Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent

Hydroponic Indoor Grow TentThere's a satisfaction in growing and nurturing things from seed to healthy plant.

When cultivating plants for food, there's the added enjoyment of being self-sufficient to some degree. Nice to be able to eat your own freshly-picked vegetables right in your own home.

That's all fine if you have a garden or access to some piece of suitable land. But if you don't, there is a solution that might gratify any longing you have for getting down and dirty with mother earth - figuratively speaking of course!

If you don't have access to the outdoors, you can still exercise those green fingers of yours by setting up a hydroponic indoor grow tent indoors. That's the first step in creating your in-house garden.

You can grow and enjoy all sorts of vegetables and flowers in your home without getting your hands dirty. And there isn't any threat or inconvenience of bad weather to consider!

Any suitable space will do - could be anywhere in the house or apartment - attic, cellar, spare room. And it doesn't matter if you live twenty floors up, you can still enjoy the pleasures of growing your own food or favorite plants.

To get you started, we've concentrated only on the basic culture chamber in this article. That gives you the dimensions for your own internal house garden.

Please note that these items come as bare units - they do not come with any equipment. To create your own managed micro-climate at home, you will need, in addition to this bare box, lights, fans, filters and all the other necessary paraphernalia to begin cultivation of any kind.

Check out our links above to other posts about these required items. Then read on to consider the boxes we have researched for you.

Our choice of five culture chambers is based on several yardsticks.

We made sure to pick models where the prices looked reasonable and should be affordable to most folks.

There's a choice of different sizes to suit whatever free space you might have available to set-up your system. Alternatively, even if space is not a problem, you may wish to start small to gain experience before laying out more money for a bigger booth.

Every model we show is very easy to assemble at home - one person should be able the smaller units easily but two will be better for the larger models.

Good ratings were important to us. Every unit in this selection figures in excess of 4 stars.

Numerous reviews was also a factor in our choice. We believe that good reviews allied with big sales make for as good a recommendation as a product can get. Keep in mind too that most folks don't give reviews and that the ones who do are only a fraction of buyers.

24"x 24"x 62" Compact Hydroponic Grow Tent

This must be the ultimate little starter tent.

It's well priced and takes up only two square feet of floor. And it's only 3 ft high. Even so, one customer, managed to fit a dozen 3 gallon pots into one.

It's one of the smaller units marketed by Californian-based Vivosun who have been in the growing business for some time.

Could fit bigger closets or kitchenettes as a private kitchen garden. Fresh vegetables or herbs to hand when you need them.

It has the usual strong frame of interlinking tent-poles supporting their robust canvas skin which is double-stitched for strength. It's a reliable formula that has earned this range a deserved reputation for quality.

The mirroring Mylar reduces light loss by nearly 100% thereby increasing the efficiency of the culture box.

It comes with a bottom spillage tray and filter straps with a hanging bar are supplied to suspend the growing kit.

Strong zippers backed with light-proofed strip to prevent light leaking from the closure.

There are plenty of ventilation apertures with seals for securing around fans etc. There is a free tool organizer supplied which is a bit of a symbol for this maker.

Comes for home assembly which, given it's compact size, is comparatively straightforward even for one person. No reviewer advises of any real problems in building it up.

It has plenty of great reviews with most folks awarding it an average of 4.4 stars.

With that in mind and given the modest price, it's no great risk to invest in this model for anyone seriously looking to get into the growing game for real.

48"x 48"x 80" Indoor Grow Tent

Great beginner's option for those folk who may not have too much spare room or who want to start out on their in-house agricultural career in a smaller way. Even so, it has a reasonable amount of growing room for a decent crop of your selected plants.

This particular box has proved hugely popular as underscored the sizable amount of people who have declared for it over the years.

A newer model may be coming soon to replace this one - it'll have to be something really special to take the place of the original! Better to buy this one with it's proven qualities.

This version offers a 48" x 48" working space and is 80" tall. It is made from the usual rip-proof tough 0.8mm material with double-stitching. It's supported on rigid metal poles that give it sturdiness and permanence. In other words, it's built to last!

The lining is, according to the suppliers, made from unique "diamond" mirror effect Mylar that gives it their claimed outstanding growth atmosphere. This should lead to a benefit of higher yield results.

It's fitted with the expected HD zips with their light-proofing feature that this maker is renowned for and they're proud of it! It has the normal floor tray and it also has the symbolic free tool organizer.

It has peek-view window with tie-up cover - the panel is set a bit high, something to keep in mind if you're on the short side.

There's ample venting access as you would expect and it's supplied with securing straps and a hanging bar for the machinery.

