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It's important that you know beforehand if a power strip will be acceptable on your chosen ship.

Check out this link for more information that may help you choose the right strip.

But most of all, check for compliance with with your cruise operator before you try to embark - saves you time and embarrassment!

Travel Power Strip for Cruise ShipThe Digital Age - it's a great thing in many ways, not least the revolution in how fast we can communicate with each other. That can be good thing, but sometimes not so great! Something said in haste on social media can come back to haunt whoever said it.

Then there's the hardware side - all those expensive smartphones, palms, laptops, tablets etc. Great for everyday use but they can be a nuisance if you really have to take them on vacation. And you do need your Kindle reader with you to wile away those long lazy days!

The usual problem is keeping them charged, especially when you have several items to power up.

For example, when you're on a relaxing sea voyage, you will need a travel power strip for cruise ships so that you can charge your devices at the same time if needed. This can be very important if you must use a CPAP machine to help your respiration - with a multi-point plug you can recharge at any time.

We've chosen the following selection for you to cover most needs when recharging your gear. They include a variety of sizes and colors, with a mix of outlets and USB ports. They are all modestly priced and are highly appreciated by those who have bought them.

We have also included some with extensions. On that point we discovered some confusion as to what is approved for use on a cruise liner - some lines allow for extensions while others do not. The ones that do, however, make it clear that the power strip extension does not include surge protection. For technical and safety reasons this is an important point that you should keep in mind.

In general terms, most cruise lines will feature the 2-pin US outlet for plugging into. European lines are 2-pin as well but will normally have US sockets also. UK lines will have 3-pin sockets.

For your own peace of mind, we suggest that, before you buy any power-bar, you should contact the travel organizer or shipping line direct to check to see what they permit or prohibit and what electrical supply there is on board for passengers use. While researching these products in the forums we found that what is and isn't allowed may be down to individual staff on the day of embarkation.

Also, verify what supply voltage your devices use - 110V or 220V? That way you can check to see if you will need an outlet adapter for your hardware - it might be too late to discover that you need one when you're aboard ship! Or worse, you burn out your expensive stuff!

Approved Travel Power Strip with USB
Approved Travel Power Strip with USB

A favorite docking station with many people - it's small (palm-sized) and light in weight - no problem in packing it. You can fit it easily into a shoulder bag to keep it handy.

It doesn't cost much and it's highly rated with a huge star score and over 2000 reviews. Check out the video above to see how easy it is to use straight from the box.

The fitting is approved under ETL US Safety. There is no extension lead and it plugs straight into the socket. It can handle two USB chargers and three 3-prong sockets - I guess that will cover the needs for most folks.

One reviewer was glad they had bought it as there was only 1 electrical outlet in their cabin and they had several gizmos with them.

For compliance with normal cruise company regulations, it doesn't have surge protection. So it's safe to use aboard all major lines - reviewers specifically mentioned Carnival, Norwegian and Oceania cruise companies among others where it was used with no risks or problems.

Cruise Ship Approved Power Strip
Cruise Ship Approved Power Strip

Not the prettiest looking object but very practical with multi-outlets including two USB fast chargers for smartphones or tablets. It's not bulky at only just over 6 inches long and weighs only half a pound.

The main appeal of this device must be it's capacity and versatility. Apart from the USB it has 9 outlets which gives you a lot of options for recharging your devices. It can also swing 90 degrees either way from the vertical - so very handy where space might be tight in the cabin. Pretty useful - and not just at sea! You can use it anywhere - in the house, garage or office. An all rounder for very little money.

With no surge protection or extension, it fully complies with all shipping line requirements for personal electrical equipment. We did note that one person mentioned that it was not allowed on the Royal Caribbean line but their explanation did not say it this was an individual who prohibited it or if it was the cruise company policy - be aware of this.

It's rated well by those people who bought it and it's comforting to know that there is a short-term Amazon money back guarantee.

Tip: We noticed that this station might be difficult to fit where the ship's outlet is close to a unit top. But one resourceful character got around that problem because they always carried another smaller strip. They simply plugged this strip into the smaller one and it worked great!

Multi Plug 5 ft Extender Power Strip
Multi Plug 5 ft Extender Power Strip

This unit comes with a 5 foot extension lead which may be useful for you. But keep in mind that some cruise companies do not permit extensions even though they have no surge protection - check your information first. One buyer did use it without problem on a cruise so it's worth checking out.

However, it is extremely popular with nearly 4 1/2 thousand high scoring reviews - so there is no doubt about it's capability and as an added bonus, it's really well priced.

A tidy looking device in black and only about 4 inches square - so it doesn't take up much room and weighs only 9 oz.

The makers are careful to add this advice for using the unit - Note: This power strip does NOT convert 220V into 110V. If your power supply is 220V, please make sure your appliances can work under 220V and the total power do not exceed 1250W.

Omoton Ultra-Compact Cruise Power Strip without Surge Protector,
Omoton Ultra-Compact Cruise Power Strip without Surge Protector,

A mini hand-sized powerful travel wall tap that can be used anywhere on the planet.

Its slick design incorporates a shelf on top to support phones, palms etc that keeps the devices safe and out of the way while they're charging. It comes in neutral white finish and has 3 regular US outlets along with 2 USB charge docks. It has a more than adequate power source that easily supports the independent working or the DC, USB and AC plug.

It's tiny at less than 3.5 inches square and weighs less than 5 oz . You would hardly notice it in your luggage. So small , in fact, you might be pushed to find it quickly in a large case!

It conforms to sea going regulations for power-bars as it has no extension or surge protection.

In the short time it has been available to buy online, it has attracted a very high rating from purchasers - nearly a whole 5 stars! Such a performance should suggest an expensive item but that's not the case - it's very competitively priced compared to the other gizmos offered here.

Multi-Outlet Power Strip Travel Donut
Multi-Outlet Power Strip Travel Donut

Want to color co-ordinate your chargers? - if you're into that then this device might suit. It comes in three colors - white, red and black. There is set of matching devices from the same maker that gives you a bigger choice so that you can get exactly the appliance you need.

It's petite and it's round shape let's you slip it easily into any luggage without risking damage to any fine materials (wrap the plug though). About 4 inches in diameter and comes in at just under a half pound. It has three of each USB and outlet dockers so it's handy as well as pretty!

Remember although it complies in that it doesn't have surge protection it does have an extension cord. Even though it's only 15 inches long, that might restrict its usage with some cruise lines. Check with your trip organizer before buying! In addition it does have FCC & RoHS approval with built-in protection against short-circuiting, overheating, overcharging and too much power input.

It's a real favorite with the 1000+ reviewers who have given this stylish device a really high score. And it's been around long enough to prove that it can do the job.

An added plus for this gadget is that the makers offer liability insurance to back up it up.

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