3-Tier Slim Kitchen Trolley

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You can increase the storage capacity of your cart by adding S hooks to hang utensils, towels, pots etc.

To keep the wood on a timber-topped cart in good condition, regularly rub in food-grade mineral oil.


3-Tier Slim Kitchen TrolleyEvery kitchen needs a workhorse - something that helps reduce the drudgery.

We're not talking about the human element here, like a Dickensian kitchen slave who is underfed and worked to the bone. But a simple mechanical utility that's more than worth its weight in any kitchen.

Not that its use is restricted to the cookhouse - almost any room in the house can use one. The question is: how many places can you use a 3-tier slim kitchen trolley?

The answer? - being a mobile work unit with storage, they're so useful anywhere in the house.

Small and mostly shiny, they're probably best suited to where there isn't much spare usable space around - especially useful in a kitchenette or galley. They're not bulky and give you casual storage and extra worktop space where and when you need it.

They're all made from sturdy materials; wood. steel, and stainless steel offers strength, lightness and durability. They have a clean look and are easy to wipe down after use.

We've tried to provide for most budgets by offering products from a basic model to more premium quality. Usually the design and materials determine the market price and these patterns are no different.

All have great reviews with thousands expressing their assessments online - the great majority being very, very positive indeed.

Scores with nothing lower than 4.6 should be enough for most folks to buy knowing that they're spending their money safely and wisely.

Whitmor Wood & Chrome Kitchen & Microwave Trolley
Whitmor Wood & Chrome Kitchen & Microwave Trolley

This massively popular item is part of a suite of matching kitchenette furnishings created by a family-owned company that has been in business since 1946.

It's a well-built cart made from steel frame and shelves, all over finished in Bright Chrome Plate for clean looks and easy maintenance.

The solid birch wood top sits securely in the framework and it can be removed easily for cleaning or for separate food prep. You can use both sides as it's reversible, though there is grooving on only one face.

The shelves are not pull-out style but the height position can be adjusted by one inch steps to suit differing sizes of stored items.

There's a solid pull handle that can be fixed to either end; it's also useful as a towel rail.

For easy movement it's fitted with quiet industrial castors for soft running and it has foot-operated locking on two wheels.

Easy home-assembly that doesn't require any special tools and can be put together pretty quickly according to users. Once built, it measures overall 13. 25" D x 27. 5" W x 33. 5" H inches.

The makers state that the weight limit is 250 pounds.

We guess the 10-year warranty is a major factor for the 4.6 average rating given by over 5,000 people.

Needless to say that this scores applies to the whole range of fittings. However, the guarantee and the score are both pretty impressive in anyone's book and speaks volumes for the quality of the whole range from this maker.

3-Tier Kitchen Storage Rack Workstation
3-Tier Kitchen Storage Rack Workstation

This tidy model really is a petite all-rounder that can be used in the kitchen for appliances and storage or as a baker's rack.

But it is not limited to that use. It doesn't have the payload capability like the other carts listed here but that's not a negative - as long as it's used for jobs within its capabilities.

For a small flat or house it could be really useful for a variety of uses, including the kitchen; such as a mini-office, occasional table, mobile bookshelf or any sort of portable organizer you might want.

The top and shelves are made from furniture-grade CARB Phase 2 Compliant MDF that is environmentally friendly. Our pick shows the one faced with a beige faux wood laminate but two other colors are available at a slightly higher price.

Some customers are happy to use this cart for preparing food. The makers say that the MDF finish resists scratching and is skid-proof as well as being easy to clean.

But if you're looking to use your cart mainly for kitchen work like preparing food, using knives and other utensils, this model wouldn't be our first choice. It has plenty of other useful functions to fill around the home as we've already listed before.

The steel framework is powder-coated in white and, for easy movement, there are four furniture castors fitted with two of them lockable. A supply of ten small utensil hooks come with the package as standard.

It's neatly sized at around 29" height, 24" long and 16" wide; so it's easy to park out of the way when not in use.

