Decorative Wall Plates for Light Switches

Universal sizes make it easy for you to fit new switch plates to existing connections.

Decorative Wall Plates for Light SwitchesThey do say that first impressions matter. Everyone likes to create a good opinion of themselves.

And this is especially true when people call in at your house for the first time. Your home is a statement about you.
Question: What's one great way to dazzle your first-time visitors?

Answer: Impress those callers with the Impressionists - that awkward bunch of revolutionary artists.

How about Degas in the hall or Van Gogh in the living room. Or, Monet in the dining room - mmm! that Jar of Peaches - delicious!

But how can you afford all that art at those crazy high prices - so much money for Monet! That's only for billionaires with more cash than they need - yes?

Well, there is one way you can manage it. How? - well, the answer's simple.

In our modern homes, we can't do without power switches and outlets. They must have cover plates - so why not make a feature of them?

Show your taste in expensive art by fitting arty decorative wall plates for light switches. You can have them in every room without having to mortgage the house to buy them.

Take a close look at the electrical fittings we've listed here. They're all decorated with reproductions of iconic Impressionist art. Renowned works by the heavyweights of the movement - Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Renoir and Klimt.

Our favorite art pieces feature in this article. We show only the single switch as a guide to let you compare how they look on the same-size background. Some matching covers for the other basic electrical functions like outlets are available. Check out our supplier online for details of what is available.

Nothing to stop you mixing your plates though - you can have a virtual art gallery in your room by using socket cover designs from different artists!

The covers are inexpensive and are growing in popularity with reviewers. Especially those folks who were looking for something a bit different to add nice little touches to their home decor. Renoir once said that a painting should be something pleasant and cheerful. We're sure these accent plates would meet his expectations!

We're convinced that you'll find something that appeals to you from this selection. But if you want to see more cover plate designs by these artists, click through any link on this page to view them online.

And If you wish to expand this arty decor theme to other domestic areas, there are many other matching products available. How about coasters, mugs, cushions or even air purifiers for a start?

But we think these plates best used to suit the room. Something for the kids - how about the Degas for your budding ballerina? Or the starry, starry night cover (sorry Don) for that cool kid of yours?

All the covers shown are single gang toggle operation and measure 4.5 x 2.75 inches. They are all supplied with matching fixing screws.

One last tip - it's generally recommended that all the plates shown in this post should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner to protect the finish.

Van Gogh Starry Night Switch Plate Cover
Van Gogh Starry Night Switch Plate Cover

Renoir Girls at Piano  Single Toggle Switch Plate Cover
Renoir Girls at Piano Single Toggle Switch Plate Cover

Klimt The Kiss Switch Single Toggle  Plate
Klimt The Kiss Switch Single Toggle Plate

Degas Ballerine in Rosa Single Switch Plate
Degas Ballerine in Rosa Single Switch Plate

Monet Irises Switch Single Toggle Plate  Cover
Monet Irises Switch Single Toggle Plate Cover

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