Solar Powered Halloween Lights

Solar Powered Halloween LightsHalloween. A time for ghosts, ghouls, witches and all things scary.

Way back 2,000 years ago the Celts celebrated their new year on the 1st of November.

So why do we celebrate on 31st October?

What we are celebrating is the eve of the new year. All Hallows eve.

The festival, called Samhain, (pronounced sow-in), celebrated the coming of the new year.

The Celts believed that the veil of time seperating the old and new years was very thin. Around midnight the two worlds of the living and the dead were so close that the spirits could be seen.

The Celts would dress up to scare away any evil spirits. Even now children in Scotland still go out guising. This is where the children dress up, recite poetry, tell jokes, sing or dance to ward off evil spirits. Fruit, nuts and sweets were payment for this performance.

Nowadays the American custom of Trick or Treat is more popular and a lot less work for your rewards!

Houses are also decorated to ward off evil spirits - get out that garlic!

Check out the following five sets of solar powered Halloween lights to see what I mean.

I have chosen them for their popularity with previous buyers. And that's not the only factor - they just look so amazing. Worth every penny and that's not much!

2 Pack of Solar Powered Ghost Lights
2 Pack of Solar Powered Ghost Lights

These 30 LED ghost lights powered by smart solar energy are 20 foot long.

LED lights are energy saving and bright with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours working. That's plenty of time for several Halloweens.

They also work in temperatures between -4F to 140F. So you should not have any problems with your ghosts being too chilly or too hot.

Don't worry about the rain at this time of year as these little ghosts are waterproof and have an IP rating of 65 so can stand a little splash here and there.

The smart technology allows the lights to remain off during daylight. Only coming on after dark. Not only do they give off a steady light, but they have 7 different flashing configurations.

After 6-8 hours of daylight the lights will remain either steady for 8-10 hours or flashing for 10-12 hours.

I love the cheerful faces on these little ghosts. They look like they really don't want to scare anyone but they will if they have to!

Solar Powered Halloween Eyeball Lights
Solar Powered Halloween Eyeball Lights

Ok, we know that at Halloween your imagination runs riot and the least little thing scares you.


Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched?


Well look again.

This string of eyeballs will make even the bravest of you begin to doubt yourself.

These are available in multicolor, white and warm white.

You can have them on steady or flashing mode so long as the switch in at the on position.

Powered by the sunlight stored in the photovoltaic cell.

These 20 LED eyeballs are waterproof with a rating of IP65 and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Remember to position the panel where it will absorb the most sunlight.

Bat Solar Powered Halloween Lights
Bat Solar Powered Halloween Lights

Bats have a symbol of Halloween since the days of Shakespeare and most likely long before.

"On the bats back do I fly..."

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat..." etc.

You catch the drift?

There are 30 of the delightful creatures on this 20 foot string lit up in purple LED.

Eco friendly using no batteries and waterproof to IP65.

Once a fully charged by the sunlight they will stay lit up for between 8 and 10 hours a night. They will come on as it gets dark.

Solar Powered Halloween Pumpkin Lights
Solar Powered Halloween Pumpkin Lights

These little pumpkins have a built in rechargeable Lithium battery uses the solar panel to charge through the day. It then works for 8 to 10 hours through the night.

30 LED lights spaced at 5.90 inch intervals along a 20 ft power cable.

With an IP 65 rating these little pumpkins are waterproof and will not overheat.

These little guys have a steady warm white light mode as well as 7 different flashing modes for you to choose from.

The smile on the faces of these little pumpkins made me smile too.

They are sure to be a hit with children young and not so young visiting your home this holiday season.

Halloween Solar Powered Spider String Lights
Halloween Solar Powered Spider String Lights

Two strings of 30 LED spiders on a 20 foot length of cable means that you can put them around your front yard or garden.

Love them or loath them you've got to admit that these spider lights will add a touch of creepiness.

Powered by the sun there is no wiring or need to replace batteries. Position the solar panel where it will catch the light , wait and watch.

With a light sensor your spiders will light up as darkness falls and go off as daylight approaches. Truly creatures of the night!

These spiders will add spookiness to you holiday decorations. Perfect.

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