Touch Control Bedside Lamps

Touch Control Bedside LampsOne dictionary defines lamplight as:

"Light from a lamp, especially light that is not very bright and only shines over a small area".

I'd say that's pretty much what I'd look for in a touch control bedside lamp.

Soft, warm low-level lighting to relax you and lull you to sleep.

Unless, of course, you love to read in bed; then you would need something a bit brighter to avoid straining those peepers. If that's so, check out our post about touch-sensitive desk lights - you'll find what you need there.

Most folks will prefer that their side table lighting blends in with their color schemes for bedding, room furniture and wall decor. Our selection has been chosen with those considerations in mind. A choice of five very different patterns in color and shape offers you a wide range to pick your option from.

They are compact in all dimensions and will fit tidily onto any side table. Perfectly suitable where you want to save space in those smaller, neater rooms.

The collection is favorably priced - no breaking the bank here! They are also exceedingly popular with those who have purchased them- they all score in the range of 4.3 to 4.7 stars. That's very impressive and, taken with the product guarantees, you can be assured that you are spending your money wisely.

Minimalist Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamp
Minimalist Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamp

There's something appealing about this simple yet elegant design - it displays the spirit of minimalism, I guess.

And it's serviceable not just as a bedroom light - it would fit into any room where a softer light source was desired.

The neutral beige flax fabric shade sits on an oiled-bronze metal base that has a friction mat fitted to the bottom. The light measures around 14 inches in height overall and is under 6 inches square in shape. It's a featherweight at roughly 2 pounds.

It has four dimmer options to manage brightness, all easily controlled by finger touch - just tap the base once each time you want to change the brilliance. There are four brightness levels - low, med, high and off. It's worth noting that the makers suggest keeping the light away from appliances that may emit electrical interference such as fridges, TV's and computers. So you might want to think carefully about where you want to locate the device.

The light is powered by mains voltage. It uses an E26 6W LED Edison low-heat, eco-friendly bulb that is included. Alternatively, 8W bulbs can be used safely.

For the paltry asking price, you get a lot of light for your money. Rated at 4.7 stars, there are plenty of folks who agree with that.

Seaside Village Crystal Touch Control Dimmable Lamp
Seaside Village Crystal Touch Control Dimmable Lamp

This model is a beautifully petite light that appeals as an ornament in itself. It has 359 pieces of K9 crystal hanging on 3 layers of crystal strands, creating a spectacular effect. K9 (no, not Dr. Who's robotic dog!) crystals are considered high quality and used extensively in both optics and lasers.

Yet this good-looker doesn't sacrifice looks for performance. It's packed with all the modern features that you would expect from a product from the Seaside Village stable.

If you're tight for space this little stunner is just made for you. Made from metal and crystal it's just under 17 inches high, 5.9 inch in diameter and weighs in at 4.79 pounds - this silver beauty will fit in anywhere.

It has four touch-sensitive settings to to control the brightness. Just lightly tap the lamp anywhere to change the brightness. There are four brightness levels - low, med, high and off. It's worth noting that the makers suggest keeping the light away from appliances that may emit electrical interference such as fridges, TV's and computers. So you might want to think carefully about where you want to locate the device.

A very modern looking and functioning lamp this also has 2 USB charging ports. You can charge your smartphone, kindle, tablet or other USB powered device so no need to look for a convenient wall socket.

The lamp is powered from an 110V - 130V supply. It uses an 6W LED low-heat, low-energy bulb that is included. The B11 bulb gives a flicker-free, anti-dazzle even light spread. One smart reviewer put in an amber-colored bulb to create a striking light display in a dark corner of their bedroom. Please not that the manufacturers strongly advise against using brighter bulbs as this may adversely affect the dimmer function.

When you consider that over 80% out of over 400 reviewers rated this product at 5 stars, the asking price seems laughable. All that design and function for so little money - this would make a great, inexpensive present for someone!

TaoTronics Rechargeable Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp
TaoTronics Rechargeable Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

You might think that this model belongs more in a tent than a bedroom. But we disagree with that view even if you can use it outdoors as well as indoors.

