Large Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Large Shower Drain Hair CatcherClogged shower drains, or clogged drains of any type come to think of it, are disgusting and often smelly.

We don't want to risk our health, plumbing or the environment by using harsh chemicals. If you don't want to put a device inside your water outlet what other choices do you have?

Take a look at these five below.

Not only do they prevent a build up of hair from clogging your drain but they prevent expensive mishaps too. Jewellery in the form of rings or ear-rings are often dropped get washed away.

Not a problem with cheap costume jewellery. However an expensive ring or sentimental piece will have you tearing your hair out and calling for a plumber in double quick time.

They are all intended to fit over big outlets so remember to measure yours for the best fit.

Each of these have well over a thousand reviews, one has over seven and a half thousand, and all are at least 4 stars.

Stop-A-Clog Large Drain Hair Catcher
Stop-A-Clog Large Drain Hair Catcher

This hair catcher looks like a pretty flower.

There are two flowers of the same color in each pack. The packs come in aqua, grey or clear/transparent. Note, clear and transparent are the same thing.

It is a generous five and a quarter inches in diameter with a three inch diameter inside measurement.

The idea behind this one is that it lies flat over the water outlet. It will trap any loose strands of hair and so stop clogging.

This flower can be machine washed but we recommend that you remove the clogged matter first. Otherwise you will transfer the clogging to your washing machine.

One customer asked if it would stick to bathroom tiles. The answer came back that so long as it was not along the grout lines it would be fine.

Durable Large Silicone Hair Catcher for Shower Drain
Durable Large Silicone Hair Catcher for Shower Drain

Made from non slip thermo-plastic rubber which bends. This comes in a pack of five different colors, grey, blue, green, pink and brown.

These will be useful all around your home from the bathroom to the kitchen and laundry room.

The pressure of the flowing water keeps it in place.

Easy to install, no need to remove any existing drain covers, simply put one of these over the top.

To remove, take hold of the raised grip and lift. Remove any clogging and then rinse under the faucet.

With a diameter of 5.12 inches and a depth of 0.48 of an inch this is recommended for drains of no larger than 4.7 inches.

LEKEYE Large Stainless Steel and Silicone Shower Drain Hair Catcher
LEKEYE Large Stainless Steel and Silicone Shower Drain Hair Catcher

This unit has oval rather than round holes.

It is stainless steel meaning that it will not rust and will give years of service.

The edge has a silicone ring around it to prevent it from slipping around the bottom of the shower stall. If it did this it would allow stray hairs down into the drain.

In the centre of the screen there are two half moon shaped holes. These allow an excess of water to flow through and save a build up on the floor of your shower stall.

The size of this is 4.75 inches in diameter and 0.4 inches thick.

One customer commented that if you stand on it then it will flex and allow hair to escape no matter which way up you put it.

OXO Good Grips Large Shower Drain Hair Catcher - Stainless Steel & Silicone
OXO Good Grips Large Shower Drain Hair Catcher - Stainless Steel & Silicone

This is a stainless steel screen with a silicone trim.

It measures 4.75 inches in diameter.

One customer bought this to go over a square shower drain which was smaller than the 4.75 inches. Sounds good so far but then discovered on use that the square in which the drain is set is raised. This allowed the hairs to sneak through unhindered as the silicone seal could not sit on the floor of the stall.

Some customers who bathe their dogs in the shower worried that their dog could move the screen aside. But others reassured them that the dog would have to give it quite a kick before it would dislodge this screen.

One customer bathes his German Shepherd dog a lot in the shower. Anyone who has had a dog of this breed knows that they shed a lot of hair all year round. This hair catcher contained much more of the hair than any other he has tried in the past.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Hair Catcher for Pop-Up & Regular Drains
OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Hair Catcher for Pop-Up & Regular Drains

Not all drains lie flat on the surface of your shower stall. If you have one that pops up many drain screens will not work, so how do you prevent the hair from escaping down the drain?

This is the answer to your problems.

It is a two inch tall dome made of silicone with a weighted stainless steel disc. The weighted disc keeps it in place flat on the floor of the shower. The holes in the silicone allow the water to escape but not the hairs. Clever.

Across the diameter of the dome measures 4.5 inches, big enough to cover most drains.

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