The Best Himlayan Salt Lamps

The Best Himlayan Salt LampsWhen you say someone's the salt of the earth, it really is a fine compliment to them.

Guess it's because salt is so important to us as the ancients understood very well - salt was a very expensive commodity way back.

It's an essential ingredient in our diet that we can't live without. Too much though is not good for our health, it's said - so don't be heavy-handed with the salt on your salad as the old Romans were prone to do! Nowadays health enthusiasts love salad but spurn salt - it's a bit ironical as the word salad comes from the Latin term for salt. Hey - what can be healthier than a salad?

Perhaps it's this vital element of salt that leads some people to believe that there are health benefits in using salt lamps to improve the air quality in a room. Although there is no clinical proof for these health claims, you'll see plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting the claims when you read through the customer reviews for these products. Some folks state that they did make a difference in their quality of life.

Whether these lights are beneficial to those folks with respiratory conditions or allergies, you need to make your own decision about that.

It's clear though the many people enjoy the soft and warm lighting effect given out by these lamps.

We've chosen five of the best Himlayan salt lamps that we could find. Our choice is based on several factors.

One is the impressive amount of high star ratings these products have. With those amount of positive reviews you can be certain the product is worth the hype and the money - not that they cost a lot anyway!

Another element is simply the decorative value of these lights. They are a feature in themselves and will add a positive focal point in any room.

The selection offers a wide choice of styles that will blend in with any home decoration. Good enough for some of these patterns to make a fine gift for a birthday or Christmas.

Large Himlayan Glow Salt Lamps with Dimmer
Large Himlayan Glow Salt Lamps with Dimmer

This little piece of natural Himalayan salt comes in the classic lump shape.

It's mounted on a Neem wooden base that's clean, stable and insect proof and neatly matches the salt rock.

A 15W C-7/E-12 light bulb comes with the set along with a 6 foot" cord for 120 volt connection - UL certified. It has a dimmer switch to adjust the light level to your choice.

This particular piece weighs between 11 lbs and 15lbs is 9 inches tall by 5 inches wide.

With almost 2,000 customers reviews at just over 4 stars, you can't doubt the worth of this attractive lamp. All for the price of a couple of coffees - it's a steal!

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp in Basket
Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp in Basket

There's something alluring about this pretty wire basket of natural salt. It has a medieval look about it - imagine it flickering in a windy castle of old!

Nothing old fashioned about this model though. The vase is hand-crafted and finished in polished black. It' s filled with pure pink natural rock salt crystals straight from the Himalaya mountains!

The electrics are solid as you would expect from a manufacturer like Crystal Allies. The lamp is fitted with a 15W bulb and connected to the 120 volt mains by a cord. The brightness is controlled by turning the rotary dimmer knob.

The model is 6 inches by 6 inches with a diameter of 18 inches and weighs 6.9 lbs.

This neat rock salt holder has accrued 1,100 reviews at 4.7 stars and that is impressive by anyone's standards!

Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp in Gift Box
Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp in Gift Box

This good-looking lamp is our favorite and not because it's the most expensive! It's like a living picture framed in wood.

Housed in a maple box this natty looking charmer is definitely a feature item that will sit nicely in any home decor. The case holds two solid pieces of high quality Khewra pink salt which gives off a soothing even glow.

The unit is fully certified - UL-listed. FCC, CE, RoHS Approved and the electrics are built to a high standard. The lamp comes with two incandescent 15W spare bulbs and the dimmer switch is touch operated allowing for easy operation. It is corded and runs off 120 volt mains supply.

It comes in at a neat 9.8 x 7 x 4.3 inches and weighs around 11 pounds.

As options to the maple box, there is a PC basin and a glass vase held in an aluminum frame. These designs give you a choice of shape and style to let you blend your lamp in with your color scheme decoration.

The manufacturer's offer a 1-year warranty for their product.

If that guarantee isn't enough to convince you of the quality of this product then the 1000 plus reviews at 4.6 stars surely will! 83% of reviewers gave it 5 stars - wow!

The light is supplied in a superior gift box and we can see this model as a great present for family and friends.

Set of 2 Himalayan Salt Lamps
Set of 2 Himalayan Salt Lamps

All good things come in two's they say. And that's true for this handy package - basically, two lamps for the price of one! And the great thing is, each salt piece is individually shaped by hand - no production line clones here.

Essentially the same as the first item in this article, the salt is fixed to a timber base.

There is a 15W halogen bulb tucked inside the salt that gives off a soft orange glow through the material. Powered by 120 volt supply each lamp should be plugged in to it's own socket.

Each light is compact, measuring only 6 to 8 inches weighing just 5 to 7 pounds. Nice and neat where space is limited in any room.

This salt crystal package scores highly with those folks who have bought it - 4.4 stars. At such a good price, you could buy it and give one lamp to your very best friend!

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Metal Basket
Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Metal Basket

Looking at this tidy little lamp we feel we could be sitting warming our hands at it come the cold winter!

It really is a little beauty and there are thousands of buyers that agree. The Himalayan hand-hewn salt rocks are held in a trim matt metal basket with a motif cut into the sides. There is a choice of seven patterns including an angel, bagua, buddha, Celtic cross, flower, leaf and snowflake.

Something for everyone there I guess. We've opted to show the mosaic shape as it shows lots of light shining through.

Each unit uses a E12 socket low wattage bulb that can be dimmed by a switch on the mains cord. Users report that even when the light is on constantly the lamp remains cool to the touch.

The basket is cube shaped and measures 5 x 5 x 5 and weighs just under 6 pounds.

Over 2,500 reviewers score this little gem at 4.6 stars (81% of them gave it 5).

These crackers really are very modestly priced. And with a 90-day no-hassle guarantee, why not get a bunch of them with different patterns to give you variety around the house?

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