Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kits

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None of the bundles in this post contain the following items that some gardeners would consider essential to manage healthy growth of your plants.
Ambient Heater - may be needed depending on where you live and the position of your grow tent.
Fan Speed Controller - controls the pressure in your grow tent. For example, to help prevent odors escaping.
Temperature Controller  - maintains the median temperature in the box.

Complete Indoor Grow Tent KitsAre you looking to get into growing some of your own fresh food at home? And you want something a bit larger than a small indoor garden because you want to be able to harvest bigger crops of fruit and vegetables.

Then a sensible way to start is for you to invest in any one of these featured complete indoor grow tent kits.

They give you everything you need for the initial set up. All you need to supply is the hydroponic equipment, something like a seedling starter kit or similar and you're good to go. It really is that simple to get started.

No need to pull your hair out through agonizing over what item goes where with what. Clear instructions come with each package.

You just need to decide what you want to grow, how much you want and how often you want it. A bit of research will help you decide exactly what you want to do.

If you're an established grower already in a small way, one of these choices may be an opportunity for you to expand your production.

There's a big choice in size of box cultivator to suit whatever space you have available. Bigger units can always be set up in attics, basements and garages if that suits.

Each of our selection has various options for performance as well as dimensions. So if you like a particular maker, you should be able to get your preferred option from them.

All boxes are made from sturdy material and supported on strong frames and are complete with bottom trays.

All light units are LED full spectrum simulating natural sunlight. In simple terms, that's like having the sun shine everyday in your in-house garden enclosure. You get the best of the light range to encourage growth whether it's seedlings or budding flowers.

All the fans and filters come with a full kit for installation.

As this could be a big investment for some people, we've picked these five options with your wallet in mind. But that doesn't mean that the quality is comprised - we have focused on those that are reported as being good value for money. It's complex business growing your own indoors and any of these units are a good base to experiment with and learn from.

We've been careful to pick popular ones that have proven themselves. Each has scored highly in customer ratings, all being over 4 stars.

Please note that these packages do not include hydroponic or other growing packages. There are many online options to choose from.

TopoGrow 24
TopoGrow 24" x 24" x 48" 300W Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kit

A neat compact arrangement that can be tucked into odd corners or unused spaces. Its footprint is only 4 sq.ft.

It is quite compact - perhaps growing only 2 - 4 plants depending on the variety and size. But that might be enough for your purposes. If you're looking to grow more or develop seedlings, then other units in this post will suit.

This model makes for a good choice as a starter outfit - you can instantly create your own mini micro-climate cultivator system for a comparatively modest outlay.

The 24"X 24"X 48" box is made from HD light excluding Oxford material that's put together with industrial stitching and sealed with strong zips. It's supported by 16mm dia powder-coated metal rod framework. It's supplied complete with separate floor tray. No tools are needed to build it.

The long-life 300W lighting piece uses full spectrum dispersal (power from the mains is around 180W). It carries a 90ra rating which seems impressive as the sun is rated at 100. The unit covers all growing cycle lighting needs from germination through to flowering.

The venting gear gets rid of strong smells and fine particles from the home-box. It comprises a 4" fan and a carbon filters. The package includes 25ft of ducting and adjustable fixing clamps. Hanging straps are also included.

There are some useful accessories thrown in with the bundle. Included are a thermometer/hygrometer for displaying temperatures and humidity and others. There's also a timer. A pair of bonsai shears for close trimming of plants is added as is a large piece of trellis netting for plant support. Quite a few handy things for the indoor gardener.

A reasonable amount of people have bought this and the majority were satisfied enough to score it 4.3 stars.

There's a one year general warranty given with this package.

TopoGrow 32
TopoGrow 32" x 32" x 63" 300W Combo Indoor Grow Kit

This is a smaller but well-respected member of the TopoGrow family that has many things to recommend it to a first-time buyer.

It has an area of just over 7 sq.ft. that will grow two or three taller plants comfortably such as tomatoes - allowing for access of course. Probably not the first choice to grow things from seed for space reasons - we feature boxes in this post that will suit.

The 32" x 32" x 63" tent is made from heavy-duty 600D canvas that's double-stitched for strength. The lining is water resistant Mylar for efficient reflection. The zips are industrial use and back-lined to prevent light leakage. The chamber is framed out with metal poles linked by plastic connectors that's really simple to assemble.

There's a matching water tray supplied for the tent base. The body of the unit has ample vents for power and extraction.

The neat-looking 300W light unit (uses 120W mains) has a wide 380 to 800 NM range which is more that sufficient for encouraging steady and healthy growth of fruits, veg and herbs. It's only 16" long and weighs around 5 pounds or so.

The air flow is controlled by a 4" inline fan kit that's hooked up with a 4" carbon filter for clean air circulation aided by the two tent air vents. There's 25 ft. of silver ducting that comes in the package and 4" metal fixing clips are included. A reviewer mentioned that they needed some zip ties to fix the fan and light in place.

It's shipped out in three boxes for free delivery to your home. Instructions are included for guidance in construction. No tools needed except, as one reviewer had it, two bare hands! But a screwdriver might be needed to firm up the clamps.

A reasonable amount of buyers have awarded this set an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5. Good enough to give anyone convince anyone who is considering buying it.

There's a general purpose guarantee of one year for this combination.

TopoGrow 48
TopoGrow 48" x 48" x 80" 600W Indoor Grow Tent

This is a medium-sized chamber that gives you 16 sq.ft. of growing room.

That area will cope with 4 - 6 larger plants while giving you comfortable working room to tend them. If you're culturing smaller plants, there's space for around 16 of them. Whatever your choice of fruit or vegetables you should expect a respectable and regular crop from an area of this size.

