Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Deep Kitchen Drawer OrganizerDo you remember the days of home economics classes at school? You'd open a drawer to find complete disorder among the implements.

If you are anything like me you like to know exactly where to put your hand on things when it comes to the kitchen.

I'm not saying that I am obsessive about tidyness (believe me I'm not) but I do like my kitchen implements to be on hand.

There is nothing worse when you're in the middle of a complicated recipe than not being able to find that whisk.

It's not only the tools these days that you keep in cookery cupboard. The crockery too needs to stay where it's put and not slide around.

This selection of five kitchen drawer organizers will help you solve this problem.

These five are also useful in other areas of your house.
For example:- the DIY tools in the basement, sewing threads in the utility room or the stationary in the home office.

These are all well made and, judging by the stars given by previous buyers, they are well received.

Spring Loaded Bamboo Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Spring Loaded Bamboo Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Made of natural Moso Bamboo these spring loaded slats are perfect for dividing up space.

The natural bamboo will not stain your drawers.

Measuring 2 and 3/4 inches high and adjusting between 17 and 3/8ths and 22 inches long they will fit most drawers.

The non slip coating on the ends ensures a snug fit that will not harm the drawer.

This pack of 4 slats are easy to use. I'm sure you will find that they are the perfect solution to keep drawers tidy no matter what room in your house.

Easy to look after you can wash them with hot water and mild soap. Keep the original shine by smoothing over food-grade mineral oil.

Bamboo Storage Box Drawer Organizer Set
Bamboo Storage Box Drawer Organizer Set

Isn't it funny how you never knew you needed something until you see what other people have done with it?

These bamboo boxes are the perfect storage tidy.

Bamboo is very eco friendly as it is fast growing and sustainable.

A set of 5 they come extra large (10.5" x 7"), large (7" x 7"), medium (3.5" x 7"), small (6.5" x 4") and extra small (4" x 4"). All boxes are 2.5" high.

Use in drawers, on shelves, side tables or in your home office for pencils, pens etc.

Keep cosmetics, jewelery, needles and threads tidy.

One happy customer has attatched them to her kitchen wall and uses the as spice holders.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and you are not harming the planet to do so. Perfect.

Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Expandable Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer

This is 100% high quality Moso bamboo.

This tidy when opened up measures 17.75" long and 20" wide with 9 compartments.

You don't have to open it all the way only as far as you need. You might want to open up only one side and have 8 compartments.

This unit has a anti slip feet to keep to your chosen size.

When closed the width is 13.75" with 7 compartments.

The outer height is 2.5" tall.

Please measure your drawer before ordering.

I could use this sturdy drawer tidy in many rooms, not just the kitchen. No problems.

Deep Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Dividers
Deep Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Dividers

This set of 3 drawer dividers have a soft padding at either end of each one to hold firm and in place.

To adjust, lift the button, extend as required and push the button down to secure.

It couldn't be easier to create workable divisions for storage.

Each divider measures 4" high and extends from 11" to 17".

If you need a longer set they make an extra large divider (15.5" x 21") which is available on the same page.

The Rapturous company are so sure of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty.

Rev-A-Shelf Kitchen Drawer Peg Dividers
Rev-A-Shelf Kitchen Drawer Peg Dividers

More and more kitchens these days have drawers rather than cupboards with shelves.

These are good for people who find reaching into the back of the cupboard difficult.

Like many good ideas they are not perfect. You pull out the drawer and your dishes slide around.

Not so with this system.

It consists of a wooden baseboard measuring 39" x 21" which sits in the bottom of your drawer. You can cut the baseboard to fit your drawer.

There are 16 wooden pegs for you to fit around your dishes, that fit into the predrilled holes of the baseboard.

So now when you pull out the drawer your dishes will stay put saving them from becoming chipped.

Rev-a-shelf also produce pan holders to fit this system.

A manufacturer's warranty has to be requested from customer services.

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