Heavy Duty Laundry Basket with Wheels

Heavy Duty Laundry Basket with WheelsBaskets have been used by humans for a very long time. To underline that, there's an article on Wikipedia that claims they may traced back to around 8000BCE.

Hmm! - the evidence for that is a bit sketchy. But there's hard archaeological evidence dating them back to 3000BCE.

Baskets had many uses throughout history. Apart from storing things like harvested seeds and grains there were many other uses. and it was the use that tended to determine the size.

All sort of applications - handy for fish traps, cooking, sports (think basketball) among others and, claimed by some, also used for ancient gambling!

But all that's not that surprising to know, as they are extremely useful to people as a general hold-all. Whether it's fresh caught sardines, strawberries of shopping, there's always been a woven container of some sort to carry them all in.

And of course, they've been used for laundry storage forever. From little hook-hung sacks up to heavy duty laundry baskets with wheels, they all have a practical place in peoples' everyday lives.

They were usually made from natural woven materials that were easy to find.

Nowadays people make hampers from a variety of modern materials. Makes for easy cleaning and keeps costs down - no bad thing.

We've assumed you need a large laundry capacity for your big washes. And we've gone for workable designs that will do the job.

We've picked this selection because of their capacity. Some have other accessories that will help you sort out your laundry. So if you like to separate your fabrics and colors or you have a big family these options will suit very well indeed.

The polyester bags are removable with robust handles for carrying and they're easy to keep clean. The range on offer have different numbers of bags but most models are available in other bag arrangements.

The frames are made from sturdy metal tubing that is easily assembled at home. The colors are a selection of neutral grays, whites and blacks with a bit chrome finish. All the choices have castors fitted so that a heavy load of washing is less of a chore to move around. The trolley can be braked through the wheel locking mechanism - here's a tip for you - fit the lockable castors diagonally opposite to each other as this stabilizes the cart.

Useful if you want to zip around different rooms in your house picking up those duds the family have cast of. Good for His and Her options too. Or for sharing chores for the kids.

These big capacity models will keep soiled or damp clothes apart from the rest of the wash.

Some carry fitted accessories like clothes rails and ironing boards to make them even more useful to have around.

All the models we have chosen for our article are hugely popular with impressive star ratings from very satisfied customers. We think that's always the best endorsement you can rely on even though there are always some bad experiences reported by users.

Overall we don't hesitate to approve all the examples we list here - they're keenly priced and come with free shipping.

3-Bag Heavy Duty Laundry Basket
3-Bag Heavy Duty Laundry Basket

Round Commercial Laundry Hamper on Wheels
Round Commercial Laundry Hamper on Wheels

Rolling heavy duty laundry sorter with ironing board
Rolling heavy duty laundry sorter with ironing board

Heavy Duty Laundry Cart with  Hanger
Heavy Duty Laundry Cart with Hanger

Commercial HD 4-Bag Laundry Basket
Commercial HD 4-Bag Laundry Basket

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