This multipurpose pattern first drew our attention because it is battery-operated and cordless, thus making it very portable.

And that makes it very handy around the house. Here are just a few ideas on getting the best use of this product. It's useful if you have to get up in the night it to check the kids - and being touch-sensitive, there's no fumbling around for switches or untangling cords. A convenient emergency light right by your bed!

Another idea - use it as a guest light by a temporary bed for an unexpected guest. And you can move the light easily to any point in a room - no restrictions with mains cords. We're sure you can come up with lots of other ideas for using this versatile light.

We also liked it as a feature item, it's well designed and wouldn't look out of place in any smartly decorated room.

This adaptable little dazzler is made from a neutral ABS material with wood accents and is only around 11 inches high with a diameter of just over 4 inches.

It's powered by a rechargeable high-power lithium battery that can give up to over 100 hours use when set at the lower level of lighting. Using the higher levels will reduce the battery quicker - some reviewers reckon this can be around 30 hours or so.

The touch-panel is set handily on the top of the lamp making is easy to find in the dark. One tap to set the LED light on and off, or, to control the dimmer, slide your finger to adjust the brightness - so simple!

A micro-USB cable is supplied for re-charging the battery. This takes around 4 to 6 hours for a full charge.

We think this nifty little light will sit nicely in any bedroom. Even if you don't approve, it comes at such a really low price it's worth the investment just to have it around for pure convenience.

80% of 500 plus reviewers gave it the full five stars. And you get a full one-year warranty on top - no brainer!

AUKEY Color Changing Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp
AUKEY Color Changing Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

How about having your own rainbow permanently in your room? No chance of pots of gold but you'll be impressed by this dimmable color-changing table light.

Made from ABS and aluminium, this compact model is only 8.5 inches high by 4 inches round. It weighs only a pound and a half - it's super neat and unobtrusive.

Mains powered, this light uses a LED low-energy bulb that keeps electricity bills down. It's easy on your eyes with no glare or flicker.

You have a choice of three levels of white light, soft, ambient for mood setting and bright for reading. Alternatively, you can choose from the 256 RGB spectrum color range. You can adjust it to automatically scroll through all the colors or you can set it to one color if that suit's your inclination. It's bit like having the colors of Christmas to hand all the year round!

Both the white light and the colors are selected through the touch-sensitive base. You can touch the base at any point to activate your choices.

There's an army of reviewers (over 2000!) out there who rate this model at an average of 4.2 stars. As an added reassurance, there's a 2-year product warranty that's backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee. When you add in on top of that the really low price, there's no argument that this is a really outstanding deal.

Oh, by the way, this model has a battery-operated baby brother, if that suits you better - it's perfectly mobile and the battery's rechargeable. It has the same color choice as well as it's big brother - so nothing lost there.

Why not have both - no big investment needed!

Kira Lucerna Round Touch Bedside Table Lamp
Kira Lucerna Round Touch Bedside Table Lamp

A stylish looking pattern that will sit well on your bedside table or anywhere a compact, background light is needed. One reviewer stated he found the lamp "has so much more presence" and that the the online description and photograph "does not do this lamp justice".

We reckon that this model will be ideal as background or ambient lighting where that is your preference. A few of these lamps arranged subtly around a room will surely add extra allure to the decor.

The design has a rectangular canvas lampshade securely fixed to a heavy metal base and has an assembled height of 12.5 inches by 5.5 inches square. It weighs in at a chunky 2.5 pounds - it's not going anywhere! There are other shapes and finishes in this range and we have featured the brushed nickel base with a white shade.

It's UL listed and mains connected. A 4W LED bulb comes as standard with the pattern. It can also use conventional 60W incandescent bulbs. It's very easily switched on and off by touching anywhere on the base.The light is not dimmable. There is an ample 6 foot cord fitted - useful where the power outlet is some distance away from where you want to put the light.

One thing, a reviewer points out that there is an overlap of material at one corner of the lampshade. This causes a dark shadow that's not obvious from the online pictures. But nevertheless they were still impressed by the lamp's performance and gave it 4 stars.

This product has been rated at 4.4 stars by over 600 reviewers and that's a pretty good result by any standards.

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