Battery Operated Outdoor Fairy Lights

IMPORTANT NOTE: We've selected only those sets where the suppliers list an IP rating for outdoor use. Check out this link for more information about Ingress Protection standards.

Please be aware that suppliers may apply the ratings separately or in combination to the wire, the light or the battery box.

There is no injury risk to you from low-power batteries, but if you want to avoid weather damage, you need to decide on the level of protection you think best.

Battery Operated Outdoor Fairy LightsDo you believe in fairies?

Arthur Conan Doyle did (I wonder what Sherlock would have made of it all?) - he really believed there were fairies at the bottom of the garden. Not his garden, but that of two clever little girls back in 1917.

Given the emerging horrors of the Great War maybe it's understandable that folks at that time wanted to believe in other-worldly things.

And sometimes it's so easy for some to deceive honest people who need to believe.

Perhaps that mischievous sprite, Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream, was right to say "Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Maybe he's right but I'm not so sure - it's human to be foolish at times and that might not be a bad thing.

As the old song goes:

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
You cannot think how beautiful they are;
They all stand up and sing
When the fairy queen and king
Come gently floating down upon their car.
The king is very proud and handsome;
The queen, now can you guess who that would be?
She's a little girl all day
But at night she steals away.
Well, it's me!

You maybe?

Even in these modern, hard-bitten times, some people would like to believe, I'm sure. Whether they see the enchantment in either pixies or colored fairy lamps doesn't seem to matter too much I guess.

Imagine for a second that it were possible for you to travel back in time with a string of battery operated outdoor fairy lights. Would the folks back then see them for what they are or see them as something magical, thinking those twinkling colors were dancing nymphs?

A bewitching thought but we can never know.

To keep the enchantment going today, the following selection has been chosen for their real charm and modest cost.

They're cheerful, very portable and weather resistant to a degree - wouldn't use them in heavy rain or snow. They're safe to use - voltage is around 30v normally.

They can brighten any homely social gathering whether it's a BBQ, garden party, wedding or other family event - they're not just for Christmas you know! One happy camper uses them to decorate her tent on camping vacations!

Or just throw a few strings around your porch or garden on a quiet summer's evening and sit back and enjoy the ambiance they create. Crack open a bottle to improve the mood!

What does a few bucks matter when you can invent your own magic!

Outdoor Fairy Star Lights
Outdoor Fairy Star Lights

These star shaped fairy lights are the perfect addition to your home or garden for any occasion.

The 25 feet of cable with 50 LED stars is powered by three AA batteries which are not included.

Choose multicolored or warm white light. These have eight modes for you to choose from including steady, wave, flashing or twinkle.

With an IP rating of 65 these are suitable for use outside.

You may choose to use them inside. One customer uses them in her children's bedroom to help the little ones get off to sleep.

Whatever way you choose to use them these cute stars are sure to be a hit.

Globe Battery Operated Outdoor String Lights
Globe Battery Operated Outdoor String Lights

Light up your life any time you want with this radiant bunch of dazzling globes!

Bright and cheerful, each set has 80 ball-lights that runs for over 33 feet. Each warm white globe measures 17.5 mm in diameter.

There are 8 modes including sequential, chasing, fade and others. So you can fix any light display you want - change it every day if you like!

You will need 3 x AA batteries to power the remote which has a 3-setting smart timer. The first is for a 6 hour cycle then off for the remaining 18 hours: the second is for 24 hour cycles: the third is for off mode.

Light, wires and battery box - all rated IP67. The makers recommend that the case isn't soaked.

How can you not choose something as joyful as these bright lights? There is a saying "Cheap and cheerful" - for sure, this set is that in the best sense of the phrase!

LE Fairy Curtain Lights 9.8 x 9.8 ft
LE Fairy Curtain Lights 9.8 x 9.8 ft

These versatile lights powered by 3 AA batteries or USB plug in. They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

If using a USB you will need a USB port hub or USB phone charger which is not included in this pack.

This curtain is remote controlled and can be dimmed. The 7 changing modes can also change using the button as well as turning them on and off.

A timer means that you won't have to worry about switching them on or off as they work on a 6 hours on and 18 hours off cycle.

Want to use them in your large garden or yard? Fine buy more than one set. You won't have to worry about joining them as they will each work on their own.

It's your choice to use this curtain the way that suits you best for any occasion.

4 Sets of 50 Battery Operated Waterproof String Lights
4 Sets of 50 Battery Operated Waterproof String Lights

Need some holiday lights - Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween?

Then this product is a must, I'd say. Our selection had to include the basic LED set and this choice is something special as most folks will agree.

For a very modest price you get 4 sets of 50 micro LEDs - that's 200 lamps in total in a mix of 4 colors - blue, green, red and yellow. Each group has a separate wireless control although you can manage all four sets with one remote if you wish. The control has a range of around 12 feet.

The sets operate with the usual 8 mode light patterns that you can dim and switch on/off with the hand control. Each set needs 3 x AA batteries but the remote is supplied complete with a 2032 flat battery.

The lights and wires are fully waterproofed to the appropriate IP rating. They can be used underwater if you want. However, the battery box is listed at IP44 and should not be immersed or exposed to heavy rain.

This product has received exceptionally high ratings from many satisfied users and there's little to wonder at that. Each set only costs about the price of a coffee.

It's not a lot to pay, is it, for such a wee but brilliant bit of holiday joy!

Globe String Battery Outdoor Fairy Lights
Globe String Battery Outdoor Fairy Lights

Bring Hollywood home with this glamorous lamp string.

It's a great offer - you get a run of 100 globes fitted to a 34 feet long transparent cable.

The lamps are plastic and glow at a low temperate making them safe to touch. Good for the kids and pets. We've featured the white globes in this post but you can buy them in multi-color or warm white.

There are 8 light change sequences such as slo go, fade and flash - all controlled by a remote. The lights are dimmable and powered by 3 x AA batteries that you supply.

Rated to IP65 this set is waterproof but with the usual caution about immersing the battery box in water.

Come the holidays, you'll be glad you paid out a few dollars for such a handy set of festive lights.

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