Stainless Steel Cloth Drying Stand

Stainless Steel Cloth Drying StandThe dilemma (Oh no, what shall we do?).

No electric dryer, heck - so you need to hang those wet clothes somewhere to dry - but where?

Do you have a yard that has lots of children's play equipment and no room for anything else?

What if you live in an apartment with no outside drying facilities? Or maybe you have to compete with your neighbors for a shared space?

Then there's the weather - you can't depend on it. It's either too rainy or too humid and nothing is going to dry outdoors.

And the winter - well, we all know those times when you can stack your frozen clothes like a pack of cards!

Or worst of all, are you wary about publicly displaying your unmentionables - such a show might even affect your local property prices! Heaven forbid!

On the other hand ....

Are you lucky enough to have a laundry or utility room in your basement?

Do you have only a drying cupboard with your furnace in it for drying clothes?

Even if you have the advantage of these things, anyway you look at it, you still benefit from using an indoors stainless steel cloth drying stand. Believe me it makes sense.

Whatever your individual needs are I feel sure one of the following five items will satisfy.

All are easy to use straight out of the box. Only one pattern needs a few screws (supplied) to fit it to the wall.

They don't take up much storage space when not in use . The airers all fold away flat or hard against the wall.

The range of prices will not leave you out of pocket.

Much easier on your power bill than a tumble dryer. Less energy costs and better for the planet too.

Stainless Steel Adjustable Drying Stand
Stainless Steel Adjustable Drying Stand

This gullwing style rack updated in 2017 is rust-proof even for use outdoors. The manufacturers are so confident that they offer a lifetime replacement rust-proof warranty. This is on top of the 1 year standard warranty. Take note you have to request this.

24 inches wide with a top open span of 58 inches this gives lots of hanging space for your clothes.

When opened out the top rack can will hold delicate sweaters flat.

There is a shoe or slipper rack on the bottom. Very useful for winter days when everything gets wet.

At only 7lbs this lightweight rack is easy to put up. No tools needed as this comes already assembled and folded. First open the A shape then spread the wings and you're done. Ready to use. What could be simpler?

Three-Legged Stainless Steel Cloth Drying Rack
Three-Legged Stainless Steel Cloth Drying Rack

This stand is the perfect addition for any home. Very handy for small apartments where space for drying clothes is at a premium . Doubles as a rack for holding clothes on hangers as you iron. Keeps them from creasing before storing them in your closet.

The push button action is easy to use and when completely opened this stand measures 28 by 28 by 64.5 inches tall.

When not in use you can push the buttons again and fold it away. One satisfied customer says it is only 24 inches by 4 inches when it is folded.

While not made completely of stainless steel the three legs and arms come in a heavy duty plastic. This makes the rack both rust-proof and lightweight at the same time.

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Drying Rack
Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Drying Rack

Another really neat solution where lack of room is a problem. This can be used for extra hanging space with any of the other racks listed in this post.

This is the rack that needs screws to mount it onto the wall but the pack of 2 hangers comes complete with all you need. It also has full instructions on how to fit them to your wall.

Made from T-304 stainless steel and 18/10 chromium/nickel these racks will not corrode or rust.

Once fitted these are easy to use. Swing either to the left or right these hangers will turn through 180 degrees. Pull out from the wall and they're ready to use. When not in use they swing back to the wall out of your way.

They come with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Stainless Steel Concertina Folding Cloth Stand
Stainless Steel Concertina Folding Cloth Stand

Although a traditional style concertina rack this one has additional bars along the top. As well as keeping the rack straight, these bars gives you extra space to lie delicate sweaters on. Or you can lay out bulky things that won't hang.

Made completely of steel and covered with a synthetic resin. This will not rust and will be mildew free.

The end of each bar has black protective covers fitted to help prevent your clothes becoming snagged or damaged.

When extended this airer stands at 41.34 inches tall. The 11 bars, each 22.44 inches give you 20 feet of drying space - pretty good, given the model's small footprint.

The top rack has notches which clip over the top bar keeping it securely in place. When you're done unhook the notches and ease to the floor.

It's lightweight at 5.62 pounds and when folded flat it takes up very little storage room.

Stainless Steel Space Saving Cloth Drying Hanger
Stainless Steel Space Saving Cloth Drying Hanger

While not a stand I have included this little gem in the selection as it's so versatile.

Made completely from stainless steel this will not rust or mark your clothes. I have had a plastic one before but found that with wear the clips and chain broke. The metal construction will prevent that happening to this model

With space for 18 garments this can hang anywhere you can think of. You can use it indoors hanging from a shower rail or hang it from other racks mentioned in this post.

Use it outdoors as well as indoors. With its safety lock you can even clip the hook over a traditional washing line. You won't have to worry about strong gusts of wind blowing it from the line.
Quick to unclip and move indoors if the weather turns bad. Especially welcome at the end of a long tiring day when you don't have the hassle of removing umpteen individual pegs.

A hanging storage unit - use it to keep socks together in pairs in your closet. Or, go wild and take your smalls out of a drawer and hang them in your wardrobe.

Weighing only 11.2 ounces this is the lightest clothes drier I have found. Light enough to take on vacation with you! It may be featherweight but it is strong enough to hang your jeans on according to the manufacturer's claim. Not bad at all for something the price of a few Starbucks.

In fact they are so sure of their product that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with it. If there is a flaw in the workmanship or material they offer a lifetime guarantee - providing you bought it from an authorized re-seller.

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