Ready to Assemble Cabinets

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Tip: It's better to use a hand tool when tightening up furniture fastenings in composite wood.

Never use a power tool as the torque exerted would likely damage both the cabinet and the fixing.

Ready to Assemble CabinetsDo you need to sort out your general storage areas? Want the place to look a bit more neat and tidy? Garage looking like a garbage dump?

Or, maybe you would just like to re-organize your space to work more efficiently. And, at the same time, if you could increase the size of the storage area that would be an added bonus.

Well, we reckon this range of ready to assemble cabinets will let you address any or all of those issues.

It's a family of matching units in different sizes to allow you to buy only what you need to maximize your available space.

You can effectively design your own clean and fresh layout by using individual units that you can quickly knock together.

This choice of easy-build fitments come in different sized parts allowing you to fit out your work area and storage to suit the space available. We've elected to show mainly the wider 32 inch cupboards but we have included a narrower 16 inch pieces. You can use that size for tight spaces or for filling those odd gaps that would otherwise be wasted.

By adding wall units above the base items you will greatly increase your total space. Keep lighter items on the wall with heavier stuff like tools on the bottom.

Corner fixtures let's you use up space that's normally redundant. Use the stackable fitments to build a customized unit from standard parts to get exactly what space you need.

The solid MDF units come in a white finish best described as satin sheen which is somewhere between matte and high gloss. Worktops are 1 inch melamine boards. All surfaces are quick and easy to clean. Leading edges are shaped removing hard corners that could snag.

One adjustable shelf is supplied as standard for each cabinet but you can order more from the manufacturers. More shelves give you the extra space to store many more items within the same cupboard.

Base units are 24 inches deep with the wall fitments 12 inches deep - the tall unit is 16 inches. Doors are hung on all metal hinges and have satin finish pull handles.

There's no doubt that this family of sleek looking furniture items will brighten any room or garage.

If you're comfortable with self-assembly, there's also the satisfaction that comes for being able to design and build the thing yourself. For the less confident, it's probably a job for two people - to make it "painless" as one person stated.

We noted in the reviews that people reported that the instructions could have been more clear. Some people moaned that the parts were not individually labeled - but we reckon that's not a negative as what fitted where would be fairly obvious.

Another person made a good point in mentioning that the pieces don't have feet attached. Unwise to use where there's any risk of water on the floor as the exposed bottom edge would act like a sponge and soak up any spillage. As a precaution the furniture could be placed on something like rubber mats.

Despite all that there seems to be a lot of people who love this range - check out the reviewers and the generous rating most of them have awarded to this furniture range.

Tall 16
Tall 16" White Ready to Assemble Cabinet

32" W x 30" H x 12" D Ready to Assemble Wall Cabinet,

30" W x 72" H x 19" D Ready to Assemble Tall Corner Storage Cabinet, with 2 Doors

32” Stackable White Ready to Assemble Wall Cabinet
32” Stackable White Ready to Assemble Wall Cabinet

16"W x 36"H x 24"D Ready to Assemble Narrow Base Cabinet

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