Multi Light Floor Lamp

Multi Light Floor LampHow much are you willing to spend on your light fittings?

How about $9,000,000?

Yup, that's what someone paid for an 8-candle chandelier from the Givenchy Royal Hanover collection back in 2011 - and I guess the candles were not included!

Too rich for you - then what about an Alberto Tedeschi chandelier masterpiece - a snip at a mere $1,000,000!

Ah well - we can only dream on - but it was a nice thought nevertheless.

But enough of wishful thinking - let's bring those chandeliers down to earth in the form of a humble multi light floor lamp.

Now that's a lighting option we can afford.

We've selected five models that offer variations in design, size, materials and color. A wide choice that will fit in with most home decor style.

They might not be covered in diamonds but they will give you several stylish options in lighting your room and they're also pleasing on the eye. The many people who bought them think so anyway!

Brightech Orion LED Multiple Light Floor Lamp
Brightech Orion LED Multiple Light Floor Lamp

This magnificent spray is a feature in itself and would grace any home. The soft and neutral metal finish will blend in with most decor styles.

This model is everything you would expect from the Brightech team - durable, safe, well designed and efficient. This particular pattern comes in a brushed bronze finish but satin nickel is available as well.

The Orion is 74 inches tall with the spread of around 30 inches plus. The lamp is stabilized on a weighted base and can be used in rooms where there are children and animals. There is some contradictory information about where the base is most stable - hard or carpeted floors. I would guess the lamp is most stable on hard floors.

The energy efficient and safe LED lights have an estimated 20 yr lifespan and emit a blazing 2250 lumens of warm light- no need for any other lights in the room! No need for replacement bulbs either - think of the money saved over those 20 years! These LEDs cannot be dimmed and burn at full brightness.

This model is covered by a 36-month warranty common to all Brightech light fittings.

 Brightech Jacob Multi Light Floor Lamp
Brightech Jacob Multi Light Floor Lamp

This lamp has three heads. Each one can turn around 360 degrees independent of the others so that you can point the light to where you want it.

Each head has a 9.5 watt power saving LED bulb giving out 800 lumens.

Sometimes you need a lot of light, other times you want less to give a more romantic atmosphere. At these times you can switch off 1 or 2 of the bulbs as each has it's own switch. Please note that these bulbs are not dimmable.

These bulbs last for 20,000 hours so you won't have to keep buying replacements every few weeks.

With these eco friendly bulbs you can rest assured that you are doing your bit for the environment.

This company offer a full 3 year warranty on this lamp.

Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Light Floor Lamp
Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Light Floor Lamp

This impressive light fixture in the down bridge style, would not look out of place in a Japanese themed room. Guess it must the hanging lantern effect even if they're made from canvas and not rice paper!

The Trinity is available in 3 and 5 arm options in a variety of finishes making it even more flexible in blending in with various home color schemes.

You'll need a fair amount of space and tall ceilings to fit it in - it's 82 inches high and 44 inches wide and it sits on a 12.5 inch base for stability.

The lighting set-up is based on 13W CFL bulbs (not included). As this is equal to the older 100W incandescent bulbs, there will be ample light for even large rooms. There's a 4-way switching turn that lets you control the level of brightness you want from soft ambient light to full brightness. The light can be used with smart outlets if you need control through your smart phone.

The makers offer a one year guarantee for this model. Gives you that extra bit of confidence in the product knowing that you can expect help with any problem that may arise.

Given the large amount of favorable reviews (in excess of 1,300) you can be sure of good value for money with this unit.

Brightech Multi Light Medusa Colored Floor Lamp
Brightech Multi Light Medusa Colored Floor Lamp

This posy of illuminated flower-like shapes will be a colorful addition to any kid's space in the house. They would have fun assembling the unit and setting the colored shades to suit the light settings. Some reviewers noted that the colors are much brighter than the online pictures suggest.

This lamp comes with an extra set of white shades in case you want an even brighter light.

The model is 74 inches high and the arms are between 9 inches and 15 inches. The metal pole and lamp arms have a pleasing brass finish but it is also available in jet black and platinum silver.

The recommended bulbs are 9W each to give a total of 45W(Maximum) LED candelabra style. The bulbs are included in the package.

There's three-way turn switch that controls whether you want two, three or all five lamps on. Some reviewers mentioned that they fixed the colored shades to suit the three settings to create different mood lighting.

For example, one person placed the orange and yellow shades on the two bulb setting to create a warm background light for their bedroom. Someone else said that the five lights on together were sufficient to light their living room.

The bulb arms are flexible which means that you can point the lights in any direction that suits you.

This attractive model has proved a hit with reviews who give it 4 out of 5 stars. Not bad at all for a fitting that doesn't cost a lot of money.

Adesso Trio Multi Light Floor Lamp
Adesso Trio Multi Light Floor Lamp

To me, this fitting has an Art Deco look about it. It wouldn't have looked out of place in the corner of a state room on a 1930's luxury Atlantic liner.

It has nice design touches like the two clear shelves and the ball-chain switches - both of which are also highly practical for daily use. Its compact size means that you can fit it into tight areas of the room.

The unit stands at 68 inches with a width of 14 inches. All three poles are fixed firmly to a 10 inch diameter base. The shelves are also 10 inches in diameter and are useful for display or storage. They also help keeping the pole arrangement straight and firm. The brushed steel poles are complemented by the ivory shades. It works with smart outlets if you

The makers say that you should use either 40W incandescent or 13W CFL bulbs as a maximum. Each requires three bulbs which are not supplied with the package. Each light has its own pull chain control so that you set the light level you want for the room. However, some reviewers suggest that you may not want to use the Trio as your main lighting in any room.

A manufacturer's warranty can be requested from their customer service department.

This is an elegant fitting that would look good in almost any home that values style.

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