Wooden Toy Box with Bookshelf

If your little darling is a budding mountaineer you might want to secure the unit to the wall to prevent the piece from toppling onto your child. Some units come with fixings but there's a wide choice around such as this one.

Wooden Toy Box with BookshelfHeaven - a young child's room that's neat and tidy. Even though you might not believe that possible - but yes, it can be done - especially when it comes to their room - some hope huh! .

For their own sake as they grow up, it's not a bad thing to teach your young kids the sensible habit to be tidy,

But even though they're on board with you about untidy rooms, they can't do much if they don't have the means. They need somewhere - cupboard, drawers - and something to keep their things in. If they don't have the space already in their bedroom then you need to get them something that will fill that need. Remember, your youngsters can't argue or pout about keeping the floor neat if you have made the effort to buy them a handy store to put things in! And you don't have to break the bank to buy one - we've kept that in mind when we were checking out our preferred range.

A wooden toy box with bookshelf is exactly what you (and your kids) want to store their toys and books. They'll soon come to appreciate the advantages of such an organizer.

We've chosen five free-standing units that should fit most decors. There's a choice of bright, attractive colors or neutral shades to easily match any color scheme. Some have alternative designs if you want one particular to a girl or boy.

Some items are very stylish in design and can be used by children from their earlier years up to teenage. We've included a selection of unit widths to allow for differences in room sizes and for shared bedrooms. All the pieces are built to a suitable height for children to use.

The prices are reasonable for dedicated furniture and that's useful where you might need a couple of units to store all those playthings and storybooks - useful if Teddy doesn't want to share the space with Henry the Hippo!

All the items shown have received very favorable reviews that suggest that they're robust and hard-wearing (they need to be!) They surely are bang for the buck.

Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Wooden Toy Storage with Shelves
Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Wooden Toy Storage with Shelves

Made from solid wood this is hand carved and painted in lead free non toxic paint.

There are three shelves for your child to store their library on.

Underneath these shelves is a drawer for toys and games.

The handles on this drawer are a dragonfly and a busy bumble bee.

No need to worry about this unit tipping over as there are 2 hooks supplied to fix it to the wall.

This unit stands 38 inches high so your child will be able to reach all their favorite books.

Don't worry about sticky finger marks as you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Full easy to follow assembly instructions come with the package.

Wooden Kids Bookshelf with Toy Box Space
Wooden Kids Bookshelf with Toy Box Space

A fun storage fitting that has a choice of themes that kids love - dinosaurs, fire fighters, jungle - that will suit toddlers and younger boys and girls - the makers suggest 3 to 12 years age range.

Finished in jolly hand-colored designs with non-toxic paints that don't smell this organizer will cheer up any kiddo's bedroom.

Neat enough to fit into any small recess or where there's not much room. It's made from solid wood and comes for home build. It's very compact at only 38 inches high by 22 inches wide while only just over 11 inches deep. The shelves are spaced at over 11 inches giving lots of room for taller books to stand on end - one reviewer states that they stored 100 thin books on the shelves! There's a handy drawer in the base that, at 21 inches wide by 8 inches deep and 5 inches high, can hold all sorts of loose things. It's solid enough at 32 lbs weight and stable when secured to a wall or fixed furniture.

It's strongly ranked at 4.7 stars by the folks who have bought it. The general opinion seems to us to be that it's worth every penny. Many reviewers seemed very well pleased with the craftsmanship of the painted designs.

There appears to be a warranty that is available through Amazon customer service. Might be useful to check that out before purchase.

Homfa Wooden Toy Cabinet with Large Shelf
Homfa Wooden Toy Cabinet with Large Shelf

Very elegant looking storage unit that will appeal to both adults and children. If your offspring is into design then this model will appeal to them. It's the sort of fitting that will serve any child from early age up to young adulthood. It will suit any style of decor and it's slick looks will impress parents and grandparents too!

Sturdily made with a MDF carcass measuring an ample 40 inches long by 24 inches high. It's 13 inches deep to allow for the chunky drawers. It's backed by a white particle board to fully enclose the unit. It's finished in white which makes for for easy maintenance - useful when there are mucky paws around!

Apart from looking really good it's eminently practical as well as attractive. There are 3 generously sized box drawers fitted with castor wheels - restricted for use on hardwood flooring according to the makers. Each drawer is parked into the unit and each is about the size of a 12 inch cube. So, plenty of space there for all the odds and ends that kids collect over time. As they are easily moved (even the kids will have no trouble) you can take the mobile drawers to where the floor clutter is. Saves umpteen trips back and forth when tidying up.

There are two shelves with the lower one fully backed - useful to keep those books sorted. The top shelf can be used either to store items or, as the makers suggest, use it as a worktop or desk for youngsters by taking out the drawers - seems like a great extra benefit to us.

Delivered in pack form for in-house set up, the unit comes with full instructions. Some reviewers found the instructions not the easiest to read. Not difficult many said, just finicky as there are some many small parts to put it together.

Nevertheless, this kids cabinet proved to be a winner for those who decided to get it. This product has been given very high ratings by over a hundred people, many of whom mentioned the helpful after-sales service they received. All this does indicate to us that it is well worth buying.

Toy Box with Bookshelf and Storage Bins
Toy Box with Bookshelf and Storage Bins

This versatile white storage unit has 13 cubbyholes in all.

Measuring 48 inches tall and 12 inches deep at the top, this unit is 36 inches wide and will adapt as your child grows.

The bottom 3 cubbyholes are deeper as the unit flares out to 16 inches at the bottom to make it more stable.

Deep cubbyholes are perfect for a young child to explore. They will hold bigger picture books that small children find so interesting or a bundle of soft toys.

As time moves on the storage needs and toys will change too. This is not a problem with this unit.

The size of the books will shrink and you will move them to a higher shelf leaving room for bigger toys at the bottom.

The 8 pastel colored bins will store your child's toys be they bricks or dolly's clothes.

This unit comes with detailed instructions on how to put it together. It also has all the hardware you will need.

Little Dreamers Wooden Toybox with Bookshelves
Little Dreamers Wooden Toybox with Bookshelves

This is the perfect combination toy store and reading corner for your young bookworm.

It comes with two 12 inch fabric storage bins for toys and shelves for books.

The added bonus with this unit is the comfortable cushioned seat with padded back rest. The cushions have removable covers that you can wash.

There is a shelf to hold your child's tablet on at the right height for looking at. This way they will not to hurt their eyes by holding it too close.

Completing the cozy atmosphere that will encourage your child to curl up with a book is the night sky canopy with stars and moons.

Made from birch wood and MDF this unit is sturdy enough to hold up to 210 pounds according to the manufacturers. Note that this includes the weight of the unit which is 68 pounds. Remember when thinking about how much weight it will carry to include the toys and books as well as your child.

One customer said that she bought a beanbag so that she could sit beside her child who was sitting in the nook when she read stories.

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