Backyard Games for Toddlers

Balls for Playtent Tunnel and Ball Pit: Available here

Backyard Games for ToddlersAs your child grows so does their need for different toys. And this is especially true for toddlers.

Toddlers are usually tougher than people think - the little bruisers need something to get their teeth into (sometimes literally!). And that includes toys. No more need for the nursery toys of their baby days - Hey look at me, I'm a big boy now!

Toys that help them through play to develop their gross motor skills can be fun as well.

With summer here it is good for kids to be outside in the fresh air as much as desirable. And your little ones will enjoy being out even more if they can have fun with you or other kids.

These five backyard games are perfect for your toddler and will give enjoyment and pleasure for years. Worth the outlay for sure.

Hugely popular, these toddler playsets are all held in high regard by the many people who have bought them. The many positive reviews for these games prove the point.

Backyard Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer for Toddlers
Backyard Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer for Toddlers

What child doesn't like to jump and bounce around?

This bright and cheerful bounce house is the safe way for little ones to have fun while sparing their adults any worry. There is also a fun slide for the kids to enjoy - they slide out, run around and leap in the side - great fun!

With mesh panels on 3 sides your child will be safe, you can see them and they can see you.

Made from heavy duty puncture resistant material with 6 strong stakes to hold it down.

The jumping area measure 84 inches long by 84 inches wide by 47.5 inches high.

The continuous-flow heavy duty blower keeps it inflated until you turn it off. The blower is protected by a circuit breaker for safety and is secured by 4 sturdy stakes.

Recommended for up to 3 children up to a total combined weight of 250 lbs.

The kit has everything you need including a puncture repair kit and storage bag.

Playtent Tunnel and Ball Pit for Toddlers
Playtent Tunnel and Ball Pit for Toddlers

Let your toddlers explore deep space right in your own backyard!

They can with this play set. It has a rocket, tunnel and ball pit just waiting for any budding Captain Kirk. This set gives your child their own special private area - kids love their dens!

Its pop-up construction makes it easy to set up. One satisfied customer said that an 8 year old could do it - not surprising really, some youngsters at that age can hack computers!

Made of soft thick fabric, breathable mesh and flexible structure. Your child will enjoy playing in complete safety.

The different pieces velcro together in a combination of 1, 2 or 3 pieces for fun play experiences.

When not in use store the play pieces in the zip up bag provided.

Suitable for children from 1 to 8 years old the rocket is big enough for a 6 foot man to sit in and read stories to his child.

Easily transportable, this set-up can be enjoyed anywhere - days at the beach, parties, sleepovers and the like.

No danger to your kids says the manufacturer Playz. Thet claim that the toy meets and exceeds all USA CPSC toy safety guidelines.

Please note that the balls are extra and are available through the link at the top of this post.

Splash Seaway Water Table for Toddlers in the Backyard
Splash Seaway Water Table for Toddlers in the Backyard

Children love playing with water. Not so keen on being cleaned with it though.

This small water world will set their imagination alight. Kevin Costner - move aside!

The set comes with 2 water squirting dolfins, a springboard and flipper.

A starfish causes a whirlpool as it spins in the top level.

A gentle waterfall will flow from the top tier into the lower one if enough water is in the top tier.

The two tier construction allows for different adventures in your child's imagination.

The top tier holds 2.22 gallons and the lower tier holds 3.24 gallons of water.

We all know how delicate children's skin is so an umbrella provides shade from the sun - but don't forget the waterproof sunscreen.

Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Game set for Toddlers
Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Game set for Toddlers

With the football (sorry soccer) World Cup only over a few weeks you may be thinking ahead to your child's future.

Do you have a budding goal scorer in your house?

It's best to start these things when they are young and this set does that. Ronaldo and Messi started playing from an early age and look where they got to!

Intended for ages 2 and up this goal net can be flipped so that it is useable at two heights as your child grows.

Made of sturdy, nylon coated, metal tubing with plastic connecting pieces, this goal net will not blow away in the wind.

The ball is not a standard soccer ball but a rubber blow-up one that is safer for this age group. No sore red face after the ball has been whacked hard!

Included in the set is a goal with net, a ball and a pump.

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler Game for Toddlers in the Backyard
Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler Game for Toddlers in the Backyard

Imagine the fun that your child would have with an 88 inch beach ball.

What's the recipe for that, I hear you ask. Simple, I reply...

Take the ball and blow it up.

Add a water hose and let the water squish out of the sprinklers.

Now add some kids and a warm sunny day - perfect!

I can hear the laughter from here.

Let the fun begin.

It really is that easy. And you can water your grass at the same time!

Awarded Parent's Choice Award by Parent's Choice Foundation you can be sure of fun times to come.

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