Farmhouse Dining Room Table Set

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Please keep in mind that some of the dining sets listed here may not be available in your state.

As that can change from time to time, best to check before deciding on any particular pattern.

Farmhouse Dining Room Table SetThere's something warm and cozy about furniture that has a country look about it. Especially when it's in a rustic setting - imagine a cottage or cabin with the family seated for the main meal. There's a big roaring fire with a sleepy dog toasting in front of it. Affectionate memories of Little House on the Prairie comes to mind.

A farmhouse dining room table set is usually the centerpiece for such a scenario. Its plain practical design has a durable appeal that has never fallen out of fashion.

And we provide a list of five items in this post that should capture your attention. They're certainly worth a second look and you can click on any one of them for more information.

The products we've selected have proved to be popular over time and we've included only those pieces that scored over four stars. We've ensured that the models cover a wide price range to suit your bank balance.

The shape of all these patterns are traditional for this kind of furniture. The tables are all made from solid woods and veneers. The chairs and benches have that "old-style look" which is most appropriate for this form of household fitting.

We have tried to offer something to suit every pocket in this choice. Have a good look at them all to see what we mean.

They are delivered ready for self-assembly and, as far as we can understand, although there is no great difficulty in putting the different parts together, it needs a fair amount of time to assemble. Given the amount of parts that's understandable. But we guess most people will agree that the finished product looks like it is worth every minute spent on it.

6-Piece Autumn Lane  Black and Oak Dining Set with Bench
6-Piece Autumn Lane Black and Oak Dining Set with Bench

This compact model would fit into any farmer’s dining/kitchen area, and, at the same time, with its black/oak timber finish, it looks modern enough to fit into most people’s kitchens.

While it certainly has a solid rustic look about it, there's also a hint of elegance that suggests it might also fit nicely in a more formal dining room.

The table, measuring just under 60” by 35”, looks solid with shapely molded legs that match the legs of the chairs and bench. It stands at about 30” high.

The table top and the chair seats are stained oak with the frames of both painted in a satin black finish to give an attractive color contrast.

The four chairs have the country-style basket shaped backs with shaped timber seats. The bench is a good size at 48” long
The makers say that it’s sent for self-build in four cartons which should make it a bit easier for delivery to awkward sites.

It’s reckoned to be easy to assemble the parts – a reviewer advised that one person could do it in one hour. This is maybe a bit optimistic for most folks.

One important point mentioned by a customer is that when building the chairs make sure the legs are fitted in the correct order.

If they're not, the chairs will wobble because the legs are not level. We noted that a few people complained about this in their reviews. Perhaps we now know the reason why.

The reviews on this one are mixed but overall the set achieves a respectable star rating. And there can’t be any argument that the price seems reasonable for the quality and type.

Rokane 7 Piece Brown Dining Room Table and Chair Set
Rokane 7 Piece Brown Dining Room Table and Chair Set

It's part of a range of Ashley furniture that gives you a choice of seating arrangements. We've featured a 7-piece model in brown that includes a table and six chairs.

It's sturdily made from real hard wood and finished with wood veneers.

The planked-top table seats up to six people adequately and it measures 60” by 36”.

We feel that it’s a size that’s probably suited to a family with a couple of youngsters. The extra chairs would be fine for the occasional visitor who stays for a meal.

The seats are in the classic swept-back style and one buyer who says he weighs 220 pounds found them comfortable. They are cushioned with a fiber infill covered by a neutral poly material for easy cleaning.

It’s supplied in kit form for home assembly. Most reviewers found it easy to knock the set together without too much difficulty. All you will need is a screwdriver.

Enough people have bought this for most of them to give it a healthy 4.1 out of 5 stars.

The makers offer a one-year guarantee for this item.

Signature 6-Piece Brown Dining Table Set
Signature 6-Piece Brown Dining Table Set

The makers describe this 6-piece set as having a contemporary look. But with the upholstered chairs and bench, it has a homely look that makes it suitable for inclusion in this post.

It's made essentially from pine and engineered wood with real wood veneers in a dark finish with matching chairs and bench with vinyl upholstery on one pattern. There is a choice of two models - one is a shade darker than the other and they have different chairback styles (one padded, the other plain) - both patterns have cushioning on the seat.

At 60 inches the table is compact - but that appealed to some buyers who had limited space in their kitchens. Others find that it can seat six people snuggly - we figure that this set would suit a younger family really well. The bench is a neat 38 inches and can stack under the table.

It's delivered for home assembly and seems to be easy to construct without any specialist tools required. Like most of these fittings, it will be easier with two to build.

It's proved to be a very popular set with lots of purchasers taking the time to review it in a positive light. There's a limited 1-year warranty that can be downloaded as a PDF file.

6 Piece Two Tone Dining Room Table with Chairs and Bench
6 Piece Two Tone Dining Room Table with Chairs and Bench

This pack looks like what most folks think a farmhouse set should be like.

Pleasant, old-world lines the epitome of this classical style. It would fit seamlessly into the old-time homesteads of the past!

It's made from veneers, wood and engineered wood. The warm brown stain on the table top, chairs and bench together with antique-white painted legs and frames give a homely, rustic look of a farmhouse kitchen.

This model will easily accommodate six people with four seats and a generously-sized bench at 42 inches long. The bench can be tucked neatly under the table when not in use. The items are not supplied separately unlike other dining models.

The solid one-piece table measures almost 60 inches by 35 inches wide and is 30 inches high giving plenty of room for main meals.

It's supplied direct from the manufacturer for self-build and the construction is reported as straightforward to do.

Most users reckon its worth the four stars given it in reviews. Another thing in its favor is that it comes at a modest price when compared to similar 6-piece patterns.

Becky Farmhouse Dining Table & Benches
Becky Farmhouse Dining Table & Benches

A neat little 3-piece set that is compact and very suitable for those homes where space is tight. Despite that it can accommodate four people comfortably.

It's clean looking and very convenient for every day use. In studio apartment it could double as a desk or hobby area when not being used for meals. Shove it to one side (pine is not a heavy wood) when finished and you have a handy display or storage shelves!

Made from pine wood this bijou group can be had in two finishes - a two-tone painted country mode and a dark espresso finish. The veneer is wipe clean for simple maintenance. One reviewer did mention th

It's a good size at 45 inches long and 28 inches wide. And the forms are a decent length at just over 36 inches. Several reviewers say that two adults can sit comfortably side by side.

People report it as easy to build and all fixings and tools are supplied. Somebody said they put it together in about 70 minutes. A few reviews mention that the completed set is stable and sturdy. There are pads fitted to the legs - good to protect your hard surfaces.

Does really well being rated at well over 4 stars from plenty reviews. That, and the low price, surely makes this suite a real bargain when compared to other table-sets.

Another benefit is that this model carries a 1-year guarantee.

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