Kids Ring Toss Game

Kids Ring Toss GameAre your little ones throwing things? People telling you - oh! it's only a phase or - don't worry, they'll grow out of it.

Yes, I know we've heard it all before. But knowing they'll grow out of it doesn't help now. Does it?

The answer is to let the wee monsters throw things - except for tantrums of course! Let them do that but in a controlled way. And one way it through game playing.

These five ring toss games below will help them channel that basic urge to fling things around. They will also help kids to develop their socializing skills through interacting with other children in a fun environment.

Play outdoors if the sun's shining or indoors if the weather ain't so good.

Easy to carry on a picnic for some outdoor fun . Or to granny and granddad's house to save those precious ornaments.

These games are a fun way of getting the whole family involved - get them to pitch in - ha ha! Or your little thrower can throw to their hearts delight when they've worn out everyone else.

These games are simple and fun to play. They're loved by children and enjoyed by adults. Lots of family entertainment to be had for little outlay and an outlet for the overwhelming energy of little pitchers.

What could be better?

People who already bought these have said that they are sturdy and great value for the price.

Family Ring Toss Game
Family Ring Toss Game

A time-honoured game for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Simple construction - the sturdy colored wooden pegs screw into the wooden base smoothly.

It comes with five color co-ordinated rope rings.

This comes with its own carrying case making it easy to transport.

Suitable for anyone who can throw this helps to enhance hand-eye co-ordination. It also helps improve fine and gross motor skills.

You can play either standing or, for the less able, seated. This is an all inclusive game.

The rules can be as simple or complicated as you wish to make them. Develop their knowledge of number recognition, addition, subtraction or multiplication as is appropriate for your child.

For the littler ones throwing over the pegs will be achievement enough.

Activ Life Frisbee Ring Toss Game
Activ Life Frisbee Ring Toss Game

Everyone has at some time played with a frisbee and had the bruises to prove it.

Not with this one.

Weighing only 1.2 ounces this is the lightest ring that I have found.

The donut design makes it easier to catch.

One satisfied customer remarked that their daughter, who has visual impairment, loves it. Friends and family can throw the ring to go over her arm.

At the beach don't worry if you should miss a catch as these will float and the bright colors make them easy to spot.

So much so that another satisfied customer now plays throwing it into the sea on purpose. They see who can find it the quickest as it washes back on the sand.

A great game for children of all ages (from 1 to 99) and abilities .

Sorry dog lovers, but this is not recommended for your pooches as sharp teeth will deform it.

Elite Hookey Ring Toss Game
Elite Hookey Ring Toss Game

Okay so your man loves to play darts but your little one now wants to play too.

Not near me or my walls. I'm no pincushion and I'd like my walls to remain intact.

This hookey ring toss game will solve these problems.

Added to that you can play it outdoors. All you need to do is find a suitable tree to pin it to. A word of caution - it is not advisable to leave it outside as it's made of wood and any damp may spoil it.

With numbers 1 to 13 this is great for recognising numbers. You can add, double, subtract or multiply the numbers to change the level of difficulty.

Helping with hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills this game is a must for any family.

This is a great game for everyone to play standing or grandma and grandpa can even play seated.

Rubber Horseshoe Ring Toss Game
Rubber Horseshoe Ring Toss Game

This game evolved from the game of quoits according to Wikipedia.

Some historians believe that this has its origins in the ancient Grecian Olympics. They think that it grew as a sort of poor man's version of the discus throwing event.

This game has two rubber mats with a plastic peg each for playing indoors. There are two plastic stakes for playing outdoors. To complete the set there are four lightweight horseshoes (two of each color).

The lightweight rubber means that this is a game suitable for young and the young at heart. Little ones will not get hurt with these as they might with metal ones.

Being rubber these horseshoes will not leave marks or dent the walls when played indoors.

The rules are simple. Whoever throws the shoe nearest the peg wins a point.

A colorfull game this is so easy to set up straight from the box that the children can do it.

Ring Toss Game with Cones
Ring Toss Game with Cones

This bright, cheerful pack of rings, bean bags and cones will appeal to children up to 99 - nobody's ever too old for a bit of fun!

Ten assorted colors of bean bags are inviting for small children and easy to hold before they are even old enough to take part in an organised game.

The 10 brightly colored plastic rings are easy for youngsters to hold and throw at the 6 colorful cones.

As they throw the rings and bean bags your child will be improving their hand-eye coordination. They will be strengthening gross motor skills as they throw their ring.

There are no set rules for this - you can make your own.

Easy to set up and take down, this game can travel anywhere with you.

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