Flower String Lights for Bedrooms

You can make some nice simple arrangements with your illuminated blossoms.​​​​​

Flower String Lights for BedroomsFlower power wasn't invented by the hippies.

Way before Woodstock, people used flowers as tokens of love (and rejection) throughout history.

Different cultures and races have shared the same passion for flowers as a language of love. They knew flowers speak for the heart.

Much of the symbolism of flowers has come to us from the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece, Rome and China.

Local folklore, botanical publications and literature are other sources of flower imagery.

Victorians published dictionaries on botany based on these sources. The books explained the hidden meanings of flowers, plants and herbs. It became fashionable for folks to exchange flowers. They had found a way to avoid formality by declaring suppressed feelings and emotions through flowers.

Since then the practice of giving flowers has grown somewhat. St. Valentines Day, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and funerals have become an orgy of flowers.

Flowers need light to grow. Like flowers, light has long symbolized life, innocence and hope. Light is the triumph over darkness.

People do like to have a tangible expressions of such imagery around them.

You can have that with any one of the five sets of flower string lights for bedrooms listed below.

White roses mean innocence or purity, a new beginning or fresh start.
Lotus flowers are a symbol of love, purity and enlightenment.
Orchids are for love and beauty.
The Plumeria symbolise positivity.

Pick the set that means the most to you.

Let the light in and enjoy the flowers!

You're not limited to having these sets in your bedroom. You can enjoy these illuminated bouquets anywhere you fancy. These battery operated lights will suit any indoor function - or outside if the weather's good.

How about the plumeria or orchids for a beach wedding - a touch of the exotic? Or white roses for a white wedding and assorted roses for a special anniversary. Use the different modes to set the mood for the occasion.

Whether for family gatherings, reunions or celebrations - these garlands are sure to be a hit with your guests.

The following five products are all recommended by a great many people who have bought them and are well pleased with the effect that they give. All this joy for just a few dollars!

I could find a space in my home for all of these floral garlands quite easily.

Pink Rose Flower String Lights
Pink Rose Flower String Lights

Fullbell Multi Color Flower String Lights
Fullbell Multi Color Flower String Lights

Lotus Flower Lights for Bedrooms
Lotus Flower Lights for Bedrooms

Pink and Purple Orchid Flower String Lights
Pink and Purple Orchid Flower String Lights

Hawaiian Plumeria Flower String Lights
Hawaiian Plumeria Flower String Lights

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