Contemporary Round Coffee Table

Different furniture styles can be tie in together successfully.

Contemporary Round Coffee TableApart from your bed, we think that there's nothing quite as practical and decorative in your home as a table. They are an important design feature in any room as well as being totally functional for daily living needs.

They're such a focus for the family to eat and entertain together. Think Christmas and Thanksgiving when the table is groaning under too much food and everyone is enjoying the festivities (sometimes too much so!). Or if any family or friends drops in unexpectedly everyone tends to gravitate to the kitchen table to have a brew and a chat together.One of those good moments in everyday life!

Not all tables have to work so hard to earn their living, though. Some are just there for occasional or decorative use and these tables fit the bill nicely.

A simple contemporary round coffee table suggests relaxation and easy living - maybe curled up with a cup of your favorite bean and a good book to browse. No law stopping you using it as your dining table though - think Chinese!

We've picked these five tables for their style and elegant design. We reckon anyone of them will fit into any traditional or modern home snuggled into a woolly rug or sitting neat and poised on a hardwood floor in a more modern apartment or house -and the choice we offer here would fit neatly into any family or living room. Great buy for young families - their circular shape is safer for kids - no sharp corners to catch your little ones!

The selection uses a combination of glass ,wood and metal in their simple construction. No ornamental frills here - just basic pleasing shapes that are practical and easily maintained for everyday use. Some are part of a matching collection of tables that you can use to create a theme in your home.

Another reason for offering these five particular models is that you buy them flat-packed for easy home assembly. From all reports, everyone says they are simple to put together and you don't need any DIY skills or special tools to build them.

Our choice was heavily fluenced by the great ratings for all the products. They can't be this popular without being good value - can they? We believe you can be assured of their quality and any one of them is money wisely spent, when you look at the positive appraisals of so many satisfied buyers. The price range should suit most pockets depending on what you need the table for.

Go ahead and check them all out - we're convinced you'll be glad that you did!

Mango Steam Metro Glass Coffee Table
Mango Steam Metro Glass Coffee Table

As well as looking good it's safety first with this one! The solid glass top is made from toughened glass and can take the knocks.

So no problem where you have a lively family who are not always so gentle with your treasured furniture!

The crystal transparency of glass and the straight legs of the angled metal frame make for a smooth easy-clean design. There's something of Art Deco about this piece in its simpleness. With a Clarice Cliff vase sitting in the middle this item would fit unobtrusively into any background shot of the 30's period movie The Sting. If you're into that look then this one could be for you.

Available in three combinations of finish: black glass with black frame, clear glass with black legs and a clear top with a polished chrome base. The glass is held in place with suction pads to give a smooth unbroken surface.

It's a good size with the top measuring 33 inches in diameter and it is 19 inches high. At 36 pounds it's stable but light enough to move around and clean. It comes in component form for self-assembly. People who have bought this model say it is easily put together in around 5 - 10 minutes on average. Rubber feet are fitted to the frame - helps to prevent damage if you have wooden floors.

At near perfect ratings from the numerous folks who have purchased it, you can be satisfied that this product will be an asset to your home.

Winsome Wood Round Coffee Table
Winsome Wood Round Coffee Table

Good fit where you have dark wood furniture. Great shape and compact making it especially suitable where room space is tight. Although it's comparatively inexpensive and shows some imperfections in the finish, this stylish table looks and feels like a more expensive product according to reviewers - some describing it as a solid, heavy table characteristic of tables costing two or three times as much.

It's built from a combination of the solid with wood composites and it's finished with a soft espresso veneer. Some buyers describe the finish as ranging from dark brown to dark cherry - I guess that's a subjective thing and the decisive factor for you is that you're looking for a match to existing furnishings.

The 30 inch top is fitted with a tempered clear glass inlay and is balanced by a slightly narrower shelf measuring just over 26 inches. The shelf is perfect for displaying decor such as ornaments or for storing books. The shelf is roughly 9 inches clear of the floor.

It stands at 18 inches high with a 30 inch wide table top and is delivered for self-assembly. Building it seems simple and quick but some purchasers thought the fixings flimsy - one suggested going to your local Home Depot to buy some good American screws!

A good indicator that this product is a good investment is that many people have rated this fitting highly, although some questioned the durability of the finished laminate. However for the price - I guess they believe that they got a lot for not too much money - your choice.

Sauder Lux Round Glass Coffee Table
Sauder Lux Round Glass Coffee Table

A modern-looking coffee table that will appeal to lovers of glass and metal furniture. A good-looking piece and not like your usual flat pack assembly (sorry Ikea!), according to one reviewer, an interior designer, who rates it as "surprisingly good quality for the price".

It carries a single round glass top and there is no bottom shelf on this model.

It's finished on all sides in satin-gold metal with a clear glass tabletop that is made from, as you would demand, approved safety glass. The top is secured within the frame to prevent slippage and this keeps it stable. The lower circular frame gives the whole assembly a reassuring rigidity. One happy buyer did suggest though that you give the retaining screws a tweak now and again to maintain the stability.

At more or less a yard across, this fixture is definitely suitable for the larger room and the bigger family. It has a discreet height of under 17 inches. If you need to balance your room design by flanking your sofa or chair, there's a matching side table available at a reasonable cost. No need for your guests to struggle to put down their coffee cups when they're snuggled into your comfy sofa!

It earned a really high review score from a lot of folks who were very pleased with their purchase. At this price, it really does look like a great bargain! And no one seems to have had any problems putting it together - should take you around 10 minutes or so.

There's a black framed version of this model that's as highly rated as this one. Check it out once you've had a look at the gold model.

Household Essentials Contemporary Round Coffee Table
Household Essentials Contemporary Round Coffee Table

As the name suggests this is a good basic functional unit that is not showy and it's ideal for everyday use. A plain low-priced design that comes in a choice of tops that will agree with most decors.

It's offered as a light but sturdy piece of furniture - the suppliers claim it will carry 100 lbs - though it wouldn't be a good idea to let the little ones dance on it ! It measures just over 31 inches in diameter and 16 inches high making it perfect where space is tight.

There is a choice of three laminate finishes for the top - Ashwood, Dk Walnut and the one we feature here, Grey Slate. All trims are easily cleaned and are fitted to a square black off-set frame equipped with slider feet. It comes ready for home assembly and, like the other tables listed here, it's a cinch to build.

This popular little number gets a clear thumbs-up from the many people who have bought it. You can't ask for a better reason to buy any product than the combination of a low price and very good ratings.

Altogether, a firm little table that will give good service in a busy household. Don't miss out while the price is still low.

Modern Round Coffee Table with Mesh Shelf
Modern Round Coffee Table with Mesh Shelf

This has a solid metal frame and a lower mesh shelf that is high enough to allow a robotic vacuum to go under without getting snagged.

There are rubber pads on the feet so that it does not scratch or scuff your laminate or other flooring.

The top is MDF and water resistant to a degree although it is not suitable for use outdoors.

The mesh shelf is strengthened by a cross bar to hold books, magazines or to display ornaments on. This will leave the table top clear for mugs and plates of cakes or biscuits for your guests.

It measures 35.5 inches in diameter and is 18.5 inches high and can hold up to 150 pounds in weight.

This rates 4.7 out of 5 stars which is reassuring.

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