Loose Base Cake Tin

Loose Base Cake TinThey say that home is where the heart is. That's so true. It's also true that a kitchen is the heart of the house. How often do visitors congregate in that room - most of the time we reckon.

What better way to show that you care than to spend some time in the kitchen making delicious baked goods.

As these are all metal they are not suitable for microwave cooking.

The five styles of loose base cake tins each have a different purpose in the kitchen.

The separate bottom makes removing your baked creation a piece of ... you know the rest.

You don't have to be Mary Berry to be successful. Practise makes perfect or at least good enough to meet to needs of an empty stomach or two.

Remember that these are in two pieces and runny liquid will leak out. A batter the thickness of a sponge mix will be fine.

With these you can create all sorts of desserts or home baking for family and friends.

Bake sales and coffee mornings will no longer make you quake at the knees.

As always these chosen pans are well liked by the many folks who have purchased them. Some are in our kitchen here in Scotland and are well used. We eat a lot of cakes!

9 inch Round Loose Base Cake Tin
9 inch Round Loose Base Cake Tin

This traditional round cake tin comes in several sizes.

This one is 9 inches round and 3 inches deep.

If you go to the site you will find eleven other sizes for you to choose from.

Annodized aliminum creates a safe, strong baking pan.

The heat transfers evenly across the surfaces of the pan ensuring a uniform bake.

It also cools down in the same way.

This is a process rather than a coating so there is nothing to come off during use.

Anodizing is eco friendly and uses no chemical additives or dyes, PTFE or PFOA's.

Cleaning in a dishwasher is not recommended. Hand washing will keep it at it's best.

Used in commercial kitchens, these pans have a lifetime warranty.

12 cup Baked Cheesecake Tin
12 cup Baked Cheesecake Tin

Baked cheesecake is a favorite in our house but mini ones?

Sounds great! Everyone can have their favorite topping.

Think that's too much fuss? Not with this 12 cup mini cheesecake pan.

Each cup measures 2 inches by 1.5 inches and with the bottom removable when you need to serve life becomes easier.

Of course that will mean that you have to make more than one batch. Everyone will want to try out the different toppings.

These are perfect for coffee mornings or afternoon tea.

Created from heavy weight aluminized steel to give an even bake.

The dimensions of the pan are 14 inches by 10.75 inches.

This is dishwasher safe but washing by hand will prolong its life.

Raised Base Fluted Cake Flan Tin
Raised Base Fluted Cake Flan Tin

How easy do you find it to get your five portions of fruit and veg a day?

Here's a way to get one of your fruit portions.

This pan will help you make a sponge flan that's much nicer than a shop bought one.

Fill it with fruit (fresh or tinned) and add a glaze and you have a healthy dessert.

To top it off add fresh cream, ice-cream or custard. Perfect and so simple to do.

At 8 inches across this is not too big and you will manage to eat it in one sitting with no leftovers to spoil in the fridge.

This heavy duty carbon steel flan tin is rust resistant.

It is safe to put in the dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer.

The makers offer a twenty year guarantee on the pan and a five year guarantee on it's non-stick properties.

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Angel Cake Ring Tin
Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Angel Cake Ring Tin

This tin is the perfect addition to your bake-ware range if you like Angel cake or a fancy cake made in a ring.

Angel cake uses only the whites of the egg and no fat at all. Great for the health conscious of us who still like a dessert.

Team your angel cake with fruit for a fresh, healthy dessert.

10 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep this is a good size for most angel cake recipes.

It has legs so that when your cake has finished cooking you can turn it upside down. Gravity and its loose bottom will ease it out of the tin.

A pure aluminum the heat will quickly surround your cake mix giving an even bake.

This is recommended for hand washing only.

Nordic Ware provide a 1 year warranty with this pan.

Chefmade 9.5 inch Loose Base Tart Pan
Chefmade 9.5 inch Loose Base Tart Pan

This 9.5 inch tart tin is one of a range of 5 different shapes and sizes.

These are perfect for both sweet or savory tarts.

The range includes a 7 inch round tin, a set of 4 x 4 inch round tins and a 4 x 4 inch rectangle set.

2 x 4 inch heart shaped tins complete the range.

Click through to see them.

You're sure to find something to suit your needs in this range.

The non-stick food grade silicone coating means no teflon and is PTFE and PFOA free.

The 0.8mm carbon steel pan allows the heat to spread throughout. It has a removable bottom and the FDA approve it for oven baking.

Chefmade will tolerate no problems so if you're not happy neither are they.

They will replace or refund any pans that you are not satisfied with.

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