Modern Makeup Vanity Table

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Protect your vanity unit top from unsightly scorching marks made by curling tongs. There's a good choice here.

Modern Makeup Vanity TableAre there always queues for the bathroom in your home caused by the length of time it takes to apply cosmetics? It could be that the hair styling takes a lot of bathroom time.

A bathroom is also not a safe place to use electrical appliances. Hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs all need a safe electrical outlet. This is not usually found in a bathroom.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could end those early morning or night's out waits while keeping your family safe?

Well you can now.

Take a look at these five sets.

They are all suitable for anyone from a teenager to ... well lets say someone of more mature years.

All up to date in style and design they have only been on the market for a short time. They have still managed to gain hundreds of good reviews.

One customer asked the question "Is the table top heat resistant"?
No-one gave a definite answer but one person suggested using a heat resistant mat. Ginger gives you a link to these at the top of this post.

BEWISHOME Makeup and Modern Vanity Set
BEWISHOME Makeup and Modern Vanity Set

Do you sometimes wish that you could have all your makeup and jewellery together in the same place?

Well now you can.

At either side of the mirror are storage cabinets. When you don't need to use the mirror or don't want your jewellery on display, close the cabinets over the mirror.

This unit has lots of storage space with three drawers under the table top. It also has a movable box which sits in front of the mirror to keep things like brushes, lipsticks or a favorite perfume in.

There is a divider with six spaces for one of the drawers that will keep things from getting mixed up. It is not fixed in so you can choose whether to use it or not.

This is a generous sized unit that measures 43.31 inches wide by 17.72 inches deep by 53.15 inches high.

The padded stool is 15.75 inches wide by 11.81 inches deep by 17.72 inches high.

This needs some assembly but all you need comes in the two packages. The two boxes come in separate deliveries.

Customers have remarked that this is easy to assemble.

Note that the drawer knobs come screwed to the inside of the drawers. Pull the drawer out from the underside then unscrew the knobs and replace them on the front of the drawer.

The makers do this to minimise the possibility of damage.

Large Modern Vanity Set with 10 Light Bulbs
Large Modern Vanity Set with 10 Light Bulbs

Sent in two packages this has 2 big drawers and 6 smaller shelves to hold all you lotions and potions.

This unit has a mirror with 10 LED lights and 2 colors that vary in 4 brightness levels.

Customers say that you cannot hide the lighting wire but you can tuck some of it around behind the mirror.

The makers say that if you want to you can remove the mirror and use it as a desk. Why would you buy a unit such as this and then do that to it?

It comes as a complete set with a padded stool for comfort.

The vanity table measures 42.5 inches long by 15.7 inches deep by 52.8 inches high.

The stool which tucks under the table when not in use measures 15.7 inches long by 11.6 inches wide by 18.1 inch high.

The mirror is a generous 21.45 inches wide by 22.inches high.

Including full assembly instructions which are easy to follow according to satisfied customers.

Modern Makeup and Vanity Table with Touchscreen Mirror
Modern Makeup and Vanity Table with Touchscreen Mirror

Add a little color to your bedroom with this navy and beech wood vanity table and stool.

Ultra modern, this vanity unit has a touch screen LED light around the mirror.

This light has 3 colors and is dimmable.

The table has 2 big drawers and 2 smaller drawers. The big ones are each 14 inches wide by 12.5 inches deep by 4 inches high. The smaller ones are each 7 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep by 3 inches high.

Lots of room to store your makeup and jewellery.

In one of the big drawers is a cushioned jewellery tray with space for rings and other precious items. Fixed in place, you cannot remove this tray.

A padded stool makes sitting at this table comfortable. It measures 18 inches high by 16 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

There are golden colored metal ring handles on the big drawers. The small ones have golden colored metal knobs to complete the elegant look of this table.

Makeup and Vanity Table with Storage Cupboard
Makeup and Vanity Table with Storage Cupboard

This set is also available in black if that suits your decor better than white.

The mirror has 10 LED lights surrounding it. They have 2 colors and 4 brightness levels. The mirror is 17.7 inches high by 19.7 inches wide giving you plenty of looking glass to see your reflection in.

At the side of the mirror there are three cubby holes each 7.3 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep. Underneath the mirror is another cubby hold 5.9 inches high by 19.7 inches wide.

This unit may look more compact but at 35.4 inches wide by 15.7 inches deep is deceptive and has lots of storage.

The single drawer in the table is a generous 22,8 inched wide by 12.6 inches deep and 2.4 inches high.

Set below the table top is a cupboard with a shelf set halfway. This cupboard is 10.2 inches wide and each space above and below the shelf is 13 inches high.

Tucking in below the table is a comfortable padded stool 15.7 inches wide by 11.6 inches deep and is 18.1 inches high.

The package includes all assembly instructions which are easy to follow. If you have any difficulties contact the maker's customer service department for help.

Please be aware that this unit arrives in 2 packages that may not come at the same time.

Modern Makeup and Vanity Table with Round Mirror
Modern Makeup and Vanity Table with Round Mirror

Modern Vanity Table with round mirror

This vanity table has a round mirror that you can remove if you want to use this as a desk. Like we said before why would you? It's beautiful as it is.

The table is 31.5 inches wide by 15.7 inches deep and 51.8” high.

There are 2 drawers in the table. These come ready assembled with smooth running drawer slides.

No handles are necessary for these drawers as they have finger spaces cut out of the fronts of them.

The knee space has a rounded edge so you're less likely to knock against the table as you sit at it.

The stool has a removable, washable seat cover. A good idea as this is always the part most difficult to keep clean.

A 17.9 inch high stool that is 12.8 inches wide by 12.8 inches deep fits under the table when not in use.

The stool will take the weight of a person up to 286.6 pounds or 130 kg.

This set comes part assembled making it easy for you to have your dressing table and stool ready for use in no time.

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