Floor Lamp with Dimmer Switch

Floor Lamp with Dimmer SwitchMany of the ancient peoples worshiped the sun.

It was a God to them for good reason - it was the center of the cycle of life and brought warmth and light into a hard existence. They understood that without the sun, any form of life on earth would not thrive.

Today, the sun retains its importance to humankind. But, through science, we've made life much easier for ourselves. Heck, we've even brought the power of the sun to our planet - think thermo-nuclear technology.

We can now create heat and light through techniques that would amaze the ancients.

Think how great classical artists and writers of the past would have appreciated a modern light fitting like a floor lamp with dimmer switch. No more guttering torches or flickering candles to work by, thank goodness, flick a switch and let there be light!

Our early predecessors would have certainly been impressed by the five light products shown here.

They have been chosen for their striking appearance and slim, unobtrusive design while being fully functional as a light fitting. They will grace any modern home and blend easily into different home decors.

These lights will meet the needs of readers, craft persons or those who just want soft diffused lighting for a relaxed atmosphere.

They are all made by Brightech. Like Dyson, this company have successfully managed to marry innovative design with solid engineering. This results in high-performing products backed by a substantial guarantee.

The lights are energy efficient, long life and cool to the touch - modern technology in an attractive shape!

Probably they're best at home with the design-conscious - not sure about them surviving in a chaotic home of young kids and pets!

The selected items are very popular with buyers who rate them very highly at 4.5 stars and more - so no argument there! They also say they the models are very easy to assemble.

All in all, you are certain of getting good value for your money with these fashionable accessories.

Brightech Twist Modern LED Floor Lamp with Dimmer
Brightech Twist Modern LED Floor Lamp with Dimmer

Some people who bought this upright lamp see it as a piece of art!

It does look like a sculptured piece with its sweeping lines that suggest the symbol for infinity! As it is available in either a black or platinum silver finish, this model will look good in most rooms.

Made from harmless materials, it is 43 inches high and is securely fixed to an 8 inch diameter base.

The LED lights are economical and safe to use and they have a much longer life than conventional bulbs and tubes.

There are three light settings - all controlled by a foot switch. The light can be softened by 30% and 50% but the first setting is very bright - 920 lumens. Many reviewers say they keep the light dimmed as the full setting is too bright! I guess it depends on where you use it and what you use it for.

The makers offer a full 3-year guarantee which underlines their confidence in the product.

Brightech Sparq Arc LED Dimmable Floor Lamp
Brightech Sparq Arc LED Dimmable Floor Lamp

With space-age looks and technology this light fitting must appeal to all those Trekkies out there.

Another original Brightech design where the light floats over your work station or leisure activity. A simple yet ingenious idea.

Available in either black or silver, Its curved line will appeal to those with an eye for home decor design. Practical as well, light and portable - you can tuck it behind furniture and still have the light where you need it.

The lamp is 66 inches high overall and sits on a 9 inch base, weighted for stability.

Typical of the make, the LED light burns brightly yet can be softened by the dimmer foot pedal to give three separate settings from extra bright to a soft, warm glow. So you can set this light to read or just lie back and relax. The inbuilt energy-saving LED never needs replacing and the makers say that it has a 20-year life.

In line with their other lighting products, the manufacturers offer a 3 -year warranty with this model.

Brightech Eclipse LED Adjustable Floor Lamp with Dimmer Switch
Brightech Eclipse LED Adjustable Floor Lamp with Dimmer Switch

Another winning design from Brightech - where do they get all these super ideas from?

If you want to impress your neighbors then this tall, elegant fitting will do just that! This ultramodern shape wouldn't look out of place in a Star Wars set.

The light is 75 inches high and sits on a sturdy base. The diameter of the double rings measure 18 inches for the outer and 14 inches for the inner.

Like the other Brightech models, the 28W LED light rings do not produce heat thus reducing your energy costs with no outlay for replacement bulbs.

The rings can be moved independently allowing you to position the light where you want it. The brightness of the rings can be adjusted to three settings - from extra bright to a soft background glow - your choice.

With the usual maker's generous warranty and the great technical features, this lamp is worth anyone's attention if they're looking for something different.

Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp with Dimmer
Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp with Dimmer

This versatile craftsman's light looks chunky against some of the other Brightech designs!

But don't let that put you off. It's designed specifically to prevent eye strain for those working in detail. It might not have the graceful lines of some other patterns but that didn't put off nearly 7000 reviewers who gave this model an average of 4.7 stars.

If you're a hobbyist and looking for a dependable working light then this is the one for you - no doubts about that.

It's 61 inches tall and sits on a wide specially weighted base for stability - no knocking this one over that easily!

The light fitting is to the expected maker's high standard - the 12W light has a 20-year lifespan and offers the usual energy saving properties - no compromises here! Never overheats so no danger of casual skin burns. The Litespan gives daylight hues that will let you do close work for lengthy periods without getting headaches or strained eyes. You can dim the lights to a setting that suits your task.

The fitting is portable and the goose-neck can be positioned to exactly where you need the light.

There's a really wide choice of colors to match any home interior. You can have the light in black, white, brown, silver and wood-effect.

Taking the exceptionally high ratings together with the 3-year guarantee, this model should be your first choice if you're looking for a craft lamp.

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp with Dimmer
Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp with Dimmer

Another sleek pattern from the Brightech stable - if you're into minimalism I'm sure you'll really love this one.

It's just made for that dark corner behind the sofa!

It's slim and neat at 63 inches tall with both the stabilized base and light bowl at 10 inches diameter.

The makers say that this model is "Super Bright" and you can use 30W LED as the only light to illuminate a large living room. For softer lighting the light can be easily dimmed. The LED has the expected properties of low heat emission and low running costs.

The bowl swivels on its stand to let you direct the light where you will. There is a discreet touch switch on the stand.

Conveniently available in six different colors - white, black, silver, brass, bronze and nickel, I reckon this beauty will fit perfectly into any home or office. Hey, art deco or ultra-mod, no problem.

The lengthy Brightech warranty period applies to this pattern as usual.

If you're looking for discreet lighting that matches your decor the Sky is a good starting point - but I reckon you'll probably not need to look elsewhere.

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