Table Top Water Fountain

Table Top Water FountainWater - we can't live without it. Sometimes, sad to say, Mother Nature dictates that we can't live with it.

But we do harness the power of water for our needs - we produce energy, we cook, wash and grow food with it.

Some folks earn their living from it. Others take their leisure in it and on it - sailing, surfing, swimming, scuba diving - the list goes on.

Phew! All that energy expended. It's exhausting even to think about it! So, it's refreshing to unwind after a day's activities.

And that's where water, like music, has a gentler and more relaxing aspect to it.

For example, imagine, if you will, the following scenario -

...... A warm, lazy summer's day.
The picnic's finished, the food was good and you've fed well.
Eyes closed, you're lying in soft grass by the side of a tinkling brook.
The peaceful sound of clear, running water melds with the drone of distant bees.
No cares, no worries, no anxiety, no tension - only that dreamy state of mind as your thoughts wander.
You're completely relaxed .....

It's a lovely, lovely thought - but summers end and life isn't always a picnic.

But what if you could recapture those soothing summer sounds in the comfort of your home? That would be sweet - yes?

Well, the good news is that you can - if you treat yourself to a table top water fountain. Then you can create your own peaceful little haven at home to soothe away the stresses of your life.

Compact and simple to use, you can set up your indoor fountain in any room where there is a power socket.

To help you, we offer five waterfalls chosen for their good looks and contrasting styles. These water ornaments have proved to be popular and are affordable to most folks.

From a Buddha to a jar, you can pick a design that appeals to you.

You can personalize them by adding accessories like pebbles for that natural look or figurines/ornaments to reflect your room decor.

Handy tip: For consistent performance keep the water topped up regularly. These fountains are a natural humidifier and the water will evaporate. And if there is a thirsty pet loose in the house - Kitty just might lap up every last drop of water!

Sculptured Tabletop Illuminated Water Fountain
Sculptured Tabletop Illuminated Water Fountain

This sleek figure may look like heavy marble but is in fact made from lightweight polyresin. It weighs only 2.82 pounds.

The black marble effect shows up blue on the under sides from the 4 LED light cluster set in the base.

The gentle sound of trickling water comes from the 4 streams that flow through the figurine.

At only 10" high, 7" wide and 5" deep this will add a sophisticated look to any room in your house.

It comes with a convenient 6 foot long cord.

The manufacturers say that it is also for use outside.

If using outside an extension cord would be necessary.

Easy to set up the pump is out of sight in the aged copper-finish base.

Now all you need do is add water, plug in, sit back and relax.

Peaktop Colored Table Top Glass Fountain
Peaktop Colored Table Top Glass Fountain

We selected this stylish piece as it is as much a charming ornament as it is a functioning water fountain.

In the form of a butterfly and lotus flowers, it has an Art Deco look that would grace any glass collection.

It is 12 inches high and fashioned from colored fusion glass with the leaves and flowers formed from metal.

Step-by-step instruction make it quick and easy to assemble. A transformer and a fitted pump are included.

Relax as you contemplate this easy on the eye fountain as you listen to the soothing sound of the running water.

Country Water Jar Ceramic Table Fountain
Country Water Jar Ceramic Table Fountain

For a more traditional look, these jars have an olde worlde quality to them. Made from high quality ceramic they have a solid feel to them and do not look like cheap imitations.

Produced in a natural terracotta finish the red-orange color will fit into any decor.

At 9" high by 8" wide they are perfect for a small space either in your home or office.

The sound produced by the water trickling from jar to jar will promote a feeling of well being.

This is easy to set up and use as it comes complete with a pump and power cord. Fill with water, plug in and you're good to go.

The maufacturer recommends this for use indoors only.

SereneLife Waterfall Table Fountain
SereneLife Waterfall Table Fountain

A neat and attractive water ornament that would fit with most decor schemes.

It's just over 10 inches high and is made from lightweight resin in a dark reddish-bronze finish.

The makers state that it can be used outdoors as well as indoors and that is has a simple plug-in operation. You can adjust the water flow rate through the built-in auto pump.

There is a one-year warranty with the fountain.

One user suggests, from experience, that real candles are not placed in the lower bowls as the cascading water tends to snuff them out. There is also a risk that molten wax will overflow to block the pump.

Bits & Pieces Zen Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain
Bits & Pieces Zen Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain

We couldn't leave out this essence of Zen from our selection.

Place Buddha in your little home shrine for quiet reflection and complete relaxation.

The statuette, cast in a classical meditation pose, resembles an ancient stone carving.

The glow from the hidden LED lights adds a peaceful ambiance to the calming sound of tumbling water.

The 11 inch tall figure comes with a quiet water pump and is ready to plug in.

What else do you need to reach that state of tranquility to release your worries and tensions?

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