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Little Girls Vanity SetsDon't children grow up fast these days. We see our friends granddaughters as young as 3 years old wanting their nails painted. Sometimes a different color for each nail. They also want to sit in front of the mirror like Mom.

That's fine but the unit and stool will be too big for her and Mom won't want her expensive perfume sprayed around.

The best way around this dilemma is to get your little girl her own vanity set, makeup and perfume.

That's what we've found here. Five dressing tables each with a mirror and stool.

All come recommended by many happy customers whose young princesses love them.

These five are all rated at least 4.4 stars.

Step2 Little Girls Vanity Set
Step2 Little Girls Vanity Set

This is a sturdy moulded plastic table and stool set.

It has an indestructible mirror that will arrive with a peel-able covering. You need to remove this before assembling the unit.

While assembling this, you will find decal stickers for you and your child to add to their dressing table.

Above the mirror is a push button light which switches itself off after 5 minutes. You will need to buy 4 AAA batteries for this. We've given you a link at the top of this post.

The table has a drawer to keep precious makeup and jewellery in.

Included are a hand mirror, brush and comb set.

There are spaces moulded into the top of the table for storing some nail polish or other accessories.

The manufacturers recommend this for ages 3 to 10 but customers say that 2 to 7 or 8 might be more realistic. It all depends on the size of your princess.

It measures 14" wide 28" long x 41" high with the stool 11" high.

Little Girls Vanity Set with Three Drawers
Little Girls Vanity Set with Three Drawers

This company know that not all young ladies like pink so they make this in blue, silver and white too.

It has a real glass mirror set in a wooden frame that you can tilt to adjust the angle.

Three drawers set into the table are useful for storing all her makeup and jewellery.

The table measures 30" by 15.75" by 52.5" high with a stool measuring 17" by 12" by 17" high.

The wooden stool has a padded cushioned seat like Momma's.

This company give no age recommendation but customers suggest that it is suitable for ages 5 and up.

Supplied with this are an Allen key and the fittings that you will need to assemble this. Some customers say a Phillips screwdriver is useful too.

Milliard Little Girls Vanity Set
Milliard Little Girls Vanity Set

Pink, with small love hearts cut out of the mirror frame and seat top, this is a small child's dream of being grown up.

This meets ASTM F963-17 consumer standards for safety and strength. While accidents happen, this company work all out to minimise the chances of them.

An acrylic unbreakable mirror is set in a rounded wooden frame. The table and stool have rounded edges making the possibility of an accident less.

The drawer set into the table has stops to prevent your child from pulling it out and it landing on soft young toes. Ouch!

The bow shaped legs give it a softened look.

Measuring 25.5 inches by 15.75 inches by 42 inches and a stool height of 13.5 inches this is suitable for a child of 3 to 9 years.

Included is all that you will need to assemble this set. The makers say that this should only take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Fantasy Fields Vanity Set
Fantasy Fields Vanity Set

This unit has a pretty bouquet design that she will want to live with for many years to come.

It is also part of a range of furniture that will complete the look of her room.

The table measures 26.5 inches wide by 12.25 inches deep by 39 inches high.

The matching stool measures 15 inches high by 14.25 inches wide by 11.75 inches deep.

Note that the legs of both the table and the stool are solid wood and will take up to 100 pounds in weight.

Painted with a non-toxic paint, this unit is safe for your child.

Teamson Leopard Print Vanity Set for Little Girls
Teamson Leopard Print Vanity Set for Little Girls

Not all little girls are little princesses unless you count warrior ones.

This leopard print unit will appeal to Tarzan's Jane although there are other prints too.

Both the stool and the table have black legs with the seat and table in pink and pink and white leopard print.

The drawer set into the table has a print front with a black knob which stands out against the pink table. This is perfect for storing all her makeup and nail polish.

It has a triple mirror with two black frames and a print one.

Recommended for age 3 to 10 years the stool is 13.5 inches high so your 10 year old could find it a bit on the small side.

Satisfied customers have said that this was easy to assemble.

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