requested the return of her late,beheaded husband's bed clothes. She stitched a commemoration into one linen sheet which still exists today in the Museum of London. Canny folks in those times!

These fabrics still are popular today with good reason; they're comfortable, cook and have a natural feelgood factor about them. Everyone loves snuggling into a fluffy flannel sheet on cold winter nights. Or the luxurious feel of pure silk on bare skin - stuff of Hollywood legends!

Yes, they're all really great and everyone would use them if they were not so expensive. People need the option for reasonably-priced bedding - this is especially true for families with children - making it more feasible to have plenty of spare bedding.

In this post we concentrate of a selection of microfiber Bed Sheets for Adjustable Beds for your consideration.

Our selection offers a wide choice of colors and patterns that come in all bed sizes. No difficulty there is matching your bedroom color scheme.

They come in 3 or 4 piece sets depending on the size of the bed and the fitted sheets of each will suit mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

There are numerous benefits in using microfiber which is a usually made from a close-knit woven polyester - to explain that, the weave of the Supreme Collection featured here, is stated to be the equivalent to a 1500 Thread Count in cotton.

Because of this method of fabrication, bedding tends to be lasting and tough. It will keep its shape and remain color-fast for some time.

Other advantages is that the material tends to resist staining- which means that any spillage can be wiped off if you act fast and avoid leaving marks on the sheet. Handy for the busy family.

Microfiber has some healthy aspects too. It is to a degree hypoallergenic because the tight weave tends to repel dust and allergens. Yet, at the same time, the bedding is lightweight making it more comfortable in hot weather but not perhaps as cool as linen would be.

Also, it's lighter build makes it easy to dry for a quick turnaround on washing day. A good tip after cleaning microfiber bedding is to let it air-dry if possible. This has two purposes - the first is that static is reduced (microfiber can be prone to that) and the second is that wrinkles and creases can be so much reduced that you don't need to iron - now that's a chore most of us would love to miss!

Our selection of five patterns are modestly priced and very, very popular with the reviewers who bought them - the Mellanni set has so far earned 4.5 stars from over 88,000 users. That is a truly a staggering result which removes any doubts a prospective buyer may have.

Selected for very high scores from many thousands of reviewers. For the color range and size range. Matching sets for pillows - fitted sheets Low prices.

To read up more and see all of the color and patterns charts we suggest you click on the image links below. We do think you'll find what you're looking for at a price you'll want to pay.

Mellanni 4 Piece Striped 1800 Bed Sheet Set
Mellanni 4 Piece Striped 1800 Bed Sheet Set

Lightweight Super Soft Microfiber Sheet Set with 16
Lightweight Super Soft Microfiber Sheet Set with 16" Deep Pockets

Skin Soft Luxury 3 Piece 1500 Hypoallergenic Bed Sheet Set
Skin Soft Luxury 3 Piece 1500 Hypoallergenic Bed Sheet Set

Hotel Luxury 1800 Bed Sheet Set
Hotel Luxury 1800 Bed Sheet Set

4 Piece Hotel Luxury Microfiber Bed Sheets
4 Piece Hotel Luxury Microfiber Bed Sheets

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