Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scales

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These devices work better if you don't mix old and new batteries. If you do mix 'em, new batteries will fade quicker and the old ones will overheat.

It really is a false economy to use old and new batteries together.

To many people these handy gadgets don't have the nostalgic appeal of the some of the older models like balance scales with their brass counterweights and cast-iron bodies. Or those ones with their little springy indicators that would bounce around the scale.

Charming pieces no doubt but when weighing out the constituents can be a bit of a hit or miss for some folks. When following cooking instructions you to be as accurate as possible, at least for the first time of trying.

But if you're seriously into baking and food preparation and need to weigh ingredients precisely, then you do really need one of our five featured stainless steel digital kitchen scales. It will be your little kitchen buddy helping you get those recipes spot on to produce a great result

Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen ScalesWe have chosen these five slim and sleek models essentially for their multi-functional features. Also some have special functions that do a particular job that people will find useful.

They're all compact in size and are easily stored in a drawer to free up worktop space.

All are of modern design with electronic sensors that measure very accurately in 1 gm (0.04 oz) increments. All readings are shown on a clear LCD display that's easy to read even at an angle - useful when you're trying to do two things at once when preparing meals.

They all register the range of common units of measure - gms, lbs & ozs, fluid ozs, and mls. Usually they pick up at 3 - 5 gms. Accurate enough for most food prep - if you need something more precise then a jewelry model would suit better.

Each has a good-sized sensitized work area that is simple to wipe clean.

We noticed in the reviews that one buyer used theirs to weigh their parrot! Sounds funny but it's sensible when you consider that to visit a vet, the charge for weighing your pet is likely to be a good deal higher than the price of the device. Just one of the many alternatives uses for a balance. Any one of them would make a thoughtful gift for budding chefs.

They have a proven track record with shoppers with tens of thousands of mostly favorable reviews. Reviewers have rated them from 4.4 to 4.7 stars - high scoring indeed!

All in all this is a great selection with none of them costing that much. See for yourself by clicking through on any image or title.

Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multi-function Kitchen Scale
Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multi-function Kitchen Scale

If your looking for a bit of color with your satin finish, then this is an attractive model to choose. It comes in a selection of seven two-tone colors that should allow you to match your kitchen decor. The body is not stainless steel but as it has a satin silver finish we included it because of its excellent features.

One good reason we chose this little weighing machine is that is has an auto function that directly calculates any conversion between the common measures (including pounds, gms, lbs/ozs, ozs and mls). Just press the control button and the unit immediately shows the result on the LCD monitor.

The makers give as an examples: convert 539 grams to 1.188 pounds to 1 pound 3 ounces to 19.01 ounces to 539 ml - looks complicated but the device does all the work. Very handy for those recipes that give only one unit of measurement that you might not want to use.

It has a weight limit of 11.24 lbs (5100 grams) with exact graduations of 0.05 ozs (1 gm). It remembers the last setting used when switched off.

It's fitted with an auto Tare button so that you get the exact weight of ingredients not including the container they're in.

The working area measures 6 inches in diameter finished in elegant chrome. The buttons give a clear click when pressed.

It's powered by two AAA batteries that are supplied with it. You don't need any tool to fit a battery into the compartment. There is an auto cut-off after 2-minutes to save battery power.

There's a lot of folks out there who really like this beauty - nearly 30,000 in total (including the one who used it to weigh their parrot!). Don't know about the bird's opinion but the majority of reviewers score it very highly indeed. Makes it a great buy for not that many dollars.

Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale
Etekcity Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

A super-slim dinky little stainless model that can perform in the kitchen as well as any other in this post. That said its not just food that it can weigh - it might be a neat tool to have to hand in your office or workplace.

A distinguishing feature is that it has a different mode for measuring the volumes of liquids. Now that could be handy for busy people.

The machine is made from low-maintenance 304 food grade s/steel. The platform area is sizable at just more than 7 by 5 inches.

Weighs items up to 5Kg - 11 pounds as standard with the normal 1 gm graduations. The last setting registered on the display is remembered when the unit is switched back on.

The display is illuminated for 30 seconds giving plenty of time to read it. If left unused the auto cut-off kicks in after two minutes.

Two 1.5V AAA batteries are supplied in the package. There is a low-battery life indicator.

Please note that the manufacturers warn that this machine is not water proofed.

Brilliant ratings are awarded from most of the army of reviewers who have posted their thoughts of this machine. There is a newer model available but we've reviewed the earlier one that has large reviews.

There is a one-year maker's warranty to back up the good reputation this device has earned.