Like most of these home boxes, one person should find it easy to build - it's just a clip together frame and pull-over cover.

The majority of over 2000 customers sing the praises of this one - they average a grade of 4.4 with steady scores for all features in the stars ratings.

96"x 48"x 80" Double Hydroponic Grow Tent

If you have the space for this model, it's a great starter kit if you're looking to get into cultivating bigger plants and more of them.

It has a footprint of around 48" x 96" and it stands at a height of 80". Plenty of room for stuff - can hold two 4' x 4' ebb flow trays. Means that you can either grow more of your favorites or a better diversity of crops.

The shell is HD Oxford fabric held together by industrial stitching and supported by painted metal rods for strength, stability and durability. It's lined with light-proof and tough reflective Mylar sheet, which returns almost 100% of the lighting systems output light back to your plants.

You benefit from this because it improves your cultivation output without increasing your electricity costs.

It comes with a matching floor liner for spillages. Sturdy HD zippers are backed by light retaining strips. There are two large viewing panels with roll-up covers for checking progress.

There are plenty of venting and access points, all protected by double socks to main the local climate integrity.

All plastic parts are made from environmentally friendly biodegradable material.

Easy to put together without tools. As it's pretty big, it's probably a two-man construction job to do it cleanly and quickly without losing it! One superman reviewer claimed to have built it solo in 15 minutes flat!

It has an one-year guarantee - trouble-free according to the makers and they give it without qualification - that's how confident they are about its qualities. We noted that in the breakdown of the features ratings, durability claimed an impressive 5 out of 5 score!

And, with an overall average score of 4.6 from 5 stars, those qualities seem to have taken a trick with many happy customers.

48"x 36"x 72" Two-In-One Indoor Tiered Grow Tent

This model will interest those gardeners who like to manage staggered growth for their plants.

With this one, you can monitor your plants at different stages of their development and harvest your crop steadily over time without too many gaps.

It has two booths containing three different cultivation zones. The main area for sustained growth and a two-storey propagation section. The dividing wall can be removed to make one bigger growing box. You can have a lot going on in a fairly small area of 48" x 36". It stands 6 feet tall.

There is a small viewing panel in the box. It has a roll-up cover to keep in the light but not all growers are happy with the effectiveness of that. They advise taping it up permanently to increase light retention - it they need a quick peek, they simply unzip the door a little.

Made from Oxford cloth and lined by diamond Mylar for complete reflection performance that helps concentrate the lighting and atmospherics.

The material is supported on 16mm dia. poles that make up the tubular frame. There are no tools need to build it.

It comes with three water-proofed and a shelf for the side section. The smaller trays are for the propagation unit. It includes straps for hanging the necessary machinery to run the culture box

It has sufficient 6" and 4" venting holes for vans and filters together drawstring covers. There is an inside tool organizer included.

The maker lists a range of compatible components to complete your environmental kit. Some folks will find this advice helpful if they're just starting out and need some direction on what to use.

Although some reviewers had mixed feelings about this model, it did return a mien score of over 4 stars.

Nevertheless, it took a trick with one buyer who recommended it as "perfect" for those who looking to begin hydroponics.

And generally the considered opinion is that this culture box is worth the money

48"x 24"x 60" Narrow Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent

If you're tight for space at home then this pattern is an ideal choice for you.

You can slip it into an unused corner somewhere in the house as its footprint is only 24" by 48". Not the biggest plantation in the world but it can still produce for you.

Although small, it's a good starter piece for anyone wanting to try their hand at indoor gardening as it doesn't cost the earth! Moreover, it costs less to run than bigger set-ups.

It's made from 0.8mm thick 600D heavily stitched canvas that's stretched over an interlinking metal frame held together with connectors.

The canvas is lined with the usual Mylar for near perfect reflection to increase its effectiveness in retaining the artificial lamplight. This helps you to manage a healthy growing environment for plant propagation.

It has an observation window and fully zippered door for quick access. Adequate venting holes with drawstrings are provided in the body - one at 6" dia, and three at 4" dia.

Floor tray and straps for the filter come with the package.

The maker understands that lower quality zips are a real pain when they don't perform. They've fitted HD light-proofed zips that work well given that they must constantly provide smooth access to the blackbox. But zippers being what they are it's always sensible to have a lubricant handy.

There is a newer model of this box available but we've stood by the original as it has proved very popular over time. It's gained high praise from those folks who have invested in it.

Well over 2000 people so far have seen fit to award it an average score of 4.4 stars with the highest rating given for how easy it was to put together.

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