Outdoor Solar Flame Lights

Outdoor Solar Flame LightsOn a walk the other night I saw what I thought were some small fires.

It turns out that they were a row of outdoor solar flame lights edging a driveway. What a great way to improve the look of a property at night and so practical too! Visitors can avoid walking all over your neat garden and intruders may be deterred by the risk of being easily seen.

They're also lovely to come home to or sit and look out on. There's probably a race memory in all us that harks back to the days when firelight was the source of warmth, security and light through the dark hours.

That set me to browsing the internet for you to see if there was more than one design. And, oh yes, the internet never fails to deliver when you're looking for variety and bargains.

These units all have a popularity rating of between 4.5 and 4.8 out of 5 stars with one having almost 3 thousand reviews.

I have chosen five different lamps for you to choose from.

All have a warm glowing fire effect and if your property is of a suitable size you might want all five lamps.

To my mind each lamp serves a different purpose.

Read on to see what I mean.

TomCare Outdoor Solar Flickering Flame Torches
TomCare Outdoor Solar Flickering Flame Torches

These stand 43 inches tall and are perfect to edge your drive or pathway to your home.

The video at the start of this post shows how easy it is to install these burning torches. It's only a minute and a half and well worth watching although included is a manual to help you.

No wiring needed.

They also do not need a battery as they have an inbuilt rechargeable one. It charges from the solar cell on the top of each unit.

The makers recommend that you put them in a sunny position for 2-3 days before switching them on.

The time on year and the amount of sun they get will determine how long they stay lit for.

In summer it will be an average of 10 hours but in winter you may only get around 5 hours of lit up time.

If the brightness dims, switch off for a day or two to allow the sun to top up the cell before switching back on again.

Waterproof to IP65 rating.

Safe fires. What more could you ask for?

TomCare Solar Flickering Flame Lantern
TomCare Solar Flickering Flame Lantern

Do you like a bit of olde worlde charm?

Then this flickering flame lantern might be the one for you.

This is metal, rustproof and finished in bronze. Tough poly plastic glass effect panels allow the firelight to dance through.

Hang on a shepherds crook or tree branch. So long as the light cell on top gets direct sunlight your lamp will light up after dark.

To delight your guests place this on a table as a centrepiece for an evening cook out.

Waterproof to IP65 rating this is the safest way to have a fire on your patio.

You have a 45 day money back 12 months warranty. So any issues please contact the makers.

Outdoor Solar Flame Mason Jars
Outdoor Solar Flame Mason Jars

At a height of 5.3 inches and 3.2 inches in diameter these solar flame Mason jars are so cute.

They remind me of big fireflies. Even although I've never seen one other than on TV as we don't have them in Scotland.

These do need a AAA rechargeable battery but this comes with the pack. The sun cell will keep the battery charged .

Remember to remove the battery insulating tab and switch the light on before screwing the lid on.

Place in direct sunlight and wait until dark.

The number of hours they remain lit will depend on the amount of sunlight that day.

They will work from the battery but if you want them to do that remember to cover the cell on top of the lid.

Aubasic who sell these claim that they now have a new o-ring water seal making them 100% waterproof.

Outdoor Wall Mounted Solar Flame Lights
Outdoor Wall Mounted Solar Flame Lights

These wall mounted solar flame lights are perfect for when you need a light but do not have much space.

A glow on the wall at the edge of steps would help you see any steps you have up to your door.

They come in different pack sizes 1, 2 or 4.

With four units in a pack you could choose to put some by the steps and some by the door itself.

At 7 inches high by 4 inches wide and 2 inches deep they will fit in most spaces.

Easy to install the pack comes complete with screws and plugs to fix them to the wall.

Make sure you position them in direct sunlight to absorb the suns rays during the day. This will charge them so that you can have a lovely glow to lead you home.

These lamps automatically light up at dust and stay on until dawn.

Waterproof to IP65 and with a 45 day money back and 12 months support you can't go wrong.

Outdoor Solar Flickering Flame Post Light
Outdoor Solar Flickering Flame Post Light

This twin pack of outdoor solar flickering flame post lights will make quite a statement.

Visitors arriving at your property will smile at the warmth of the welcome that they offer.

They have the look of old fashioned gas streetlights.

Easy to install on wooden or stone pillars of 4 inches by 4 inches.

When positioning make sure they are in direct sunlight to charge the photo voltaic cell on the top of the unit.

These units are have a waterproof rating of IP44.

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