Touch Activated Desk Lamp

Touch Activated Desk LampRemember poor old Bob Cratchit scratching away at his high desk? Straining his eyes to do his clerking by the light of a guttering candle.

Toiling away under the cold, heartless eye of his unsympathetic boss Scrooge.

The penny-pinching Scrooge even begrudged Bob a day off to spend Christmas with his family. What a tightwad!

Well, we've left those working conditions behind us now. Though people who work in the modern gig economy might question that those hard times are gone forever.

At least we don't, unlike Bob, have to tolerate bad lighting at our work stations in the office or at home.

If they had been around, touch activated desk lamps might have impressed even Scrooge. Enough to buy one for Bob? - well, not before Scrooge's Christmas redemption for sure.

Any one of the following five models would have swayed the old miser. Their cost-effectiveness and efficiency would have amazed him enough to buy one!

So there's no need to suffer like Bob. Whatever type of detailed desk work you do, use one of these lamps to protect your vision. They emit natural daylight without the usual flicker that's hard on the eyes.

The selected lights have been chosen for their sleek lines and hi-tech functions - the space age in a light! The low prices were another factor in the choice - you get a lot for your dollars. Users certainly like them enough to give them ratings at 4.4 stars minimum and above!

OttLite LED Pivoting Bankers Lamp with USB Charging Port
OttLite LED Pivoting Bankers Lamp with USB Charging Port

A slim and compact light that gives a lot for very little.

OttLite claim that their natural daylight LED bulb reduces eye strain and last up to 40,000 hours.

Made from black plastic with a ruberized neck it weighs in at just over 5 lbs.

The base measures 11.1 by 5.6 inches and includes a handy desk tidy for pens, pencils and paperclips. It also has a place for your mobile phone to stand while it is charging.

With a flexible rubber neck this lamp height adjusts from 12.4 to 21 inches.

Not only that but the shade pivots out over your work giving you more flexibility to see what you are doing.

It has three levels of brightness which are easily accessed by the touch of your finger to give out up to 380 lumens.

The light is connected to the mains by an AC lead through an adapter.

Smartphones and tablets can be charged through the USB port of 5V(2.1A).

LED Desk Lamp  with Flexible Eye-Care Dimmable Desk Light
LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Eye-Care Dimmable Desk Light

This elegant desk light has a solid circular base tested not to tilt or tip over. An important feature in a lamp that has a gooseneck able to twist around 360 degrees. Meaning that you can position the light exactly where you need it.

The dimmable 3 level light is touch controlled with a larger than normal touch button. Easier for kids and the elderly to use.

The LED light has a cambered diffuser which spreads the light over a bigger area. This takes the harshness away.

An inbuilt USB port means that you can charge your device with ease.

This unit is also available in other colors.

Lampat LED Touch-Sensitive Dimmable Desk Lamp
Lampat LED Touch-Sensitive Dimmable Desk Lamp

Hugely popular, this streamlined tabletop light deserves the plaudits it has from those who have bought it. We believe this multi-functional model to be the star of the products presented in this article.

It comes in a painted black finish and stands around 18 inches high on a 7 inch square base-plate. The height when the light is parallel to the desk surface is about 15 inches.

The low-energy unit runs on mains voltage and uses 5 - 11W depending on the brightness setting. The LED's are eco-friendly with a claimed 25-year life span. The natural lights have inbuilt eye protection against glare. There are five levels of dimmable brightness and four lighting modes from warm relaxation to white light for reading and detailing. You can set a 30/60 minute timer to automatically switch off the light when you are in bed. All the light functions are controlled by a touch-sensitive remote control.

The light is fitted with a 5v/2A USB port for charging smartphones.

If you need a smart-looking modern desk light, then this model should be your choice. Join the 3.700 plus users who have scored this model an incredible 4.8 stars out of 5. What better proof can you need?

Etekcity LED Touch Control Desk Lamp
Etekcity LED Touch Control Desk Lamp

A versatile model that doubles as a nightlight - the base illuminates through 256 colors by dragging the finger around the spectrum.

Easily portable, it's made from painted plastic and lightweight at just over a pound. It's a neat size - only around 10 inches high on a base roughly 5 inches square.

The gooseneck is flexible and you can bend the light in any direction you wish to focus the light precisely where you need it to be.

It's fitted with a Li-on rechargeable battery and a USB port that can be connected to a another USB port on a PC for recharging. Alternately it can be charged through an adapter (supplied) connected to the mains. Depending on the light mode selected, the device can run for 2.5 to 6 hours from one charge.

The 16 energy-efficient LED's are eye friendly to protect your vision - no annoying flicker. They are touch-controlled and the brightness can be set to three different levels to suit your mood. Turn on the base for the nightlight function and choose your color or set the base to cycle automatically through the color spectrum.

This light comes with a 24 month warranty which gives you confidence in the product. Good after sales service is always desirable and one happy customer who reported a fault said the lamp was replaced immediately without question.

Guess that might be part of the reason the over 1700 folks rated this light at 4.5 stars. Not bad for a product that costs only a few coffees.

Phive LED Architect Desk Clamp Touch Activated Lamp
Phive LED Architect Desk Clamp Touch Activated Lamp

If you work at an inclined desk or tabletop and need focused light, this product will answer perfectly.

As its name suggests, the light clamps onto your working surface at any point you choose. This saves you working room that would taken up by a free-standing light. It can fix on to tops up to 2.36 inches thick.

It's made from aluminium with a matte silver finish and weighs just under 3 lbs. As the main arms are over 16 inches each and the light-head is over 13 inches, the lamp can stretch up to illuminate larger areas - that's very useful when working at a large drawing board.

It's powered by switched cable from the mains through an adapter (supplied). The LED lights are touch controlled and provide a near daylight level of lighting through a special panel that protects your eyes from strong glare and flicker. The light can be dimmed by touch to whatever level you need. The LED's are low-heat, low-use energy with a claimed life of around 25 years for normal use.

The device carries a year's guarantee for peace of mind. Reviewers rate it highly with 4.6 stars and that is very reassuring for prospective buyers.

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