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Weather Resistant Patio FurnitureThere's something extraordinary satisfying about living outdoors - it's refreshing both physically and mentally and a great contributor to our feeling of well-being.

It's sensible as well as healthy to take advantage of good weather whenever you can to get outside doing what you think is right for you. From strenuous exercise to sitting on the lawn it's good to feel the fresh air and sunshine on your skin.

Everyone who has a garden likes to spend as much time in it as they can. Anything that helps you do so is worth considering.

And If you have yard space to spare and some, why not fill it with all those outdoor furnishings that make outside living a lot more relaxed and organized. Gives you the opportunity to spend more of the day out-of-doors eating and drinking - heaven!.

With that in mind we've listed five suitable items in weather resistant patio furniture to let you consider some useful items to help you enjoy your private space outside.

There's a hint of the colonial style about these pieces that look just right for out-of-door usage. They simulate the original material closely but the man-made alternative will have a much longer life span.

The items are sourced from different makers and the shades might differ slightly but that is the appeal of the wicker pattern - it's more real looking like the natural product it simulates. Like real wood, there are usually highlights and darker tones in products even from the same manufacturer.

Another option for this range of fittings, is that is perfectly suited to indoor areas like conservatories as some folks mention in their recommendations.

We picked these pieces for various reasons, not least that they have proved popular with have a history of success with customers.

Plenty of outside storage to keep most things you need to hand - means you don't have to get up from your comfy chair too often. Even if you do, you won't have to go very far to get what you want.

All items are made from faux rattan wickerwork that's cleaned easily and has all the benefits of that man-made material. These poly resin items won't split, decay or lose color. It's resistant to bugs (termites) and weatherproof - resists UV attack.

4-Piece Brown Wicker Patio Furniture Set
4-Piece Brown Wicker Patio Furniture Set

A practical suite of furniture to seat family or visiting friends and neighbors. Get them together for a cozy chat around the table - preferably with snacks and drinks!

Use them inside for everyday use or keep outside for seasonal use - or just leave them outdoors, they're perfectly weatherproofed. The items are not stackable - if you intend to store them you will need adequate room.

Built in the classic box-style of garden furnishings from PE rattan wicker - the items are neat and compact looking yet has generous sized seating. They're all lightweight and can be easily moved around.

All seats have sponge cushions with polyester covers that come in a choice of four colors - beige, blue, grey and red. The covers can be unzipped for machine washing.

The chairs seats are 18 inches square for roomy comfort and the double sofa is 35 inches wide - plenty of room for a couple of people. They're built on a chunky metal frame and are rated at 330 pounds max weight.

Tabletop is dark toughened glass for hard everyday use and is a good size at 28 inches long.

This product is supplied in one box for building at home. Some folks report that they had some difficulties lining up one or two screws. But overall it seems a simple task that can take around one hour to complete. We find that the time folks take to put together self-build items usually depends on how confident they are with handling tools.

A real favorite with numerous buyers most of which give it high grades - very much deserved in our opinion.

Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart for Patios
Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart for Patios

For some, this will be the most important fitting outside! A real party-piece for chilled drinks through those long, lazy summery days.

It looks old-fashioned but, to us, that makes it more appealing - gives it a retro flavor.

The 20 gallon capacity hold measures around 35 inches x 15 inches x 33.2 inches high- a decent amount of space for most needs. The makers calculate it can hold when full about seventy cans or fifty bottles.

A handy bottle opener and cap catcher is attached to the side so you don't have to wonder where it is.

The lid is split in two so you don't have to remove the whole thing to get a drink and can keep the interior cooler for longer. This could be around 36 hours the makers say.

At the end of the day there is a drainage plug to allow easy emptying of accumulated water.

With high quality steel legs and a food grade polypropylene lining the exterior is resin with wicker facings for weather resistance and easy maintenance. Each leg has a caster that swivels through 360 degrees. Two of these casters are locking ones so your cooler stays where you put it.

There are two steel handles, one on either side to make moving this around the patio easier.

This item has proved a winner for a lot of folks. The majority of folk who reviewed this awarded it an impressive average of 4. 2 stars.

As one happy owner put it - it's big enough to hold a lot but small enough not to get in the way - fair comment we reckon where patio space might be limited.

3-Piece Brown Wicker Planter Set
3-Piece Brown Wicker Planter Set

These rattan lookalike pots are purely decorative and are easy on the eye. Their proportions look balanced so they can sit either as a group or as an individual planter.

