Tree of Life Wall Hanging

Tree of Life Wall HangingSeen in many cultures and mythologies the tree of life is so called for many reasons.

These giants of the plant world take in the carbon dioxide that we breath out. In return they give off the oxygen that we need to survive. Often known as the breath of being this represents the spiritual nature of air to inspire.

Each part of the plant symbolises the nurturing aspect of well-being.

The roots that take up the water we need and the trunk standing strong. The leaves and fruits suggest regeneration and new birth.

Other mythologies say that the roots that go into Mother Earth and the trunk make a sure foundation. Branches spread out so that the leaves can gather strength. The fruit is the giving part for all to get nourishment from.

The branches, by reaching out towards the sun, suggest capturing its sustaining powers.

The leaves symbolise healing and regrowth both in body and spirit.

Most of these modern ones no longer have fruits depicted on them but some do have birds.

There are four elements involved, fire, earth, air and water. All these elements are meaningful in the different mythologies.

They are said to have the mystical powers of healing, rejuvenation and sustenance.

With all that it's no wonder that these are so popular in today's society.

The following have been chosen for their attractive looks.

All are very well recommended by others who have already purchased them.

23 inch Tree of Life Metal Wall Art
23 inch Tree of Life Metal Wall Art

This Celtic tree of life fuses two cultures together.

In Celtic lore life goes round in a circle without end.

In Haiti trees are life-giving and an emblem of rebirth and rejuvenation of the natural world.

You will see the strong influence of traditional Celtic infinity knots in the roots of this tree of life.

The branches and leaves curve down to join with the roots completing the circle.

This hand made metal decoration is itself reborn from old metal oil drums. This method does not use any machinery.

Designed, made and signed by Wilson Etienne it is 23 inches in diameter.

Certified Fair Trade it offers a helping hand up to artists and not a handout.

Sketched Floral Tree of Life Wall Hanging 60
Sketched Floral Tree of Life Wall Hanging 60"x 80"

If you have a wall space that's crying out for some color then look no further.

This beautiful cotton mix tree of life measures 60 inches by 80 inches.

Don't worry if you don't have wall space enough for it. It will look as amazing as a cover for your bed or even a window covering.

Some people have used it in their college dorm, some as a picnic blanket or even a tablecloth.

This fabric is single sided showing animals, birds and blossoms.

It needs to be either hand washed in cold water or dry cleaned so you might have to think about the use you are putting it to.

Tree of Life Decorative Wall Hanging Artwork
Tree of Life Decorative Wall Hanging Artwork

This tree of life signifies the unity between the sky and the earth.

The branches reaching upwards to the sky and the roots downward into the earth.

It signifies the interconnection of all living things.

The artist, Norvh St. Bonheur, designed and hand crafted this metal piece from an old oil drum base.

It measures 23 inches across and is Fair Trade certified.

7 Chakras Stones Healing Crystals Tree of Life Wall Hanger
7 Chakras Stones Healing Crystals Tree of Life Wall Hanger

In many Eastern traditions chakras help the physical, mental and spiritual come together.

There are seven chakras located up the spine and ending at the brain.

Practitioners of yoga and reiki use these healing crystals to focus their thoughts.

This tree of life is not the biggest measuring only 6 inches wide.

It has a pendant length of 11 inches that have the 7 chakras crystals.

The total length is 24 inches including the hanging.

This unusual tree of life has tumbled stones threaded on to wrapped wire to look like leaves on branches.

Each of the seven branches has a different color of stones to represent the seven chakras.

Hang in a window to see the light shining through.

This is a handmade product so the color of the stones is not exact.

Metal Yin Yang Tree of Life Wall Art 24 inches
Metal Yin Yang Tree of Life Wall Art 24 inches

In Chinese mythology Yin and Yang were born from the chaos of the beginning of the universe.

They exist in harmony with each other.

Yin is female and Yang is male and the first Chinese Gods were born from them.

The Chinese believe that all things have an equal opposite. For example north and south, male and female, good and bad.

Formed in a circle of black and white, each half has a small dot of the other. This is to show that one cannot exist without the other.

This tree of life Yin and Yang measures 24 inches in diameter but other sizes are available.

Made from 1.5 mm lightweight 16 gauge steel this will hang 0.78 inches from the wall.

The metal is matt black with powder coating. The area that would be white is no longer there having been cut out.

Instead of a dot the tree grows black into the white half and the roots cut out down into the black half.

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