Floor Lamp with Table Attached

Floor Lamp with Table AttachedWould you pay around $3/4 million dollars for a table - one that doesn't even have a light on it!

Well someone did just that - for a Peder Moos creation at an auction back in 2015.

Peder who? - you ask. Well, he was a Danish cabinetmaker who died back in the 1990s. It was reckoned that he made only some 30 - 40 pieces in his lifetime. At that sort of money you could afford not to make too many I guess!

A table at that price - wow, the phrase "more money than sense" comes to mind. But I suspect these things are just another way of investing for the rich.

Not being a member of the wealthy classes, I guess I'll need to be content with the practical use of modestly-priced furniture. No, not a Chippendale piece at only around a few thousand dollars (wishful thinking!) but items within the price range of most of us.

One such piece of designer practicality that doesn't cost the earth is a floor lamp with table attached.

I've chosen five pieces for their varied styling and practicality. The selection offers a choice of materials and finishes that will suit most home decors.

These functional fittings can find a use in any home and the prices for these items won't empty your purse. The lights have great ratings from those who have bought them and that's very reassuring when you're thinking about buying.

Brightech Madison Bedside Table with LED Floor Lamp Attached
Brightech Madison Bedside Table with LED Floor Lamp Attached

This two-in-one fitting will appeal to those who are computer literate. It is compact and will fit neatly into contemporary compact living areas. Use it as a side or night unit with your sofa or bed.

The black top is 18 inches square and sits 24 inches off the floor. The overall height to the top of the light is 56 inches.

The LED light can swivel through 360 degrees allowing you to place the light where you want it. An energy-saving, low-heat 9.5 watt bulb gives a warm white glow and is rated as 20,000 hours dependent on usage. The 12 inch diameter light shade comes in 3 finishes - clean white, black & white or Havana brown.

Special features include two inbuilt USB ports. You can charge your smartphone while you're in dreamland! There is also a 110V outlet to which you can attach hardware such as laptops. If using Alexa or similar you will need a smart outlet which is not supplied. Hot, sticky night - plug in an humidifier or a fan!

It is made from sturdy materials which is backed by a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Brightech Owen Table Lamp with USB Ports
Brightech Owen Table Lamp with USB Ports

Ultra modern with a USB port and Qi wireless charging station. This table also has an outlet for charging mobiles and laptops. It is also Alexa, Google Home Assist, or Apple Homekit enabled. You will have to buy that smart outlet as a seperate item.
The three legged design, wood with white trim and light fitting measures 18.5 " in diameter.
The lamp moves on a swing arm for best positioning of the light.
An energy efficient warm white LED bulb comes with this table light. The bulb, is rated to last 20,000 hours which, at three hours a day, should last 20 years.
Brightech give this a 3 year product warranty.

Combination Floor Lamp with End Table
Combination Floor Lamp with End Table

Made from wood and steel, this portable swing-arm light is designed with the reader in mind. Perfect light position whether you like to read in bed or while lounging on the sofa.

The tabletop measures 14 inches wide by 20 inches long. The overall height of the piece is just under 54 inches and it weighs around 20 lbs.

The light a 60W single bulb and swivels through 360 degrees to allow fine adjustment to get that reading position just right. The angled shade is a light tan color to soften the glare. The cord is about 4 feet in length.

Those who have bought it say that it is very easy to assemble straight out of the box.

It is finished in painted wood and is sturdily made. The manufacturers state that the color is neutral oak finish that should match in with most decors.

Bedside/End Table with Floor Lamp & USB Combination
Bedside/End Table with Floor Lamp & USB Combination

This hugely popular Brightech Madison model probably defines the perfect side table/light assembly. It has ample storage with with two 14 inch square shelves and a 18 x 18 inch top.

It weighs in at just under 20 lbs and the black top measures around 23 inches by 18 inches and sits about 24 inches off the floor. It stands around 56 inches high.

The light swivels through a complete circle and comes with a standard E26 bulb.(9.5 VV A 19 3000K E26) that saves energy, remains cool and gives of a warm light. These bulbs are claimed to last about 20 years based on an average daily usage of around 3 hours. You can use your own bulbs as well. The shades come in three color choices to give a broad decor match.

There are two universal USB ports and a standard US 110V electric receptacle. Use it as a charging point for your mobile, tablet and other devices.

Altogether this is a well established piece of kit that has high user ratings at nearly 5 stars and lots of them - over 1100 at the last count! That many folks can't be wrong - if you're looking for a reliable item this is the one for you - no doubt about that I'd argue.

To prove the point, this item comes with a 3-year warranty - can't be bad!

Glass End Table Floor Lamp
Glass End Table Floor Lamp

An elegant little glass-topped end table that will fit in areas of a room where space is tight.

The diameter of the glass top is around 17 inches wide - enough for a glass of something while you lounge on the sofa with the telly box! It stands about 54 inches tall.

A CFL bulb (13W) is included with the swivel light. A tan shade is also supplied in the kit.

Matt black finish with easy-clean glass and neutral lampshade with match almost any room decor.

This attractive metal and glass light fitting is well priced and comes ready to assemble. Users report that putting it together was no problem

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