Backyard Games For Teens

Backyard Games For TeensTeenagers.

What would you do with them?

They're either lying in bed or mooching around the house, a bundle of suppressed energy.

That's fine but you never know when that energy is going to explode into action. And you don't always want to be around when that happens!

So, best to channel that energy into something that they will find amusing and give them a bit of a laugh.

Getting them interested is the first step and these five backyard games that I have chosen below will do just that. The games are especially suited to teens and they have that edge of competitiveness that all teenagers indulge in.

The only upper limit to the age is the amount of energy needed to play. So if you have the energy and the stamina, go for it.

Teenagers tend to congregate in packs so you are going to have to have more than one around when these are out. Or if you are lucky they will all gather at their friends house.

I chose these as they are all well received and recommended by people who have already bought them.

Spikeball 3 Ball Backyard Game for Teens
Spikeball 3 Ball Backyard Game for Teens

This is for 2 teams of 2 to play.

You can play this on any surface, anywhere. But remember that a lot of diving to reach the ball may end with you sprawled on the ground or skinned elbows if the ground's hard. So the best places might be the beach or a soft lawn.

The net has folding legs making it collapsable when someone lands on it. It is also for ease of carrying and storing.

The netting itself is one size fits all. Make it tight for beginners (more bounce) or slacken it for more experienced players.

This set comes with its own drawstring bag, net, 3 balls and a rule book.

A downloadable app helps you get in touch with others who enjoy this.

If your teen is heading off to college this is a great ice-breaker to pack in with all the other neccessities.

No worries about damage as this comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. (Providing you buy from Spikeball).

Capture the Flag Backyard Game for Teens
Capture the Flag Backyard Game for Teens

Most teens have at some time or other played this game but not like this.

This version glows in the dark. Wow! - how much more fun can a teenager stand. Something extra to do in those dark nights at Halloween.

I say teenager but the manufacturer recommends ages 12 and up with no upper limit. So folks, get stuck in there!

The "flag" is now an orb and team members wear glowing wristbands in their team color.

The jails are lit up too.

There are 33 light up pieces and all the batteries come with the pack.

There is even a set of 12 cards that give alternative games to play as well as the original instructions.

All you need to find is a suitable space big enough to play in.

Bucketball Backyard Game for Teens
Bucketball Backyard Game for Teens

Put teenagers together with sand and/or water and you have a recipe for fun - lovely!

That's what this game does.

You can play on the beach, at the poolside, out camping, tailgating or in the backyard.

A carrying bag containing 12 buckets (6 of each color), 2 game balls and and instruction sheet.

The buckets measure 9 inches tall, 8.5 inches across the top and 5.5 inches across the base.

The buckets have 2 lines inside them. 1 for sand and 1 for water so that you don't have to guess how much to put in to keep your bucket stable.

When you're done repack in the bag and store it away for another day.

This game comes with a lifetime warranty to replace anything damaged.

Ogodisk Backyard Game for Teens
Ogodisk Backyard Game for Teens

This game is a sort of double-handed tennis if you like.

Made from a strong EVA foam and nylon spandex this mini trampoline for soft balls is waterproof.

Play at the beach or your backyard - anywhere, really, there is space to run around. Use to bat the soft ball (supplied) or launch water balloons or use this as a frisbee.

I'm sure your teen will find a novel way to use this disk - but best not to think too much about that!

At 12 inches in diameter it is the perfect disk for all ages to play with.

Four Legged Race Bands for Teens
Four Legged Race Bands for Teens

You've heard of the three legged race where you need two people with their legs tied together.

Well now you can do the four legged race game with this kit. The action required is a sort of cross between a locomotive and a chain gang.

Each player has their right ankle strapped to one ribbon and their left ankle strapped to the other one.

The lengths of ribbon are 5 inches wide, 44.5 inches long and have elastic ankle straps spaced 11.4 iches apart.

When you're finished tuck your bands away in their own carrying bag.

Perfect for parties, clubs, and team building activities your teen is sure to have a lot of fun with these. Imagine the hilarious chaos as teams try to coordinate their actions and get moving - mad!

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