French Country Hall Table

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If you're looking for a half-round shape of table, check out post here.

French Country Hall TableA summer Gallic vacation and living easy in a quiet, secluded chateau tucked up in some hidden wooded valley.

Some glorious vintage to sip while lounging in an old armchair.

Not on holiday - never mind! You could, peut-etre, enjoy such nice thoughts if you owned a French country call table like the five illustrated in this post. They just have that look about them that suggests la belle France and grand living.

There's something about this design that seems to fit almost any modern style of home decor.

We chose these designs with certain factors in mind.

Not least was the fact that they are all well-established pieces that have found favor with a lot of people. Their reviewer ratings firmly underline that fact.

We've gone for distinctive patterns of shape and size that emphasize their francité. This stylish selection will offer folks a lot of choice in picking the most appealing design that will blend into their home decoration.

They are all similarly priced at a level that will not break the bank.

They're made from either a sturdy combination of wood and veneers or a hard-wearing paint and stain finish. Some patterns offer a choice of several colors and matching furniture items.

Each unit has at least one drawer for convenient storage together with at lease one shelf - the latter for extra storage or use as an accent shelf.

They're flat packed and delivered for home assembly. Easy to put together with the fixings supplied and using the minimum amount of tools.

French Country Console Table in Driftwood
French Country Console Table in Driftwood

A long slim piece with graceful lines that will enhance any home's entrance hall.

The stylish turned legs and fine detailing give it a real period feel yet it will blend in well with many decors. We've featured Driftwood but it's available in Espresso and Driftwood/White finishes.

It's a fair size at 48" wide by 15" deep, standing at 30" from the floor. This would be a fine fit for a roomy hallway in a larger house.

It has a robustly constructed body of wood and veneers with a solid wooden veneered top.

There is a small drawer that runs on a dovetail system. It's centered in the frame and could be useful for small stuff like keys and such.

There is a full width shelf for good storage. Because this model is longer than most there is a short support centered under the shelf to prevent bowing under certain weights - handy if you're showing off some large, heavy ornaments or books.

Like many products from this distributor it rates very well with those who invested in it. We guess the great price has something to do with that.

But that wasn't the only reason.

A good number of people were impressed enough to average the score at 4.6 stars for quality of build, ease of assembly and robustness.

In fact it was awarded high marks in all the featured categories of workmanship, easy to build, robustness and, last not least, bank for buck.

French Country Hall Table in Blue
French Country Hall Table in Blue

This a neat colorful piece that wouldn't look out of place in any French country cottage. In fact, it has the look of a working utility and it sits perfectly in most kitchens of that land.

Its rustic appeal is enhanced by the striking glossy Sea Foam Green finish to the timber detailing that makes this model really standout from the crowd. One customer mentioned that it's impressive appearance was favorably mentioned by visitors to their home.

Almost 14.25" square with a standing height of 28.25". Pretty much a fine practical size for the smaller hallways and certainly a remarkable accent table as well.

It's made from a real solid wood with a layered paint finish. This makes for a tough resistant color that will last for years. The legs are turned on a spindle which adds to the design features.

There's a small drawer in the center that measures internally 10" wide by 8" deep. It has a clear height of 2.25" inside. Handy enough for those small everyday items that you know where to find them when you need them.

It has a full-width shelf fitted that will carry a reasonable weight. There's a 5.5" clearance from the floor.

Reviewers report that assembling it was effortless and it was very sturdy once built and no tools are required.

Many, many people who bought it mentioned this. So you can be assured that, if you're normally shy about building things, you needn't have any qualms about buying this model!

A substantial number of reviewers gave it a good score of 4.6 stars. It averaged highly across the featured ratings with good scores for strength, money well spent and quick, easy assembly.

French Country 2-Drawer Hall Table in Black/Cherry
French Country 2-Drawer Hall Table in Black/Cherry

Well priced, well liked and looking as it should cost a lot more, this elegant piece will be an charming addition to any entryway.

Well turned legs with styled moldings are a noticeable feature of this model.

We've featured the handsome Black/Cherry finish in this post but there are five more finishes to choose from - Black, Espresso, White, Driftwood/White and Driftwood. These colors are available in other furniture items from the maker's ranges.

At nearly 36" wide and almost 14" deep at a height of around 30" from the feet to tabletop. It's a good size for bigger hallways.

The frame is of real wood with veneered finishes. Reviewers remark on how sturdy it feels when assembled. The top is solid and the rich-looking veneered cherry really sets off the mat black finish of the body.

There are two drawers and a bottom shelf for oodles of storage room. The drawers are a decent size at 15" wide by 10" deep and the internal clearance is 3.5" (front plate is 5" high).

There's one full-width shelf that the legs pass through to gain full depth for maximum storage.

According to commentators, it's the easiest thing to put together - no tools, just screw in the legs and it's done, ready for use!

We figure that's one good reason why the majority of folks rated it very highly. Worth every penny, they reckon.

French Hall Console Table in Ivory
French Hall Console Table in Ivory

This piece has almost a jolly look about it. Must be the bandy legs!

Actually they're shaped in the traditional cabriole fashion and that makes it that much more attractive.

Nevertheless, it's a classy looking piece that should fit in with most decors. It has the add lure in that it's part of a suite of tables - so if you're looking for matching furniture this model could be the one to choose.

At 30" wide by 12" deep, it's petite but still has ample room for various uses. It's 28" high from feet to top. Useful size for some homes where space might be tight.

The carcass is made from solid Poplar and painted several coats of Ivory which is then lacquered, it's been built to give years of service. The contrasting top is cut from whole brown cherry timber which enhances the charm of the unit.

The drawer is almost full width and runs on a dovetail arrangement. With that and the wide shelf below there's plenty of space for knick-knacks.

Simple assembly as you would expect in a flat-pack. The suppliers describe the process as a "snap". None of the reviewers appeared to disagree with that.

This unit is supplied by a company who has been around for over a hundred years. This is reassuring for new customers as the firm must be doing something right to be still trading today.

There are many buyers who would agree - they give it a healthy score in the review ratings.

Dauphine French Accent Console Table in White
Dauphine French Accent Console Table in White

With its extra shelf this pattern functions as a bookcase or sideboard as well as a piece of foyer furniture. It's a useful combination of classic period looks and household practicality.

It has an appealing color contrast between the veneered top and the distressed white carcass.

It's compact, being only just over 31" wide by 10" deep. It stands about 30" high including feet. So it's a good fit for narrower hallways.

The unit is made from a combination of MDF and veneered solid wood. The top is cut from mindi wood which is better known as white cedar. It's a favorite timber with furniture makers as it is less prone to splitting and buckling than similar timbers.

Full width drawer operated by black metal pull with incorporated card frame for information label. There is a basic runner system that seems lumpy according to reviewers.

This drawer together with the two shelves and top make for a good amount of storage space. One reviewer said the she stored four pairs of her shoes on the bottom shelf! There was also enough space below to keep flat footwear there - it's about five inches height clearance.

Buyers report that it's easy to put up - there are only 8 fasteners to secure. One reviewer advised not tightening the leg bolts before installing the shelves as it makes it easier to place them.

This piece has earned itself some high praise from those best to judge it - the buyers. A score of 4.6 stars is always notable and reassuring.

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