Etekcity Bluetooth Digital Kitchen Scale with Nutritional Calculator
Etekcity Bluetooth Digital Kitchen Scale with Nutritional Calculator

This award-winning design could be a great asset for those who like to count the calories.

Provided they own a smartphone that is - they would need it to take advantage of the technology. Works with wireless tech like Bluetooth on iOS and Android systems.

By using an app like VeSync (it's free!) you connect to Etekcity (other household appliance makers like Cosori as well if you need to) to let you work out your nutritional consumption. You can also operate the balance's functions through this application which displays on your phone's screen. The makers insist that the app should be downloaded before the scale is first used.

It uses the Etekcity nutritional calculator where the info shows on the display screen. This is useful if you follow one the common dietary regimes like Keto and other weigh-loss programs.

For the serious techies this device also synchronizes with fitness apps like Fitbit and Apple Health. You can directly explore the USDA's food database and, by using the UPC bar-code scanner, build you own nutritional record or simply check out data for each food item. Makes it easy to control your daily food intake to achieve your health regime objectives. All food weighed is recorded to the device.

The food grade stainless platform is wipe-clean and measures around 9 by 6 inches. Anti-slip feet are fitted underneath the device.

The LCD screen shows the information clearly. It's back-lit and powered by batteries that come with the machine. Shows weights to 5 Kg (11 pounds) and standard 1 gm calibration.

The makers advice you to use dry and clean hands to work the tare function. We assume this is to prevent water ingress into the internals.

There were some negative comments suggesting that it might be a bit complicated to use. That might be so but there are lots of people who find think otherwise - the high ratings score does imply that.

Etekcity Silver Digital Kitchen Food Multi-function Weight Scale with Bowl
Etekcity Silver Digital Kitchen Food Multi-function Weight Scale with Bowl

There's a homely look about this pattern that would suggest a country-style cookhouse.

It might look traditional but this balance is made from an all stainless steel construction that's very easily maintained and is highly durable. It's the forerunner for the Etekcity Nutrition model but it's still available.

It comes as standard with a removable bowl. The dish doubles as a mixing bowl and it's a fine size holding just over 9 cups (74 ozs) and measures 8.25" dia. x 3.5" deep. The device can be used as a balance with or without the bowl in place.

Usual measurement ranges of 11 pounds max with increments of 0.1 oz. Users attest its accuracy for lighter weights - one claimed as low as 0.05 ozs was registered precisely. All calculations are controlled by chunky buttons and results are easy to read on the large clear LCD screen which is back-lit in vivid blue for legibility.

It has a timer built-in along with a room temperature sensor. Both handy when prepping and cooking meals. Someone reported that the temp reading was not that accurate but others didn't agree. It also has an overload warning device.

Auto cut-off initiates after around two minutes and it remembers its last settings when switched off.

A couple of AAA batteries power the device and it has a low battery warning fitted as normal.

It has a really high marks from most of the people who bothered to express theirs views after purchase. It has a 1-year guarantee to back up its quality.

Greater Goods SS Digital Kitchen Scale Digital
Greater Goods SS Digital Kitchen Scale Digital

A basic but great looking model that comes at a very modest price even though it's made from stainless steel.

That's probably why it's so popular. That and the fact that it's sold by an organization that donates part of the purchase price to a children in need charity. A company with a conscience when it comes to treating people as they would like to be treated.

There is a choice of finishes - we've highlighted the s/steel in this post but you can also get Ash Grey and Black Glass which may suit your colors better.

The platform surface measures 6 inches by 6 inches and, along with the robust mechanical buttons, is easily wiped down.

It has four precise weight sensors that operate to within 0.1 ozs (1 gm) with a top limit of 11 pounds. It has the usual tare -zero capability to allow you to use any food holder. The controls allows easy shifting between the normal units of measure.

It has a shut-down feature that activates after a couple of minutes of inaction. It recalls the last settings when shut down. It also has a "hold" button that keeps the LCD reading visible for a time. Useful where you're using a larger dish to weigh stuff and you can't see the screen. You have enough time to remove the dish and see the reading.

The case has anti-scratch pads fitted to reduce damage to work surfaces. Two CR2032 batteries are supplied to run the balance.

In the short time this model has been online, nearly 19,000 folks have taken the time to comment on it and most of them give it their unconditional approval - 4.6 stars out of 5 is a notable achievement for a product.

On top of that, it carries an impressive 5-year warranty which is very reassuring and speaks volumes for the maker's confidence in the product. All this for a paltry price - check it out now while it lasts.

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