The weight limits of the unit are modest with the top a maximum of 55 pounds; the two shelves are listed at 15 pound each at the utmost. It's worth noting that some shoppers mentioned that it was stable with or without the wheels.

All tools and full instructions are sent with the ready-to-assemble package that's shipped to your home.

Despite some limitations for certain job, most of the 1000 reviewers gave this design a cracking score of 4.7 stars.

Whitmor 3 Tier All-Chrome Rolling Kitchen Trolley
Whitmor 3 Tier All-Chrome Rolling Kitchen Trolley

This is another well-recommended model from the Whitmor stable. Again it's a multi-function unit that can be used around the house for different purposes.

It's an open construction mobile organizer that has a tiny footprint - it measures only just over 13" deep by 22" wide. Really useful for those kitchenettes where space is really tight.

Despite it's size, it's a tough customer. Its' made from HD chrome steel with a highly polished finish that's very easy to keep clean and will brighten up any room.

The top rack is set at a comfortable working height of 33" (including castors) from the floor - it can be used safely without the wheels but at a reduced working height.

One satisfied user said that they removed the wheels and converted the cart to what they claimed was the "best pot rack ever" in their words. And why not? - just another really inventive use for it.

The shelving is made from the same material with each having an upper limit of 250 pounds each provided items are evenly spread. That makes for a total payload of 750 pounds - really impressive!

The wire racks are fully adjustable in one inch increments to whatever height you need. Handy for those awkward height items like those tall 2-liter soda bottles.

It is shipped for home build. Putting it up is simple and there are no tools needed to build it - everything clicks and slots together.

It has the maker's standard 10-year warranty that's very reassuring for potential buyers. As is the high rating given by most of the 1500 plus reviewers who are perfectly pleased with this model.

Basic Wood & Chrome Kitchen Trolley Rack
Basic Wood & Chrome Kitchen Trolley Rack

Another good value for money design for small rooms that comes at a modest price.

It's essentially a cart for appliances - microwave in particular although it could handle any appliance of a suitable size. Heck - you could even have a small TV on it to follow you around the house!

It's constructed from HD chrome plated steel. It doesn't take up much floor space with a foot-mark of only 15" by 21". It stands at 36" tall which is a convenient working height for most folks.

It's topped with a 1.5" thick natural wood chopping board that's removable. Useful for chopping larger meat joints when you need a solid base for stability - simply pop the board onto a solid fixture. One happy shopper thought the board was "too beautiful" to work on so she uses another board on top of it!

The shelves hold up to 50 pounds each and are adjustable - can move as little as one inch at a time for exact positioning. Although the description on line says that the middle shelf is removable, this seems to be a misprint as buyers confirm that it only moves up and down.

Four S chrome hooks are supplied for hanging utensils, towels and the like. It moves on four castors, two of which are braked for stability.

It's shipped flat packed for assembly at home. No tools are needed as the pieces are easily clicked together in a short time - with a little help from the persuasive rubber mallet - according to some!

Over 1800 people have rated this model at an average of 4.7. Some had a few misgivings - sure but that score is a brilliant outcome and as it comes with an one year limited warranty nobody need have any reluctance about buying it.

What with the user recommendations, the guarantee and the extremely competitive price, is there any good reason not to buy it? Click on the image below to learn more.

Atlantic 3 Tier Kale Green Slim Kitchen Trolley
Atlantic 3 Tier Kale Green Slim Kitchen Trolley

The steel frame of this cart has heavy duty castors, two of which are lockable to prevent it from running away.

This weighs 36 pounds and measures 33.5 inches high by 12 inches wide and 33 inches deep.

The MDF shelves and steel wire baskets are interchangeable for more versatility. Move one basket and one shelf or both baskets with any combination of the shelves.

Designed to give the user as much flexibility as possible to suit the individuals needs.

Load up in the kitchen and then wheel it out to the patio on sunny BBQ days or for garden parties.

Each shelf can hold up to 33 pounds.

The baskets have handles for ease of lifting.

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