Battery Operated Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Operated Vacuum CleanerIn the market for a vac?

How about a 4000lb stationary steam-driven monster? No? - okay then, what about a horse-drawn internal combustion engine gizmo?

Or, even a bellows-operated contraption with the rather grand title:
"Griffith's Improved Vacuum Apparatus for Removing Dust from Carpets"
- now there's a catchy advertising slogan for you!

If you were around a hundred years ago or so, these machines could have been an option for you. Yup - powered vacuum cleaners have been around for a long time.

Even if those early prototypes seem funny or curious to us today, keep in mind that their creators were blazing the trail with their new-fangled devices. As their original work led to the development of the modern vac, you have to admire them for having the courage to take action on their untried ideas.

Today, the huge choice of styles and high performance in vacs would astonish those bygone inventors. Corded or cordless, upright, stick or handheld, domestic or industrial are all available.

We'll be looking only at domestic cleaners in this post.

We guess that most households need to have at least two types of vacuum cleaner in their cupboards. One need is for an upright or stick cleaner for the heavier "spring cleaning" work. Another is for a handheld cordless model for light jobs such as accidental spills.

There are several advantages in buying a handheld as a second vac.

They are relatively cheap but don't compromise on power to handle those little mishaps around the house. They're compact, lightweight and easy to operate - even the kids can help with the cleaning (as if they would!). And most handhelds come with a useful set of attachments to clean all those little tricky and hard-to-reach places.

Our task is to help you pick a dependable handheld battery operated vacuum cleaner for light housework.

We list a choice of five models that meet our criteria of brand reliability and high user ratings. Each vac has distinct qualities that we highlight in the following product descriptions

Black & Decker 16V Cordless Lithium Battery Vacuum Cleaner
Black & Decker 16V Cordless Lithium Battery Vacuum Cleaner

At only 2.6 pounds this lightweight vacuum powerhouse will soon become an indispensable tool in your home.

It comes with a 16 volt lithium ion battery comes as a standard and uses Smart charge technology. The dust buster has an automatic cut off when completely charged. You can recharge it at any time are the battery has no memory to restrict it's durability. All this makes for an energy efficient machine.

A modern cyclonic action keeps the filter clean by preventing dust building up. If dust does cling to your filter just rinse it out under the faucet.

No need for messy bags that burst because you haven't noticed that they are full. The see-through, dirt collecting bowl is easy to empty and it's washable too.

A slender turning nozzle, expanding crevice tool and small flip up brush are all part of this vac's toolkit.

Dust and crumbs - beware!

HoLife 14.8V Rechargeable Battery Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner
HoLife 14.8V Rechargeable Battery Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

The Holife handheld vacuum is usable Wet or Dry. It is not noisy despite the powerful cyclone suction force driven by its Li-ion battery.

From a full charge, this cleaner has an impressive running time of 25 - 30 minutes which is more than others of its type.

It's supplied with a free-standing base and charger along with two washable filters. The machine comes with a useful toolkit. It includes a brush nozzle for fabrics, a rubber jar tool for liquid spills and a crevice nozzle for those awkward places. There is also a cleaning brush for the filters and an extension hose.

There are four colour options to blend in with any decor.

This nifty little cleaner is highly rated by people who have bought it. The Holife is more than capable of handling those light vacuuming jobs around the house.

Dyson V7 Trigger Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson V7 Trigger Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Power with style is the defining quality for Dyson products for most folks.

The Dyson V7 Trigger Vacuum is no exception and it has the usual Dyson technology for top performance.

The tool has a running time of up to 30 minutes at full suction power according to the manufacturers. Releasing the trigger when not vacuuming will ensure that you get the full running cycle.

A Li-ion battery powers the V7 digital motor

A basic toolkit includes a mini-motorized tool for stubborn dirt and pet hairs. A combination tool for general cleaning and a crevice tool completes the set.

The V7 will efficiently suck up very fine dust and micro particles. To get rid of the gunk use the hygienic dirt ejector to empty the machine while keeping your hands clean.

A handy 2 year warranty comes as standard. This covers free parts and labor as well as postage there and back.

Dyson states that this model is the most powerful handheld vacuum on the market. We don't doubt that this smart vacuum cleaner will do its job thoroughly.

But all that comes at a price - the machine is not cheap and the wall-fixed docking station is extra.

Black & Decker Pivot 20V Battery Vacuum Cleaner
Black & Decker Pivot 20V Battery Vacuum Cleaner

This extremely popular B&D model comes with a ton of impressive user ratings. Given the manufactures long history of production, including the famous Dustbuster, this is not surprising.

It is lightweight and has a 20V Li-ion battery gives robust cyclonic suction power with fade free performance.

A pivoting wide-mouth nozzle applies the power where it's needed by adjusting its position. This feature is really useful for reaching high shelves or around corners or picking up chunkier dirt. A 3-stage filtration attachment on the nozzle removes fine dust particles.

The dirt bin is easily washed out under the faucet.

A stylish charging base provides for neat storage.

Altogether, this excellent cordless vacuum will meet most needs for anyone looking for a handheld for the house.

VacLife Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum,
VacLife Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum,

This is a small but mighty machine.

Lightweight it weighs only 1.94 pounds yet can suck up dust and spills for 30 minutes. After that the makers recommend you give this little machine a rest to recharge its battery.

I would need a rest too after 30 minutes of continuous cleaning. After all it is only little.

Each time you switch the power on a bright LED light comes on to show up all the dirt or spills. Handy, especially for use in the car under seats.

With 3 different tools to attach you will be able to vacuum anywhere in your home or car. Even the narrowest of spaces down the gap in the sofa is no match for this little beast of a machine.

It has a washable stainless steel HEPA filter and detachable, washable dust cup. This helps extend the life of the cleaner.

The manufacturers are 100% behind there product and offer to refund or replace at any time. Wow you don't get that offer every day!

This versatile vac seems a good buy for folks looking for an all-rounder for lightweight housework.

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