How to make Simple Rod Pocket Drapes

How to make Simple Rod Pocket DrapesIt's not always easy to find ready made curtains that fit the exact size of your window.
Sometimes the choice of fabric is limited or not to your taste.
The solution is to make your own.
There are a great variety of textiles and colors available out there.
This video with step by step instructions will show you how easy and quick it is to make simple rod pocket drapes.
Once you have mastered this you can go on to vary the styles of curtains and even make matching cushion covers.

Supplies Needed

Sewing Machine

Precision Dressmaking Scissors

Sewing Machine

Curtain Material


Measuring Tape



Tailor's Chalk or Pencil

Step by Step Instructions

Measure your material adding 12" to the length (this allows for a 3" header and a 3" hem) and 4" to the width (to allow for the side seams).

Draw cutting lines on the reverse side of the material and cut along these lines with scissors.

Fold down 1" all along one of the long sides of the material and iron it flat. Then fold the same side again for 1" and iron that edge flat.

Now sew this fold in place about 1/4" from the open side - go over the first few stitches a couple of times. Go over the last few stitches to fix the row of stitching in place. Repeat this process for the other long side.

To prepare the the head of the curtains to accept the pole, the envelope needs to be twice the diameter of the pole. I have allowed for a 1 1/2" pole for this demonstration.

As with the long sides, fold over 3" along the top and iron flat then fold over another 3" and iron that too.

Sew this envelope in place 1/4" from the bottom edge. Again, as before, go over the first and last stitches a couple of times to finish off the stitching.

You have the option to finish the curtain top like that or you could, by choice, add another row of stitching 1" down from the top to create a "ruffle" effect.

At this stage, you should hang the drapes from the pole to check the finished length.

For the hem, we have allowed for 3" to be folded and ironed, then a further 3" folded and ironed.

Stitch the hem, as for the top, 1/4" below the edge. Remember to go over the first and last stitches a few times to fix the stitches in place.

If you don't feel confident just ironing the folds, you can pin the material together. Remember to remove the pins before sewing otherwise you could break the needle of your sewing machine.

This project is suitable for beginners, although the more experienced sewer can use this as a refresher especially if they haven't made any drapes for a while.
Once completed this project will enhance the decor of your room through your chosen design.
There is a great sense of achievement to be had from making your own curtains and you may find that you save yourself some money at the same time.

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