Baby Night Light Projectors

Baby Night Light ProjectorsSleep's a wonderful thing - it's nature's balm to restore vitality to our weary bodies.

Everyone tends to take sleep for granted. But our health can suffer over time through lack of sleep.

New Moms and Dads can find this out the hard way after baby arrives.

Life can become stressful for parents who have an infant that will not sleep through the night. Having to get up in the wee small hours to attend their little sweetheart, is demanding on Mom and Pop.

So, anything that can help baby sleep, when they should, is a blessing for the parents.

This is where baby night light projectors will make life easier for Mom and Dad. Some infants and toddlers need the comfort of light and sound to make them feel safe in the dark. These modern magic lanterns create a calming mood that help little ones (and parents!) drift into sleep.

Many pediatricians suggest that a child should sleep in complete darkness.

That's good advice - but you have to get your baby to sleep first! You can be sure that any one of the following preferred options will soon have your youngster in dreamland .

I picked these items because they have many excellent features and all have impressive user ratings. They are simple to operate and are easy on the wallet.

Pretty cheap at the price, you'll agree, for a regular night's sleep!

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Plush Baby Nightlight Projector
Cloud b Twilight Turtle Plush Baby Nightlight Projector

Twilight Turtle is one of the most popular characters from the Cloud B animal family of night lights. There's a whole herd of little critters to choose from!

Thousands of parents have picked this cute little fella as their preferred option.

Simple in concept and easy to operate, the projector is battery operated and has a 3-color star show cycle that runs for 45 minutes. That length of time is reckoned to be enough for most kids to fall asleep. After the automatic shut-off kicks in, the show can be re-run by pressing the start button.

You can select a single color display from amber, green or blue. There is an auto 3-color option that shifts through the colors.

The Turtle projects a map of real star constellations onto the walls and ceilings of the baby's room.

As an added benefit, the price for this well-loved projector will delight you. You can understand why so many parents find Twilight Turtle such good value for money.

Aurora LED Night Light Projector with Timer
Aurora LED Night Light Projector with Timer

The Northern Lights with music! You can create a heavenly color pageant with lullabys with the SOAIY night light projector.

This projector is a two in one - keep the cover on for a simple night light or remove it for a brilliant color spectacle.

With this FDA approved plug-in machine you can calm your baby into a relaxed mood before soothing them to sleep.

Use the remote control to set single or mixed color displays of red, blue and green. The Aurora light show can be either static or rotating and the body can be tilted. You can adjust the brilliance of the lights to a low level to prevent interference with sleep.

Pick from three fixed running times of one, two or three hours with auto-stop - or choose to have the projector run all night.

There is an AUX cable supplied to let you add music from your cellphone or other MP3 device. Great for enhancing that dreamy atmosphere created by the lights.

With all these features and high ratings you would expect this upgraded model to cost a pretty penny. - yes?

But you'd be wrong - although it's hard to believe, this model comes in at the low end of the price scale.

VTech Voice-Activated Hippo Night Light Projector
VTech Voice-Activated Hippo Night Light Projector

The Lil' Critters Hippo is a versatile battery-operated machine. It's both a baby soother and a practical learning toy all wrapped up in an adorable blue bundle.

The VTech has a distinguishing feature in that it is voice activated. It will react to your baby's cry in the night and come on with a light and sound show for a preset time of 10, 20 or 30 minutes. A volume control lets you set the sound level so that your child goes back to sleep with the least disturbance.

It has a built-in library of over a hundred sounds and rhymes that will both charm and stimulate your kiddie. There is a mix of lullabies, melodies, nursery rhymes and some sounds of nature. The latter can be played as background to the melodies.

Your baby will be lulled by the slow moving panorama of a starry night sky cast onto the bedroom walls by the multicolored light show.

For a low investment this is a great buy that you will use throughout the early years of your baby.

Starry Sky Projector Baby Night Light
Starry Sky Projector Baby Night Light

Every parent knows their baby better than anyone else. They know how long it takes for their baby to drift off to sleep.

Small tots will be fascinated by the stars and moon as they rotate over the nursery. The changing colors will keep your child entranced until sleep claims them.

You can choose to have the stars rotating at 360 degrees or to have them stay still.

This unit is silent so as not to disturb you little ones as they drift off to sleep.

As a change you can leave out the patterns and use as a colorful nightlight.

Four lights mean that you can set four levels of brightness.

This easy to operate night light has only 3 buttons.

Powered by USB connections or plug in to DC5V with USB adapter plug (not included). There is an option to use 4 AAA batteries if you prefer but these are also not included.

For what you get for your money, this unit is worth every single dime.

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and almost 2,400 reviews you can't go wrong.

Ocean Wave Mini Music Player Night Light Projector
Ocean Wave Mini Music Player Night Light Projector

This musical night lamp is lightweight and made to last from safe and non-toxic materials.

This projector has eight light modes and six sounds which can be on either together or separately. For your baby's comfort the sound volume is adjustable to suit tiny ears. The unit can be pointed up to the ceiling or tilted to shine against a wall so that the subdued LED lights won't dazzle. They can also be dimmed.

Baby will be captivated by the soothing music as the colors change. This combined effect helps calm your sleepyhead before slipping into a deep sleep.

Music and sound do not have to be on together. Each works on its own.

If your baby prefers a different style of music you can plug in your phone, mp3 player or computer. Or you could put in a TF card (4/8G).

No longer do you have to sing baby lullaby's to get them off to sleep. With 6 built in hypnosis songs (forest insects, ocean wave sea gulls, flowing water or merry nature, cradle songs 1 or 2) it's all done for you.

It comes with a remote control so that you don't disturb baby by having to walk into the room as they drift off. You will have to buy 2 AA batteries for the remote.

There is also a timer built in to this unit which allows you to choose between 1, 2, or 4 hours. You may choose to leave it on all night.

I do believe the asking for price for this night light is very little for a lot of product.

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