Adjustable Beds for Seniors

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All the bed units shown in this post are delivered complete with base and mattress.

But either can be bought separately if you intend to replace only one of them. Check for compatibility.

Should you need it, here's a link to a mattress non-slip grip pad.

For headboard brackets click here for a selection.

Adjustable Beds for SeniorsIt's an unoriginal saying that the older you get the less sleep you need every night. Because you expend less energy in your old age and so don't need so much rest to replace it. I'm not suggesting that you be a Rip Van Winkle but you do need the right amount of sleep for your well-being.

Not sure about that - but I suppose it depends on the individual. Some people are sleepyheads from early age while others seem to get by a few hours per night even though they lead a busy life. Winston Churchill was a good example of the latter.

In how much sleep any particular person needs there is one sure thing. To enjoy good health, it's essential to have a deep, relaxing and unbroken sleep pattern. And, regardless of age, everyone needs their fair share of the land of nod. It's usually pretty obvious to others when someone is not sleeping well.

And to help you achieve restorative sleep, you need a good bed, especially as you age, and in this post we look specifically at adjustable beds for seniors to help alleviate any problems they may have in getting a good night's sleep.

We selected this range of bedsteads for two main technical reasons. The first is that they have bases that can be adjusted to suit your posture. And the second is that they come complete with modern mattresses for your maximum comfort.

For anyone suffering from conditions like edema, chronic back pain and arthritis these models can help ease the soreness and let you snooze in some comfort. Achieve a more restful, deep sleep from the benefits of using memory foam with it's advantages of dispersing body heat and reducing the restless motions of the sleeper.

Reviewers report that these units have made a great improvement in the quality of rest they achieve. Pregnant women may enjoy a more restful posture being able to remotely alter their position in bed. It's such a personal thing that you might keep in mind the people will have different views on what is comfortable or whether a mattress is soft, medium or firm. There is always the return policy if you find that a unit is not what you had hoped it would be.

Even the simple task of getting in and out of bed is made that much more easy for people with these conditions. It's worth noting that, while these units do not effect any cure or treatment for such distressing conditions, together any one of these combination could make a noticeable difference in the quality of your life.

We deliberately included for a range of prices to suit different pockets. The costs tend to reflect the standard of technology built into the base unit and mattress.

The benefit and not the cost of these pieces seems to the main factor behind the high ratings given by the numerous amount of folks who bought them

LUCID Queen Wireless Remote Control Adjustable Bed Base.
LUCID Queen Wireless Remote Control Adjustable Bed Base.

A smart-looking combination that has ample clearance underneath for extra storage. The base and mat can be bought individually if you desire. Also, please note that the headboard needs to be ordered separately along with suitable brackets - see panel above for sources for both.

The frame seems very easy to build (especially if you're not fitting a headboard) - take a look at the video to see just how simple a process it is. And no, you don't need a Formula 1 Pit-stop team to put it together! But it is chunky and probably needs two people to flip it back upright once it's built and the legs have been screwed on. Tip: build the unit where it's to be used.

The head and foot of the base work independently - 60 degrees range for the head with the foot operating at 45 degrees. All controlled by the wireless remote.

The mattress is made from a layer of memory foam covered by a genuine latex that gives the resilience to accommodate the best body postures for maximum relaxation and support.

Available in five sizes: Full, Queen, King, Split King and Twin XL - so, a good choice of sizes for everyone.

While researching the reviews for this product we noticed that some people had concerns about either the bed or mattress moving. The solution offered by the manufactures was to use a Non-Slip Mattress Grip Pad - these are fairly inexpensive items to buy and come in different sizes to suit.

Apart from that the reviewers award this model a very good score in the ratings. One mentioned that when altering the position the motion was brilliant at chasing bossy felines who tend to hog their owner's basket - they just don't like it!

To underscore the manufacturer's confidence , they offer a 10-year limited guarantee with this pattern.

Classic Brands Full Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress Adjustable Bed Base.
Classic Brands Full Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress Adjustable Bed Base.

A well-recommended hybrid bundle (1-bed, 1-frame) that carries a very competitive price tag for a 12 inch pattern. Like the other models listed it's not supplied with a headboard.

The base carries plenty of tech gadgetry with USB ports built in and a head and foot massage function with three speeds included as standard. The wireless box controls the position angles such as for the telly etc and it can be set for personal choices as well. The angles positions are 65 and 50 degrees. There's a retention bar fitted to prevent the mattress from moving too much.

The mattress has the usual combination of inner-springs and memory foam with an orthopedic layer to eliminate unnecessary body movement. Users say that the mattress is medium/firm level of comfort - someone mentioned that it tends to soften as the sleeper's body heat warms the foam.

There is a wide selection of sizes - Full, Queen, King, Split King and Twin XL.

There is a choice of height clearance using two-part legs to give three settings - 5, 7 or 12 inches.

It's delivered in two sections for easier handling and there seems to be no problem in building it up. Like all these kinds of beds, it's better to build it in situ to avoid trying to move the thing once assembled.

Despite some mixed reviews, there is a healthy score totaled from over 1300 reviews. And it's difficulty to ignore that price - there might be some limitations advised by reviewers but the great grades suggest it might be a worthwhile buy.

A maker's guarantee may be "requested from customer service". Probably worth checking this out before you commit.

