3-piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set

3-piece Breakfast Nook Dining SetDo you live in a small apartment where space is at a premium? So much so that everywhere is a squeeze with little room to eat comfortably? Then the answer could be a 3 piece breakfast nook dining set.

They're one of those useful space-saving furniture items that you can fit into those awkward areas that may be under-used.

We know this through our own early experience. Our very first flat had a tiny kitchen. It was impossible to fit in even a small fixed table. So we bought a small drop-leaf table with two stools as a solution. They were cheap and both the table and the stools folded to take up much less room when not being used.

It worked! It fitted neatly into an awkward corner of the room allowing us to squeeze past when preparing meals. We thought it was wonderful - our own dining area!

The range of small tables we've picked offer you a broad choice of styles and finishes.

We made sure to include several models that offer different finishes in that design. That gives you a wider range from which to select your preference that best matches your home decor style.

We believe the prices to be reasonable for both the quality and the practicality of the product. They've been well tested in the real world and are highly praised by most reviewers - all carry good scores in the ratings game.

Of course you can do more than eat at them - they can double as a home office and are great as a work station for hobbies and crafts. Throw a cloth over, stick an ornament on top and, hey presto, you have a feature!

Easy to put together with ordinary tools that most folks have to hand.- from reading through the reviews there didn't seem to be any serious problems there.

They are small enough to be easily portable if you need to store them separately. Their footprint is not much as they don't take up a great deal of floor space and can be tucked out of sight when not in use.

3-piece Cappuccino Dining Set with Drop Leaf
3-piece Cappuccino Dining Set with Drop Leaf

This solid wood set has a made-for-the kitchen look about it. It probably fits most folks idea of what a small utility kitchen table and chairs should look like.

Yet, to us, it has its own homely charm and we guess that might be why it has been a steady seller over the years. That and the innate appeal or real wood - warm to the touch and strong.

Built from a tropical hardwood the pieces have a cappuccino finish and the seats have a tan polyester padded cushion. There are two hinged drop-down leaves to increase the usable area.

With both leaves up the table measures a roomy 35 inches in diameter. So roomy, that one user mentioned that it held four standard dinner plates easily and that, in their opinion, four chairs could be fitted under the table when both flaps are raised (unfortunately, chairs for this set are not sold separately). So two people eating at it regularly would have oodles of space to dine comfortably.

Each part of the three items in the set has been robustly constructed from the solid. The makers list the maximum weight as 300 pounds for each piece. For the average person, this set should last for a long time.

Straightforward assembly - bolts and key are supplied. You need to be aware that It comes as a beefy package weighing around 60 pounds. So it's a fair burden to manhandle on delivery.

There is a Proposition 65 warning for Californians flagged on Amazon for this product. We guess this refers to any wood preservative used in the manufacture or perhaps to the Asian wood itself - there is no specific information given in the guarantee.

There is a limited-term 1-year warranty covers this furniture group and a copy of this can be downloaded for any prospective buyer to look over before purchase. Always best to know as much as possible before spending your dollars!

This item does have a high customer approval rating of 4.4 stars averaged from more than 1200 reviewers and that suggests to us that the product is a good bang for your buck.

Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Breakfast Table Set
Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Breakfast Table Set

This set to us has a certain industrial appeal about it. A bit like something you would sit on at your favorite old-fashioned burger joint around the corner. We guess the name Tavern in the title suggest what the designer had in mind.

Even if it's basic it's still something that's comfortable to use and that's probably why it has remained a favorite for years.

Hardwood top finished faux stone . Wrap around style. Dark finish will fit into most color schemes. Solid wood seats cushioned with black vinyl for easy cleaning and a soft landing! Tabletop is hardwood with a stone lookalike finish that wraps around the edges.

Sizable table area of 42 inches long by 22 inches deep - convenient for two people to eat in comfort.

The unit comes for home assembly and that seems uncomplicated. One reviewer knocked it up in 90 minutes. You just need a Phillips-head screwdriver and it comes with an allen key.