Can be used indoors as well as outside as they have a sealed inner with a drainage plug to prevent leakage. But, given their size, we think the best place to showcase them is in the patio area. Especially if you want to add a bit of green or living color as a backdrop.

You have the choice of planting them directly or using other pots like clay ones inside. That might help if you like to move your shrubbery around.

They are made from double-walled PP resin for strength. They have all the robust features of that material that weathers well and doesn't crack or rot. One owner in Tucson reported that they still looked new even after a year in use outside in the Arizona climate.

We feature only the brown color wicker style but they come in grey and beige as alternatives.

The size range graduates from 11 inch dia, through 14 inch to the largest at 17 inches. The heights more or less correspond to their respective diameters.

They're comparatively easy to shift around when filled as the pots have a raised inner bottom so that you fill it with less soil making it lighter in weight. There is no liner as the walls are doubled. The drainage plug should be removed from planters placed outside as they are only needed for indoor use.

These plant pots are a hit with those folks who forked out good cash for them. They score nearly a perfect five!

Borneo Brown Wicker Deck Storage Bench
Borneo Brown Wicker Deck Storage Bench

There are fewer things more useful around the house than a big rectangular box for storing all sorts of things in. Especially one that doubles as a seat and a table for outdoor use.

This model is exactly all that with the added advantage of being made from highly durable simulated wicker rattan making it completely waterproof, hard wearing and great at keeping those bugs out. Just the ticket for the alfresco life. One reviewer said they get a lot of rain where they lived, remarked stuff is never wet when they take them out of the box.

To see some ideas on what you could cache in it, check out the video above. Stuff like garden games and toys, gardening equipment, bulky cushions and throws for those chillier evenings- the list can go on.

You're safe enough to use it as a table or even an extra seat - it can carry up to 484 pounds with the lid closed.

It measures roughly 51 x 27 x 24 inches and can hold a ton of objects in its 110 gal. capacity (says 105 in the instructions). It's worth pointing out that one reviewer said that the dry storage capacity could be nearer 85 US gals that he calculated using the internal dimensions of the box.

Whatever the actual figure there is still a heck of a lot of usable space in that crate! Not sure if they were serious but a buyer claimed that he and his wife were able to fit into it - hmm! I wonder why they did - the mind boggles.

A really valuable feature is the lid is controlled by a hydraulic mechanism that works similar to that which operate kitchen cupboard doors. It assists the opening of the top and closes it with a slow, soft motion. Helps to avoid nipped and bruised kiddies fingers.

The lid is lockable with a hasp and staple (they don't supply a padlock with the container). That means you can safely store things even when you're not in the house. If you lump it with you on vacation it could function as a safe box.

It comes with all components for building at home. The PDF instructions online are easy to follow and putting it together should be no problem for most people.

It is a big seller online and the rating from many satisfied shoppers speaks volumes for its qualities. Sure, some folks had problems but the majority were mightily pleased with their purchase. Not lease with the 2-year limited warranty that comes as standard.

Brown Wicker 30 Gal Lidded Trash Can
Brown Wicker 30 Gal Lidded Trash Can

Looks a bit like a laundry basket and, like that item, it's a very, very useful article to have around your yard. It does have a certain charm of it's own - yes, it's a trash can but, hey, even they can look good! Anyway lots of customers seem to love how it looks.

You need a bin to keep your yard area clean and tidy. As long as you insist on everyone using it - no hiding any pop cans behind a handy bush! One lady reviewer reported an extra benefit - the height prevented her 10 month-old nephew from crawling into it!

Made from resin wickerwork in a brown finish, it has all the benefits that comes from that material making essentially rot resistant and weatherproof. It's also very easy to wash down.

The lid pivots on metal hinges and there is a bronzed handle fitted to the body. It has four stabilizer feet fitted to the base.

With the body taper and the full-sized lid facilitating, you can take out the removable rim and full bag together. That makes it super easy to empty and replace the bag.

It stands at just over 33 inches high with the top being 15 inches square. It can hold 30 gallons maximum. Any 30/39 gallon trash bag can be used with it. Empty it weighs under 14 pounds, so it's easy to shift around.

It comes for self-assembly which appears to be straightforward.

With many folks singing the praises of it and the makers offering a one-year guarantee, you can have every confidence in this product.

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