This unit might be a good next step from someone wishing to move from a compact tent to something bigger.

The 48" x 48" x 80" blackbox offers plenty of headroom is built with the standard 600D robust cloth to prevent light leakage and Mylar lined to maintain your chosen micro-climate. Heavy stitching and reliable zippers augment the build quality. It rests on a sturdy white metal-rod frame that simply slips together with plastic couplings for quick construction without tools. Vents have twin-layers.A water-proofed floor tray is included in this package to complete the booth.

The powerful 600W LED lighting arrangement is to a high performance specification gives you all the options for different growth settings to develop from vegetation to florescence. You can rely on a quick growth turnaround over the year. Click on the image for the full spectrum range shown online.

The air-circulation set-up comprises a 6" inline fan with a 6" flange active carbon filter - the carbon layer is 1.5" thick for efficient purification of the passing air. There's 25ft of silver flex ducting complete with 6.5" galv'd steel clamps to secure it. Hanging straps are also included.

Extras include a washable pre-filter cover, straps for the carbon filter and light fitting. There is a loose tool organizer supplied as well.

It's transported direct to you for free. It comes for easy self-assembly. An assembly instruction sheet is included. Not surprisingly, you'll need some basic tool like a screwdriver to screw up clamps etc.

Overall the numerous buyers found it easy to put up and not noisy to run. It earned a healthy 4.2 rating from the majority. There's a 1-year warranty as well for peace of mind.

Bloomgrow 60
Bloomgrow 60" x 32" x 80" 600W Indoor Tent Kit

A middle-sized compartment that will fit neatly into spaces like recesses. Its growing area is just under 15 sq.ft.

It's a reasonable plot, perhaps growing up to about 4 larger plants or around 16 smaller varieties. One reviewer used it as a nursery to develop seedling before transferring them to a bigger chamber - great idea if you have the room - and the money for the second tent!

For a regular family it should produce enough regular crops of fresh vegetables or kitchen herbs all through the seasons. Hmm! - fresh lettuce at Christmas for those shrimp cocktails - wonderful!

The 60" x 32" x 80" box is made from HD light reducing Oxford cloth that's double-stitched together. It's lined with highly efficient Mylar for near 100% reflection. Access openings have sturdy zips and are backed by light-excluding flaps.

The whole chamber is draped on a 16mm white powder-coated metal framework. A separate water-proof floor tray comes with the bundle. It's easy to click the frame together with couplers for a simple one-man build.

The durable 600W (pulls only 200W from the mains) lighting arrangement to emit a full spectrum for all growth cycles. The makers list 50,000 hours running time over its life span. This is reliable light that will develop plants through all growth stages whether vegetative or flourishing.

There's a quiet-running 6" duct fan coupled with 6" flange carbon filters to purify the air circulation by removing fine particles and other undesirable contaminants. The carbon unit has a 1.5" filtering coal-based carbon layer and comes with a removable pre-filter cover that's easy to clean. One buyer was surprised that the set-up didn't remove all odors as they expected but were very happy anyway!

The bundle includes 25ft of double-skin ducting along with 6.5" clamps for securing it. Adjustable ratchet rope hangers, nylon straps and elastic bands are included for suspending the light, fan and filter.

The bundle includes some handy accessories that the indoor gardener will appreciate. There's a digital thermometer-humidity sensor for local climate information. There's also a pair of pruning shears along with a sizable chunk of trellis netting for supporting growing plants. Quite a few handy things for the indoor gardener.

It has earned an exceptional score of 4.5 stars from the customers who have bought this assemblage.

A year's open guarantee covers this item. It's interesting to note that the makers give the filter an expected life of between 1 and 1.5 years.

TopoGrow 96
TopoGrow 96" x 48" x 80" 800W Complete Indoor Grow Kit

This is a spacious hydroponic system for the keener horticulturalist. Someone perhaps wishing to grow more crops all year round and willing to fork out that bit more cash to do so.

You can grow around eight plants up to about 60" tall. Alternatively, if you're into Sea of Green growing for faster cropping, you can easily cultivate around 24 smaller plants at the same time.

The 96" X 48" X 80" box is fabricated from heavy duty light-proof cloth that's double-stitched for strength. This size is only one of a impressively wide range of matching systems. There are the normal circulation air pockets and access points for power and ducting.

The lining is near 100% Mylar for efficient reflection. It's sealed by strong zips and supported by a tough framework of painted steel interlocking poles with plastic connectors. You won't need any equipment to put this together. It's pierced with sufficient access for fans and filter. It comes with a full floor insert.

The long-life 300W lighting piece uses full spectrum dispersal (power from the mains is around 180W). It carries a 90ra rating which seems impressive as the sun is rated as 100. The unit covers all growing cycle lighting needs from germination through to flowering.

The 800W lighting unit draws only 210W from the main supply. The inbuilt LEDs emits a wide range across the spectrum to give you optimum setting choices through germination to the flowering phases of your flora. The unit offers a stable output and is built to last. The suppliers warns that the unit should be kept apart from high pressure sodium lamps to avoid burn-out.

The venting gear cleans the air through the carbon as it exhausts while fresh air returns through the bottom grills. and refres. It comprises a quiet-running 8" fan/ carbon filter combination. 25ft of Silver Flex ducting complete with pipe clamps is supplied with the mechanisms. Straps are provided for suspending the machines. A reviewer advised that they added zip ties to augment the hanging straps for the filter.

It's shipped free for home assembly that most folks find straightforward. We couldn't find a reviewer who had any real difficulty in putting it together.

Altogether, despite some misgivings, this package has been well received by the majority of those who have invested in it. It rated 4.3 stars and that's a reassuring score for potential buyers.

To seal it, there's also a guarantee with this bundle.

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