Just over 2400 reviewers have given their opinion on this set and their decision is a massive thumbs-up in favor.

Winsome Suzanne Square Teak Kitchen Dining Set
Winsome Suzanne Square Teak Kitchen Dining Set

This popular design is so versatile it's like a furniture version of the Swiss Army Knife.

Make no mistake about it, although it may look like a Kitchen Cart, it is a multi-functional table where you can prepare and eat food as well as using it as a working surface for hobbies, crafts and other tasks.

Ideal for those really compact apartments where every inch of space is valuable. However, it could be equally be useful in bigger houses say, with a patio or porch. Just run it out on its casters and you have an occasional table for your drinks and snacks.

A mobile kitchen work station that you can eat simple meals at. Easy to move around on its castors, it could be stored or used elsewhere in the home as a need arises. For example, it could be run out onto a porch or patio

It comprises of a table with drop-leaf on one side and stackable square-top stools. With the leaf raised it measures about 29 inches each way with a height of 32 inches including the wheels.

It's made from a composite of solid and engineered wood finished all over in teak. The top is a solid piece - a butcher's block as one reviewer described it. It is also available in a natural finish and there is another model that has a rounded top and round stools to match.

It has two under-the-table drawers for holding small utensils and such and there is a towel rail fitted to one side only. There are 4 castors fitted two of which are locking to keep the table firmly anchored when in use.

It comes boxed for home assembly. Customers say that the instructions are clear and no special tools are required to put it together. It weighs around 57 pounds - worth keeping that in mind if you have to haul it up many stairs.

This model has been a favorite over the years as the star ratings prove.

3 Piece Bench Breakfast Dining Nook Set
3 Piece Bench Breakfast Dining Nook Set

Most of these sets are only suitable for two people but this one can accommodate up to four people.

The table measures 43.3 inches long by 27.6 inches wide and is 29.5 inches high. The benches are 39.4 inches long by 10.6 inches wide and are 17.7 inches high and can fit under the table when not in use.

The heavy duty steel frames of the benches allow up to a maximum weight of 300 pounds. One customer said that she is 200 pounds and her partner is 220 pounds and can sit together on the same bench. Someone else said that their bench got broken by a person of 300 pounds shifting their seating position.

While the frames are steel, the table top and benches are a solid MDF with a lovely wood-grain finish.

Customers who already have this set say that is is easy to assemble and all the tools that you will need are supplied.

Best Choice Products 3 Piece Metal Frame Dining Set
Best Choice Products 3 Piece Metal Frame Dining Set

This 3-piece set is described as "Bistro Pub" and it does remind us somewhere you would sit in a French street cafe.

It's modern looking with shapely symmetrical lines - there's a hint of the Streamline Moderne from the Art Deco movement about the design. It would blend in with any kitchen appliance of that style and period.

It features an espresso finish top with silver-painted steel legs that's bright in appearance and, more practical, quick to wipe-clean - good for hygiene in the kitchen area.

It's available in two color schemes - we feature the silver painted metal and espresso finish tabletop. Black and silver is the other option.

The oval top measures a generous 31 inches by 20.75 inches wide making it handy usable space. It's made from one-piece solid MDF as are the seat panels and all are supported on strong steel frameworks. The table has a handy under-slung storage shelf - ideal for wine bottles if nothing else!

The table legs have double cross pieces fitted for strength and stability - making a weight limit of 110 pounds for the table. The chairs can carry up to 330 pounds each. Should last a long time in regular use.

It stacks tidily with the chairs sliding in at each end with the curved chair-backs dovetailing with the rounded table end - all very smooth and neat in keeping with the elegant design.

The set is easy-clean and low maintenance. They have protection pads fitted to the feet to protect hard floors.

Easy assembly with pictured instructions that show the coded parts so there is no confusion on what goes where.

This collection is well liked by customers who show their approval in a good rating. An appealing price adds to the attraction of this item. Click through and see for yourself.

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