Classic Brands 10
Classic Brands 10" Mattress and Fully Adjustable Bed Base with Massage,

A Classics Brand combi unit that has all the expected benefits of an alterable base with a comfortable 10.5 inch gel-infused memory foam mattress. With the amount of reviews received, this model doesn't need to prove anything for it to be a good choice for an adjustable bed for an elderly person.

The base unit is steady and firm from the lateral slats that support the mattress at all points. The bedbase does its job quietly and efficiently through the preset programs of sitting back, computer pose and flat out relaxation for sleep. Comes with 3-speed massaging settings. All these controllable with the wireless remote. There are base-mounted USB outlets for charging your devices. One customer advised that in split king sizes, the port is on the same side of each piece, so when put together you get only one effective port!

The 10.5 inch mattress has gel particles scattered throughout the body of the memory foam. The latter lessens any stress points on the sleeping body and balances any excess heat to ensure a cool night. The foam is hypoallergenic by nature making it immune to many biological contaminants such as allergens etc. The mattress has CertiPUR-US accreditation for meeting their standards. There is the usual constraint fitted to the base to secure the mattress.

This model comes in all five regular sizes of Full, Queen, King, Split King and Twin XL.

As there are three leg heights to choose from, you can decide what clearance you need for whatever you wish to keep under the bed. The leg lengths are 5, 7 and (combined) 12 inches - you put them together when you assemble the unit.

No problems in putting it together although some reviews mentioned that some of the boltholes were tight but that wasn't an overly serious problem. Like most beds of this type the piece should be built where you intend the bed to live. It's packed and dispatched in separate packages to your door.

It scores over 4 stars with the reviewers on average, And there's a lot of them (over 3,500) that contribute to that and it's the #1 Best Seller on Amazon. That alone gives you some assurance of quality when deciding whether to buy or not.

There is a PDF file available for download that gives warranty information about this model. There's a link to take you to the manufacturer's site.

Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame + 12” Memory Foam Mattress.
Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame + 12” Memory Foam Mattress.

A duo supplied as a split pattern that includes everything you and your partner need for individual comfort. The makers state that you can enjoy a relaxing massage while your better half snores alongside you!

Please be aware that once again the headboard illustrated is not included in the deal - and what a royal headboard that is! A split-king header fit for a King! It can be bought as a separate purchase if you really fancy it.

The base unit motors run quietly (you can hear every word if you're watching TV while you re-position the angle) and it can be positioned in various settings like anti-snore, horizontal etc. It operates a variable message unit which has three settings - pulsation, wave-undulation and full-body oscillation. There are two USB ports fitted each side of the base.

The mattress is listed as soft-medium feel and offers the normal memory foam health and posture benefits. For people with certain medical conditions it's important to note that it carries a CertiPur-US Certificate that guarantees it's free from certain chemicals and toxins.

It's kept securely in place by a restraining rail fitted at the bottom. Unlike some other makes, there's no lengthy waiting to use it as it can be slept on after only 30 minutes laid out flat.

There are four size to choose from - Queen, King, Split King and Twin XL - something for everyone.

Backlit wireless control box manages the bed angles, massage settings and other items. It even has a built-in flashlight - handy if you need to get up or check around you in the night.

Fixed 12 inch steel legs giving plenty of under bed storage and the underside has LED lights fitted so that you can illuminate your stored items - great practical extra! Creates a soothing background light for the bedroom while you chill out in bed. The lights are controlled by the remote.

You don't need any tools to assemble the base - just screw in the legs, plug it in and your done! It's delivered in four cartons on a pallet - again, it's best to build it in the room where it's to be used. Given the weight, a couple of people should be able to quickly construct it.

At nearly 5-star reviews, those folks who have forked out the significant expenditure on this model, obviously think it's worth the outlay. How much do you value a sound sleep?

A differentiated 5-year warranty on the bed-base unit that covers motors, faults (including power surges) parts and labor. Best to contact the makers before buying for a full description of the guarantee details.

Classic Brands  Full Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress with Adjustable Base.
Classic Brands Full Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress with Adjustable Base.

A very popular combination - we guess the competitive price has something to do with that. It's affordable to more pockets and fit for purpose. But quality isn't sacrificed for the fair price according to those who have bought this model.

The bed-base machinery operates quietly (a must for a bed-unit we say) with a choice of the three positions you would expect - casual lounging, telly-watching and zonked out horizontal! Heck, even an ardent gamer will appreciate that! All the tech's fitted with the expected USB inserts and it has a massage unit with three-speed selection.

The 8 inch mattress is a two-layer construction with 2 inches of memory foam atop 6 inches of dense foam for body support and pressure relief. One customer praised it stating that after using it for three years there was no sinking and still didn't hold any heat - so cool and comfortable. Feel is put at medium to firm by users. It has a retention bar to prevent it slipping when in place. According to reviewers, it may take from 3 to 24 hours to lay out before use.

Currently it's available in three sizes - Available in five sizes: Full, Queen, and Twin XL.

You have the option of three under bed clearances - 4, 6.5 and 10.5 inches - enough to stash certain items underneath.

Assembly appears to be straightforward and if the job's handled by at least two people there shouldn't be any real difficulty in putting it together and fixing it in place. It will be delivered in several packages for ease of handling.

Over 2,000 people have given this unit a high star rating. That suggests to us that this piece merits a second look before you commit to buy something else.

There's no stated guarantee online but the reputation of this item speaks volumes. If this is a major consideration for you, contact the makers for details of any warranty that's on offer.

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